DrMartensRes.Online Review: Discount Shoe Scam!!

Avoid the trending retail scam found at DrMartensRes.Online.

Pretending to operate as an associated retailer of Dr. AirWair Marten footwear, DrMartensRes.Online is an illusive scam trending within the confines of the online consumer marketplace.

The operators behind DrMartensRes.Online do not operate with transparency, they have blatantly concealed all their data from site visitors.

To learn more about the red flags we uncovered regarding the DrMartensRes.Online Scam we invite you to read our honest review.

About DrMartensRes.Online

DrMartensRes.Online claims that they are a responsible company yet they fail to provide a scrap of information regarding who they are.

There are no physical addresses, telephone numbers or reference to a corporate entity.

So much for a ‘responsible company.’

Incorporating the Dr. AirWair Marten’s logo into the header of their site, DrMartensRes.Online implies that they are affiliated with the brand Dr. AirWair Martens but further investigation will reveal this is a fluke.

In the most concise manner speaking, DrMartensRes.Online is a fraudulent online retailer operating as a Dr. AirWair Martens rip-off.

Like many similar fictitious online ‘retailers,’ DrMartensRes Online is pretending to offer astronomical discounts of up to 80% off every product featured on their site.

Shoes once retailing for $242 and $208 can be found marked down to $22 and $21.

Both men and women footwear are featured while the categories of goods provided include shoes, flip flops, boats and select apparel goods.

Pretending to offer a huge Black Friday deal, DrMartensRes.Online is just one of the many deceptive retail scams pretending to offer discounted goods on name brand goods.

Contacting DrMartensRes.Online

There is only one way to reach out to the operators behind DrMartensRes.Online.

By visiting their Contact Us page, consumers are encouraged to sign up by disclosing their email address and creating a password.

Undoubtedly the creators behind this site are hoping you slip up and use a combination of email addresses and passwords that can provide them with further access to your sensitive information.

Claiming to be a responsible company yet the operators fail to disclose any real contact methods or identifying information are red flags that cannot be overlooked.

Shipping, Refunds & Payments

Processing times are estimated to take up to 3 days to prepare.

From there, purchases are allegedly delivered within 5 to 8 business days.

No reference to tracking numbers or shipping carriers are provided.

Additionally, the Shipping & Return page fails to disclose any information regarding returns, refunds or exchanges.

Accepted payment methods included major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Site Analysis

DrMartensRes.Online was privately registered just over a month ago on October 16th, 2019.

The site was acquired through the NameSilo, LLC registrar and is set to expire on October 16th, 2020.

As a whole, DrMartensRes.Online is not a reputable site.

According to SimiliarWeb, DrMartensRes.Online reflects a Spain rank of 96,992 on November 17th, 2019 which indicates that this online retail scam is likely targeting consumers within Spain.

Red Flags

  1. No contact methods
  2. Fails to operate with transparency
  3. The site is set to expire within 1 year
  4. Embodies a Too Good to be True persona
  5. The items featured for sale aren’t actually for sale
  6. Incorporates social widgets yet fail to utilize them
  7. Their Terms of Use are bare bones and render no valuable information

Is DrMartensRes.Online a Scam?

Yes, DrMartensRes.Online is a discount retail scam.

DrMartensRes.Online Scam Review

DrMartensRes.Online is a deceptive retail scam that may appear legitimate to more gullible online shoppers.

We predict that the operators behind DrMartensRes.Online will rely heavily upon misleading advertisement campaigns through social networks to funnel unsuspecting consumers into their retail trap.

Remember, DrMartensRes.Online is a blatantly concealed online operation

If you feel like you have been scammed by DrMartensRes.Online we encourage you to contact your financial institution quickly, initiate a chargeback and request a replacement payment card.

Not only are the goals behind these site operators include fleecing you out of your money but they also include gathering as much information (personal and financial) as possible.

If you have any experience, insight or feedback to share we invite you to share your wisdom with us below.

Outcome: DrMartensRes.Online is a SCAM!

A Better Alternative: Amazon.com


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