Evanliney Online Store Review

Evanliney (evanliney dot com) is an online fashion and clothing store that claims to sell dresses, tops, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, earrings, and other clothes.

According to their About us page,

EVANLINEY is a bright and dreamy clothing and textile design label. EVANLINEY aims to make simply-styled clothing that helps women of all sizes and shapes to feel joyfully alive and comfy in their own bodies. We prefers to use natural fibres such as linen, cotton and silk and wherever possible will seek organically grown fibres to better protect our precious soils and waters. Our fabrics are digitally printed using inks that are water-based and 100% solvent-free. EVANLINEY committed to the ethical creation of lovingly hand-made, playfully designed clothing.

Sounds great, but is Evanliney a legitimate store or a SCAM? Read on to find out…

Preliminary Checks

Based on its rank among other websites, we can tell it’s very unpopular, which is not surprising given its creation date: June 5, 2021. At the time of writing this review, the site is less than 2 months old.

In its short life, it has not yet been blacklisted by any engine.

However, the owners of the website have chosen to hide their identity using a privacy service, which is never a good sign for a shopping company.

Only two websites are linking to evanliney.com:

The first is delmerman.com, which redirects to evanliney.com.

The other one is elegant.hr, a Bosnia/Croatia based lifestyle portal with content about fashion, styling, etc.


Now, we’re ready to visit the website.

They are using a valid SSL certificate, which ensures that any personal information you provide them does not get leaked to a third party.

Their About Us page left us quite confused. It says:

vivieny is a unique shopping website with a distinctive tone focusing on women’s fashion. We offer high performance-price products including women’s clothing, jewelry, beauty & health products, shoes, bags, and more. Our vision is bringing happiness into every women’s life. Features of princesy include, but are not limited to

So what is it? Evanliney? Vivieny? Princesy?

Apparently, vivieny.com is another online shop by the same owners, and princesy.com was another one, but it appears to have been closed.

Evanliney Contact Information

Email address: info@Evanliney.com

Company Name: Mjm Ouros

Registration Number: 814001541 (unclear who they are registered with…)

Company Address: 2 Square Saint Marsal, 66100 Perpignan France (according to Google Maps, this address seems to be residential.)

According to the Contact page, “if you have questions, leave a message, customer service will respond you usually within 24 hours.”

Unfortunately, no where is there any hint regarding the people behind the company. There’s no verifiable address, telephone number, LinkedIn profiles, or any other social media profiles.

A Google search revealed they do have a Facebook (crated July 12 & liked by 335 people) and Instagram (with more than 3,000 followers) pages.

The following telephone number is provided on the Facebook page:

+86 150 4482 6332

(86 is the Chinese area code)

Unfortunately, they have disabled the Reviews section on their Facebook page and only the angry faces on their posts reveal that there’s something fishy about this company… Also, the person behind the FB page has not completed the verification process so there’s no telling who that is.

They are running FB ads.


While we could not find any reviews from Evanliney clients (if you have one, please comment below), searching for MJM OUROS revealed that Evanliney is not their fast online shopping brand.

Mjm Ouros an independent private limited company doing business as M J’AIME, according to dnb.com, a global provider of business decisioning data and analytics.

Another phone number is listed: +33-970987249 (a French area code).

However, their industry is listed as: Drugs and Druggists’ Sundries Merchant Wholesalers.

This raises concerns that MJM OUROS is not really related with Evanliney and other online stores who have been using its details.

What other online stores have been using the MJM OUROS name?

  • siciilyshop.com
  • rentatide.com
  • lybella.com
  • coppits.com
  • adorawe.net
  • kalands.com
  • vanhaiteam.com
  • bohodesigner.com
  • ojssz.com
  • viviay.com
  • vivieny.com
  • citysum.com
  • chicbloger.com
  • adqrw.com
  • pokenee.com
  • joicetide.com
  • miafairy.com
  • sherrymia.com
  • luminde.com
  • janesoft2017.com
  • sandrodesign.com
  • drunktigers.com
  • popkele.com
  • drunkbuzz.com
  • elomina.com
  • jossec.com
  • lucystream.com
  • limitedbag.com
  • paxely.com
  • adoralook.com
  • ruevelo.com
  • kicilady.com
  • augensterns.com
  • fstchic.com – currently unavailable
  • mominde.com – currently unavailable
  • frenchskirt.com – currently unavailable
  • bootsholic.com – currently unavailable
  • kristinetide.com – currently unavailable
  • 4leggedmates.com – currently unavailable
  • princesy.com – currently unavailable
  • beatyco.com – currently unavailable
  • vikingmale.com – currently unavailable
  • mikiperfit.com – currently unavailable
  • cloudceline.com – currently unavailable
  • harwheat.com – currently unavailable
  • loveherh.com – currently unavailable
  • polindays.com – currently unavailable
  • zoomean.com – currently unavailable
  • craftsmanhandknife.com – currently unavailable
  • danboom.com – currently unavailable
  • equboutique.com – currently unavailable

Many of these websites have been previously exposed as scams by other review sites.

For example, regarding harwheat.com a client reported:

After nearly 4 months and numerous email complaints my boots showed up, not thenstyle i saw in the online cataogue and almost half a size bigger even though i measured my own foot according to their sizing. Poor quality leather too. I will not be chasing a refund, will never buy from them again and hope to onsell these boots, at a loss to myself. Lesson learned. Had similar problem with another USA western clothing company at the same time receiving too large and wrong style. Never buy online from USA!

Someone else wrote:

Scammed also! It showed up on my facebook page and I made a purchase (breeches) in March. As of today (three months later) still have not received it. Customer service does not respond to my emails. It now looks like the site is unavailable.

And regarding equboutique.com, someone said:

This company is such a scam, all items I ordered were not what advertised on their web site, totally poor quality and it took about 2 months to be delivered. Actually I am still missing one item. When I contacted them, they wanted to give me a small refund and a discount with another purchase. I did not agree to same, so then they said in order to give me refund I need to mail back all the items on my own cost. This company is scam and not easy to deal with, they did not even replay to my last email, as it delivery failed. That most likely means they blocked me off. Good learning lesson for me after loosing bit of cash. Do not buy anything off this website!

Evanliney Review Conclusion

Online shoppers are at risk of finding counterfeit goods or nothing at all if they choose to make a purchase from Evanliney or similar online shops.

As we have seen, according to reviews from websites associated with Evanliney, clients doing business with this site may not get what they ordered, not get anything at all, face extremely long waiting times, and have to deal with non-existent/unresponsive client support or an unhelpful one at best.

At the moment, we are unable to recommend buying from Evanliney or one of the listed shops.

If you have purchased from them, please enlighten us about your experience by commenting below this review.


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