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Diamonds Rush ( appears to function as an online diamond marketplace where consumers from across the world are allegedly able to purchase and store diamonds through their platform. While the site was craftily designed we couldn’t help the feeling that something wasn’t just quite right with this site. This prompted us to conduct an investigation into the Diamonds Rush platform where the deeper we dug the more we unraveled.

To learn what the other review sites endorsing this suspicious diamonds marketplace aren’t telling you, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review to learn the truth revolving around this unique and treacherous online diamond platform.

About Diamonds Rush

Diamonds Rush is an online diamonds shop that is available in all demographics and allegedly supports over 800,000 stones. Incepted on October 5th, 2016, DiamondsRush claims to be fully certified by HRDAntwerp and would appear to be legitimate to most consumers visiting their site. For instance, in the footer of their site they appear to be very upfront with their alleged legal entity, registration number and corporate address while their Contact page provides more identifiable information.

What we found intriguing about their disclosed entities and corporate address though would be that they don’t appear to be legitimate. According to the footer of their site, DiamondsRush legal entity name is Stone Creations PLLC and has a registration number of 882.993.176. Yet when we research their legal entity and registration number across numerous search queries and business registries we are not yielded any credible search results. Furthermore, their corporate address of 460 Breadabaan, Apt 1002, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium fails to plot a visitable location on Google Maps.

Moving onward to their Contact page, Diamonds Rush claims to have an Armenian Branch office that operates under the corporate name of Faith LLC and has an office address of 375000, NKR, Stepanakert, L. Mashtoc 4a/9. Again, we are left in the same dilemma though, searches of “Faith LLC” amongst Armenian business registries did not yield Faith LLC in any search queries while their alleged corporate address does not appear to be a legitimate address as you can see in the image provided below.

How does Diamonds Rush Operate?

Diamonds Rush is an online store connected to thousands of vendors across the world that operates as an marketplace for consumers looking to purchase diamonds. According to their Buying Guide, Diamonds Rush focuses their operation upon the 4 C’s associated within the diamond industry. Carat, clarity, color and cut are the main characteristics that are valued in the diamond search process and begins after you for a register your account on their site.

Once you have verified your Diamonds Rush account, you will then be able to browse the vast collection of diamonds allegedly available through the Diamonds Rush platform. Once a consumer determines that they are ready to purchase diamonds then they are able to do so through the Diamonds Rush marketplace where consumers can elect to have them shipped or stored in an ultra-secure location.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Perhaps the most obvious question we have for this platform would be why they disclose false corporate entities and physical addresses. Sure, it makes the site appear more legitimate to consumers who don’t always investigate as thoroughly as we do but it just goes to show that Diamonds Rush is obviously concealing something. Furthermore, no verifiable information regarding their founders, owners or operators are found anywhere upon the site and a WHOIS domain search will reveal that the site was privately registered so there is yet another dead end.

Popularity possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 25,889,036 with a rank of 499,166 in the Republic of Korea. This report indicates to us that the Diamonds Rush marketplace fails to receive much, if any visitor traffic.

Can Diamonds Rush be Trusted?

Diamonds Rush possesses too many discrepancies to be considered as a trustworthy operation. Perhaps if there were some real user testimonials circulating the web, we would be keen to reevaluate the matter but then again we are confronted with the lack of identifiable information therefore deducing Diamonds Rush to be an anonymous diamonds marketplace, which is the last trait you want in any potential investment solution. Review Conclusion

Investing with diamonds online can be risky business, especially when you invest with marketplaces that provide no transparency or verifiable information like Diamonds Rush. When it comes to making logical and practical investment discussions, double check to make sure that the operation you are potentially investing through is legitimate. A simple search of their alleged corporate address or headquartered location is a simple research method that could save you from despair later down the road.

Review Verdict: Diamonds Rush is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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