Fisher Investments, hosted at, is a large independent wealth management firm.

Brought into operation in 1979, Fisher Investments claims to serve more than 50,000 private clients along with over 170 financial institutions.

To learn more regarding whether Fisher Investments is a scam we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review!

Fisher Investments Review

Fisher Investments is a privately owned and independent wealth management firm.

Possessing nearly 40 years in the money management sector, Fisher Investments has grown their platform into one of the largest privately owned financial firms.

According to their site, they cater their financial services to over 50,000 investors along with 175 financial institutions.

Generally Fisher Investments works with cliental that possess high net worth, meaning they have a liquid net worth of no less than $500,000.

Among the financial services rendered at Fisher Investments would be portfolio management, annuity evaluation and financial planning.

Currently Fisher Investments provides fee-only investment advisor with approximately $100 billion under financial management.

Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments is transparent regarding their active operators and corporate entity.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Fisher Investments is a fee-only investment adviser that was started on January 1st, 1979.

Fisher Investments is filed as a Limited Liability Company and reflects the following physical headquarter address of 5525 NW Fisher Creek Dr, Camas, WA 98607-9911.

Ken Fisher is disclosed as the Founder behind Fisher Investments. According to their site, Ken Fisher is a self-made billionaire who has composed 11 books, including four NY Times bestsellers.

Below is more corporate information we found relating to Fisher Investments:

Alternate Business Name

Fisher Asset Management LLC

Business Management

Principal – Mr. Jeff Silk

CEO – Mr. Damian Ornani

Principal – Mr. Steve Triplett

VP of Media – Mr. Fabrizio Ornani

Managing Member – Mr. Kenneth Fisher

Contact Information



(800) 587-5512

(888) 823-9566

How does Fisher Investments Work?

Fisher Investments provides financial services under the capacity as an investment advisory.

Available to consumers who reside within the United States, Canada and Europe, Fisher Investments operates similar to Agora Financial, which we reviewed as a questionable finance editorial.

According to their site, Fisher Investments monitors global market conditions to seek favorable investment opportunities. In addition to providing technical analysis based services, Fisher Investments also renders fundamental analysis by evaluating various political scenarios.

Once these opportunistic reports are compiled, they are reported to you where you will be provided with recommended investment options based upon the preferences set forth in your portfolio.

Those who elect to participate with their financial services will have their account handled by one of Fisher Investments Financial Investment Counselors.

From that point onward, your assigned account manager will conduct presentations and make regular statements to the client and company board.

One of the advantages associated with Fisher Investments would be the experience they possess amongst their ranks.

Since capital markets are constantly changing, their portfolio managers not only help you stay current with the times but can be a dependable source to bounce investment ideas off of.

It is important to understand that Fisher Investments does not sell annuities and that they strictly perform viability tests in the market by using a variety of risk assessment calculators.

Depending upon your investment goals will dictate the services rendered to you from Fisher Investments.

What Others Are Saying

Given the fact that Fisher Investments provides their financial services to tens of thousands of investors we were surprised to see such a small volume of negative feedback.

Markus Robinson, of Tunkhannock Pennsylvania, shared his 3.5 year Fisher Investments experience at RipOffReport. To summarize his experience for you, Markus states the following at the end of his report:

“This is a company experiencing a deep and prolonged slump in performance.  Ken Fisher may have had the magic “back in the day.”  But to this investor’s significant loss, he and his firm haven’t had it for the last 3.5 years.  That is a very long slump, and it cost me very dearly.”

While we haven’t shifted through much feedback that points to substantial financial losses, we did come across a couple of other complaints regarding Fisher Investments at the Better Business Bureau.

Among the main reasoning for the complaints would be the excessive volume of emails that individuals we apparently receiving.

Domain Insight

Fisher Investments has been in the financial industry for quite some time.

According to a WHOIS report, was registered on March 18th, 1999 by Fisher Investments of Washington, USA.

Market intelligence reports conducted through SimiliarWeb will go on to show that Fisher Investments is a relatively reputable site.

Reflecting a global rank of 35,801 with a US rank of 10,606 as of September 18th, 2018, Fisher Investments supports over 2.5 million monthly visitors while over 56% of their traffic is derived from display advertisement sources.

Is FisherInvestments a Scam?

While we did encounter some negative feedback regarding Fisher Investments it appears that most issues reported have been solved in one way or another.

Given that these instances were resolved within a respectable duration of time and since Fisher Investments is openly transparent regarding their financial services and corporate entity, we do not feel that Fisher Investments is a scam. Review Conclusion

Fisher Investments provides an investment advisory service for consumers who are looking for better financial management.

Relied upon by thousands of investors while managing an estimated $100 billion in funds, it is hard for any consumer to argue the legitimacy of Fisher Investments despite the feedback of a few unhappy clients.

Given the information disclosed to you above, we feel that Fisher Investments is safe to use but should only be considered and exercised by those who are aware of the financial risks ahead of time.

Verdict: Fisher Investments should be pursued at your OWN risk!

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