Equalizer365 Review

Equalizer365 (Equalizer365.com) is an outdated sports gambling software that claims to enable gamblers the ability to win 100% of their bets by using their system. Operating as a ClickBank landing page, Equalizer365 asserts their system as a breakthrough software that will make winning “fool-proof and automatic.” Unlike other review sites who clearly don’t have your best interests at heart and are endorsing this scam, we are going to expose how untrustworthy and foolish of an operation that the Equalizer365 software truly is.

About Equalizer365

Equalizer365 was structured to appeal to those looking to get rich quickly, whether it be through gambling or just happening to stumble upon the site. Similar to most illicit investment solutions, Equalizer365 operates without transparency and acts as their sole entity. Meaning that no owner, operators or corporate entity are currently accepting responsibility for any of the business practices being conducted at Equalizer365.com.

While the promotional video featured on their landing page claims that they will show you transparent proof of their system in action, throughout the whole 20 minute clip no transparent or verifiable proof of their systems success was ever revealed.

Furthermore, the promotional video is beyond outdated and looks like a video clip that was created well over a decade ago. An outdated gambling software is perhaps the least desirable purchase one could make, more likely than not the calculations are off by a long shot by today’s standards while the system probably mediocrely functions.

No insight in regards to how their system operates is disclosed upon their site in a textual format while the promotional video just vaguely references that their software was created perfectly for any gambling scenario. According to the Terms and Conditions of the site, Equalizer365.com is operating as their sole entity and is accepting zero responsibility for the performance of their software.

Users who are looking to contact the team behind Equalizer365 must visit their Contact page where they can use their anonymous contact submission form or they can send an email to the operator of the site at admin@equalizer365.com. Apart from accepting no responsibility for their systems performance, in the terms of the site, Equalizer365 makes it blatantly clear that there are no refunds with their system, so once you purchase the software you are stuck with it.

Question Marks and Red Flags

The lack of authenticity and accepted responsibility are characteristics that we tend to unearth when we are investigating scam operations. As discussed, Equalizer365 operates as an anonymous operation that fails to provide adequate or transparent evidence that their system can help users achieve a 100% winning percentage. Furthermore, Equalizer365 enforces a strict no refund policy and evasively portrays their operational model, which raises red flags as well.

Equalizer365 Spec Report

  • Comes at a flat fee of $49.95
  • Site was created on March 13th, 2010
  • Operates as an anonymous and sole entity
  • Claims that users can achieve a 100% success rate on automatic
  • Domain was privately registered so no registrar information is known
  • Fails to provide transparent evidence or proof of their systems success
  • Functions as an all-in-one gambling software, mostly sports related though


Equalizer365.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 8,704,381 with a Belgium rank of 232,129 as of January 25th, 2018. Ranked in the 2,650th spot in the Sports Gambling niche, it is evident that Equalizer365 is not a popular or often visited domain. According to the report, approximately 25% of the sites traffic is referral based while phony promotional videos derived entirely from YouTube account for roughly 11.60% of the sites total traffic.

Can Equalizer365 be Trusted?

Equalizer365 operates anonymously, accepts zero responsibility and provides no verifiable proof that their software functions as advertised, so, no, Equalizer365 cannot be trusted. In fact, Equalizer365 exhibits many of the characteristics that we encounter when exposing scam operations but due to the lack of verifiable consumer feedback, we are not able to ethically blacklist this operation for the time being.

Equalizer365 Review Conclusion

Do not believe the fictitious reviews that are currently endorsing the Equalizer365 gambling system. If you take the time to investigate those reviews you will notice all of them employ affiliate links and are reviewed in relatively the same format. Which leaves us to advise our subscribers to never sign up and commit with a service, software or platform, if they do not go out of their way to be thoroughly upfront with you, if they evasively portray their operational model or provide more reliable forms of contact.

Until more verifiable and transparent user feedback has been accumulated we are not categorizing Equalizer365 as a scam, but we certainly are not condoning individuals to utilize their gambling system. It is evident that Equalizer365 is not a transparent or trustworthy operation and therefore should be avoided as such.

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