EveresteMall.Club Scam Warning | Linked With COVID-19 MedicalCenterClub Scam!

Online scammers have seized the opportunity to take advantage of the hysteria and heightened state of anxiety surrounding populations around the world as a result of the Coronavirus.

Among two COVID-19 related scams we came across would be EveresteMall.club and MedicalCenterClub.com.

Both sites are identical to one another in regards to textual content while both entities pretend to import the safest protection products suited to keep you from being infected by COVID-19.

To get the full scoop regarding the EveresteMall Scam and Medical Center Club scam please read our honest review.

Why EveresteMall is a Scam

  • EverestEmall LLC Does Not Exist!
  • Operates a Fake Discount Retailer
  • Reflects Abysmal Online Trust Rating
  • Reflects Identical Site (MedicalCenterClub.com)

About EveresteMall Scam

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, EveresteMall.club is a downright scam!

The same could be said for their identical scam site MedicalCenterClub.com.

EveresteMall is structured as a straight-forward, minimalist scam site.

Created 8 days after EveresteMall.club, MedicalCenterClub is a spitting replica of the EveresteMall scam site while both sites support the same products.

It is obvious that the operators behind both sites are trying to take advantage of consumers who are struggling or trying to protect themselves from the detrimental wide-spread effects of COVID-19.

While you won’t find any masks or hand sanitizers on these sites as we exposed in our MasksDoctor Review yesterday, what you will find are an Infrared Forehead Thermometer and UltraViolet Sinister Wand.

Both products reflect over a 50% discount and are said to be in “limited stock.”

Let us make something clear, both EveresteMall and MedicalCenterClub are scams AND are not to be trusted or shopped with.

Apart from reflecting discounted rates on their products, there is an additional incentive featured in the header of the site, “Buy One Get One 20% OFF – OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST – FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDER OVER $100.”

These incentives are nothing more than illusive perks meant to make the consumer visiting the site more likely to conduct a transaction through their scam site.

Who is Behind EveresteMall Scam

Both EveresteMall and MedicalCenterClub reflect the same About Us template (obviously since they reflect identical textual elements):

“At EverestEmall, we supply the safest protective products which is to prevent ourselves from being infected by others and prevent other people from getting affected by us.”

“At Medical Center Club, we import the safest medical masks and infrared thermometer, which is to prevent ourselves from being infected by others and prevent other people from getting affected by us.”

Both sites include a cordial signature from “James Z.” who is undoubtedly nothing more than a figment of some twisted scammers’ imagination.

Additionally, EverestEmall LLC is the alleged corporate entity behind EveresteMall but after checking a multitude of business registrars we were unable to find any results to support this claim – the same could be said for ‘Medical Center Club.’

Shipping, Payments & Returns

Many consumers have been laboring under the delusion that if new online retailers support PayPal then they must be legit (due to their Consumer Buyer Protection) but as we’ve pointed out multiple times in past scam reviews this is NOT the case!

Many scam sites, likely including EveresteMall.club and MedicalCenterClub, steal tracking numbers from various shipping carriers and pawn them off as their own purchase orders.

When a consumer goes to make a complaint through the Resolution Center of PayPal to plead their case and request a refund, the scammers then disclose the pawned off tracking number and as a result, consumers have a much more difficult time recouping their financial losses.

This is an occurrence that has skyrocketed over the past several months and will continue to do so until new safeguards are put forth to better protect consumers.

Other supported payment methods include:

  • Amex
  • ApplePay
  • GooglePay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Delivery of purchased “goods” is estimated between 7 to 10 days although no consumer has reported every receiving goods from either scam site.

Additionally, when you visit the sites’ Terms of Service you will notice how they make no reference to their alleged corporate entities, signifying that these entities don’t likely exist and that the sites are operating on their behalf.

Have You Been Scammed?

Take the fight to the entities behind these scams by reporting your experiences, insight, and feedback with the following consumer watchdogs:

FTC Complaint Assistant

Reports Scams and Frauds | USAGov

The Better Business Bureau [BBB Scam Tracker]

For those you who you have been directly affected by either of these two scams, we advise that you report them and contact your financial institution as soon as possible.

Share your experiences with them, initiate a chargeback and make sure to request a replacement payment card to prevent future unwarranted transactions (which are common amongst scam entities).

Is EveresteMall.club a scam?

Yes, EveresteMall.club is a scam.

Is MedicalCenterClub.com a scam?

Yes, MedicalCenterClub.com is a scam iteration of EveresteMall.club!

EveresteMall Scam Review

The sad reality of the matter is that EveresteMall and Medical Center Club is just a couple of the scams that are preying upon consumers struggling with their fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

While traditional retail scams are bad enough as is, these Coronavirus-related scams are absolutely sickening and a testament that you need to exercise caution before placing an order with ANY unverified online retailer.

There are literally THOUSANDS of scam sites like EveresteMall.club and MedicalCenterClub.com, therefore, we ask that you only shop with trusted, highly rated and transparent online retailers.

Outcome: EveresteMall & MedicalCenterClub are scams!

Blacklisted Site: EveresteMall.Club & MedicalCenterClub.com

Please share any experiences, insight or feedback you have below!

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  1. Nik

    Can’t thank you enough for this post. I found the site a bit fishy (I work in tech), but I’ll admit I almost fell for it. Thank god it triggered my “too good to be true” radar, and I did a bit of googling. Wish I could rank your site #1! It was only after I searched “James Z ‘Medical center club'” that yours came up.

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