Rcohj Review – a LIFETIME Retail Scam

Rcohj is an online storage sheds store that uses the LIFETIME brand name.

For those who are not familiar with this brand name, Lifetime Products Inc. is a privately owned company which sells garden and storage sheds among many other products.

But is Rcohj.com really related to LIFETIME or are they fraudulently using the logo?

Is Rcohj a retail scam or a legitimate opportunity to purchase a cheap storage shed?

Rcohj Red Flags & Warning Signs

First of all, the website recohj.com is amateurish and not a professional website.

This is clear when compared to lifetime.com.

Let us look at some examples, besides the obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes which I shall ignore in this review.

The only contact details provided are the following email address: theodoremichaudra5@gmail.com.

No legitimate company would use a gmail address for customer service. Compare that with the contact details at lifetime.com, which include not just the email customercare@lifetime.com, but also a telephone number and address.

Also, a quick Google search for “theodoremichaudra5@gmail.com” reveals that the same email address has been used in the past with other fraudulent retail websites, such as:

  • vcywh.com (an Intex counterfeit)
  • rxpml (also an Intex imitation)
  • banzaist.com (Banzai)
  • jcown.com (Banzai)
  • ljquh.com (Banzai)
  • glrex.com (Banzai)

We are unable to tell who is behind these websites because they have hidden their identity using a paid service.

At the time of writing this review, rcohj.com is only 2 weeks old.

Not that I have to go on, by now it is pretty clear that rcohj.com is a scam. However, also notice how cheap the prices are, which immediately should remind you the old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

To take just one example, a 20 ft. x 8 ft. Garden Building Plastic Shed is listed for $99.67 at recohj.com, while its real retail price at lifetime.com is $2,549.99.

And I haven’t yet mentioned the replicated details from other scam retail sites and the return policy according to which you may never get your money back (because the price for the return shipment would be more than the price of the product – if you will even get any product).

This website may also contain malware, according to some reports.

Recohj.com Review Conclusion

Recohj is not related in anyway to the real Lifetime company and neither is it authorized to sell Lifetime products. On the contrary, Recohj.com is a scam and a Lifetime counterfeit website.

Based on all of the above facts, I believe that Rcohj.com is not legitimate, but a definite scam.

Do you have any experience with Recohj.com or one their associated domains? If so, please leave a comment below and enlighten us.

This scam is propagated via Facebook ads. Please make sure to share this review with your friends and family through your social media accounts to give them a heads up and maybe save them some money.


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