Scam Alert | Avoid Discount COVID-19 Mask Scam!

As if the human race hasn’t been dealing with a difficult enough time from the Coronavirus, scammers across the globe have taken this COVID-19 pandemic to dangerously new heights by launching a relentless volley of discount Coronavirus mask scams.

Hosted at, MasksDoctor is a recently created discount mask scam that is fleecing consumers across the globe out of their hard-earned money.

Created just under a month ago, we will reveal all the shady characteristics exhibited by the MasksDoctor scam and WHY you should avoid this blatant deception.

With that being said we invite you to continue reading our honest review.

Why MasksDoctor is a Scam

  • No contact information
  • No identifying information
  • Reflects a Poor Trust Rating Online
  • No Payment, Shipping or Return Policies
  • Designed to Fleece Panic-stricken Consumers

About MasksDoctor Scam

MasksDoctor reflects a minimalist site.

Upon landing on the page, you are confronted with the entire catalog of masks and hand sanitizers that are allegedly available for retail.

There are no logos emblazoned into the template of the site while it is evident that the creators behind in this quickly concocted this site together in the hopes to mislead consumers out of their money.

Additionally, all the disposable surgical masks and medical-grade hand sanitizers reflect ‘online savings’ while their supported product options include:

  • x6 Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer (99.9%) – £59.99
  • x6 Medical Grade Gel – £44.99
  • x1 Disposal Surgical Mask – £2.99
  • x4 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Medical Grade Gel – £29.99
  • x4 Hand Sanitizer Medical Grade – £7.99
  • x30 Disposal Surgical Masks – £89.99
  • x200 Disposal Surgical Masks – £599.99
  • x100 Disposal Surgical Masks – £149.99
  • x5 Disposal Surgical Masks – £14.99

Allegedly the operators behind the site are also supporting “Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery” where consumers are said to receive their masks within 1 to 2 working days.

We have to be frank here, however, this is just another fabricated lie meant to make you more likely to purchase their bullshit scam – NOTHING is truly for sale at – only your deception!

As you can see, these masks and other gear that are ‘for sale’ at MasksDoctor are being marketed as that entity’s main tool to protect against the Coronavirus but this is, as you guessed, another lie.

As you know, the scammers behind this scam are just trying to take advantage of consumers during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Who is Behind

There is no contact or identifying information what-so-ever at

The site does not include any pages while their Privacy Policy is non-existent.

There is no way of contacting the operators or owners while the site was privately registered and created on March 4th, 2020 leaving us with no indication or trace as to whom may be behind this Coronavirus mask scam.

Shipping, Payments & Returns

As you know, the site fails to include any retail pages that are found amongst legitimate online retailers.

While it is shared that the operators behind this site allegedly use 1st Class Royal Mail there is no information anywhere regarding payments, shipping, tracking, refunds or returns anywhere on the site.

MasksDoctor is structured to serve as a quick-hitting scam that is meant to swindle worried consumers out of their money, don’t fall for their trap!

Have You Been Scammed?

If you feel like you have been scammed it is important that you contact your financial institution to share your experience, initiate a chargeback and request a new payment card.

Additionally, you can report your experiences with the following consumer watchdogs:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB Scam Tracker)

Reports Scams and Frauds | USAGov

FTC Complaint Assistance

Coronavirus Masks Scams (Avoid)

Here is a list of additional scam entities pretending to sell Coronavirus masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing gels, and more:

  1. Suphealth
  2. Norfmask
  3. Peoplemask
  4. SafeMaskPromo
  5. Masque-France
  6. Ppe2all
  7. Nice55
  8. Mojimasks
  9. Theurbanxmask
  10. Surgicalwears
  11. Dariemed
  12. Healthprotective
  13. Officialmaskshop
  14. Combattonslecoronavirus
  15. Asalinfectioncontrolequip
  16. Allsurgicalfacemask
  17. Yangtsemedical
  18. Surmask
  19. Bulkfacemask
  20. Buythemask
  21. Surgmasks
  22. Lireeco
  23. Ermask
  24. Umbrella-healthe
  25. Worldfacemasksupplier
  26. Medicaldispoablefacemasks
  27. Plusurgicalmask
  28. Medifacemask
  29. Medical FAcemask
  30. Novodas
  31. Natomask
  32. Healybv
  33. Jawapol
  34. Maskbooking
  35. Emgeneral
  36. Airifymasks
  37. Bs-surgicalmask
  38. Stmichealmidicals
  39. Facemasksuplies
  40. Ttcoltd Medical
  41. Respiratorsurgicalmask
  42. Remasks
  43. Zeone-masks
  44. Cphmasksuppliers
  45. Maskslab
  46. Coronavirus-masques
  47. Safetysmask
  48. Orderfacemasks
  49. 95masks
  50. Medicallex
  51. Viraltechmasks
  52. Shopsafemask
  53. Globalmasksuppliers
  54. Mygoodmask
  55. Getsafemask
  56. Globalsafetymask
  57. Facemaskstore
  58. Influenzesupplies
  59. Influenzastore

Notice how these scam entities are plugging in high search volume keyword queries, such as Global mask suppliers and Coronavirus masques.

By doing so these scammers are better placing their site for search engine recognition which in turn generates a better ranking position on Google.

Only consider buying masks, hand sanitizers and sanitizing gels from long-standing and reputable online retailers with a proven track record – not new sites claiming to have what you, and thousands of others, are seeking out-of-the-blue.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is likely a scam.

MasksDoctor Scam Review

MasksDoctor is likely a Coronavirus face mask scam.

Preying upon consumers who are already living in a heightened state of anxiety and panic, the con-artists behind this scam are below scum and are absolutely disgusting and evil for trying to rip-off consumers during these scary and difficult times.

If you know of a Coronavirus face mask scam please report it to us and we’ll gladly expose them for the world to see!

Outcome: MasksDoctor Cannot Be Trusted


Please share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. james

    i own this website and its 100% not a scam we post items everyday why would you make up such rubbish?

  2. Gabriele Sattler

    Thank you…there will be more scams’coming.Just the beginning. People will fall for it!!??Lord have Mercy

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