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Procuring intangible diamonds online as a source of investment is risky business, especially when you are dealing with unethical and deceptive crooks like the ones found at DiamondXO.com. While in theory the concept of purchasing diamonds through a certified or registered company where they hold onto your investment for you may sound appealing, more often than not it turns out to be a scam

Take for example the creators behind DiamondXO, employing fictitious investor testimonials while forging falsified corporate information, are as desperate as it gets. To learn more about the deceit and endless lies, feel free to continue reading our honest review where we will quickly eradicate all seemingly legitimate characteristics for you within the next few minutes.

What is Diamond XO?

DiamondXO prefers to operate in the shadows, leaving much of their platform a mystery to first-time visitors. What we were able to gather though when visiting DiamondXO.com would be that they appear to operate as an online exchange where consumers can purchase diamonds through their platform in exchange for fiat currency. Like other dubious operations assert, Diamond XO will safely hold onto your purchased diamonds for you, not ship nor deliver them to you.

Who is Behind DiamondXO?

When investigating into those responsible for DiamondXO, we are left with an abundant number of unanswered questions. Such as who are the creators, who are the current operators and why do they disclose fictitious corporate information? Regrettably there is no About Us or FAQ page so we aren’t provided any insight into more about what the operation is allegedly about or who is responsible for it. To reveal any information of the sort, visitors must resort to the Contact Us page that discloses phony contact information.

While the header of the site indicates to us that Diamond XO possesses branches in Antwerp, New York and Hong Kong, their Contact Us page on the other hand only discloses an address of an Armenian branch office that doesn’t compute as a visitable location according to Google Maps. Allegedly headquartered from 375000, NKR, Stepanakert, V. Sargysan 14/13, this address computes to the most relevant address of the Department of Health and Social Security of NKR. Clearly the Armenian branch doesn’t exist.

Which leaves consumers who are trying to learn more about their operation left to research into their alleged corporate entity that is referenced in the footer of their site. According to their Terms and Conditions, DiamondXO is operated by Torpol Ltd under registration number 19368. Yet when you research both the corporate entity and registration number, no credible search results appear. Furthermore, there is a Torpol Ltd according to a CompaniesHouse report but it was filed under the company number 10153733 and is currently dissolved.

Despite extensive efforts we were unsuccessful in verifying that Torpol Ltd is an active corporation that is currently operating DiamondXO. To further complicate matters, DiamondXO.com was privately registered on January 5th, 2017 which means we are unable to find any information regarding the creators behind this site. This leaves prospective investors with only anonymous contact methods to reach out to Diamond XO. For those trying to reach support at DiamondXO, they must use their contact form, email support@diamondxo.com or call one of their 3 supported telephone numbers below:

Australia Number


UK Number


USA Number


How does DiamondXO Function?

DiamondXO only discloses the bare bones of their operation, meaning that they provide no relevant insight into how their operational model functions. Providing potential victims with just enough information to understand that they exchange diamonds for your fiat deposits but hold them for you to keep them safe is all that one could accurately deduce regarding this operation.  Allegedly on their Our Diamonds page, Diamond XO makes reference to averaging a 17% ROI while employing 12 experts to your disposal but no transparent investment portfolio or team members are provided on the site.

Diamond XO Scam Elements

DiamondXO wouldn’t be a bona fide investment scam if it didn’t incorporate at least one irredeemable falsehood on their site. Like most incompetently created scam operations, Diamond XO relied upon the implementation of fictitious investor testimonials to gain prospective investors trust. As you can see for yourself in the image below though, not one of these reviews are genuine.

DiamondXO Spec Report

  • Created on January 5th, 2017
  • Allegedly operates as a diamond exchange
  • Does not operate with licensing or regulation
  • Provides falsified address and contact information
  • Not certified with any authentic diamond exchanges
  • Asserts their platform generates an average 17% ROI
  • Operates as an non-transparent and anonymous platform
  • Allegedly operated by an unverified corporate entity Torpol Ltd (19368)
  • Employs fictitious user testimonials and web elements to gain your trust


DiamondXO.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 11,192,667 with a Canada rank of 443,358 as of January 24th, 2018. This indicates to us that Diamond XO is not a popular diamond exchange and receives minimum amounts of traffic at best.

Can Diamond XO be Trusted?

We never advise our subscribers to invest with non-transparent or deceitful investment operations. Operating with total anonymity, employing phony user testimonials as a way to lure you in and gain your trust while failing to provide substantial information regarding their corporate entity and operational model, it is beyond evident that DiamondXO cannot be trusted.

DiamondXO Review Conclusion

As you have learned throughout our investigative review, Diamond XO is not a legitimate or reliable investment solution. Why put your faith with a platform that blatantly lies to your face numerous times and provides relatively no valuable insight into the inner workings of their operation? Transparency is an absolute must when it comes to safeguarding and making logical investment decisions online.

Review Verdict: Diamond XO is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: DiamondXO.com

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