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FortBoss resides on the low-end on the scam spectrum when it comes to dealing with FortNight rip-off scams.

Official Site:

FortBoss pretends to be an online platform that enables online gamers to select various avatar skins and acquire them for free.

We know of many FortNite scams starting to take root over this past half year due to FortNites growing popularity and unfortunately the scam is no different.

How does FortBoss Scam Work? is an illicit online platform that tries to steal consumers information while infecting their various operating systems with trojans and viruses.

In a nutshell, here is how the FortBoss scam works.

Consumers funnel into FortBoss from various sources, we imagine mostly social media outlets, since this is how FortNite-oriented scams have attracted and mislead countless consumers in the past.

Ideally the demographics being targeted would be young adults between the ages of 18 to 25 although it is likely that FortBoss is targeting even younger demographics due to FortNite’s popularity.

After consumers land on the homepage of FortBoss (which also happens to be the only page featured at they are able to browse various FortNite character skins.

During the time of writing this review (July 28th, 2019), FortBoss allegedly supported 44 different FortNite character skins for ‘free.’

By selecting one of the skins, you’ll be re-directed to another page that requires you to input your username (gamertag) along with selecting your operating system (Windows, PS4, xBox, iOS or Android).

After clicking on “Generate” you’ll be presented with a loading platform that once reaches 100% will require consumers to complete a quick sponsor activity (which allegedly helps pay for your skins and only takes a few minutes).

However, after you click on “Start Now!” you are re-directed to a site (in our case it was where we are presented with the following intel:

“Your connection is not private”

“Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).”

Obviously from there we did not venture further into the FortBoss scam after receiving those alerts from the page we were re-directed to after clicking on “Start Now!”

Who is Behind FortBoss?

There is no ownership or contact information disclosed at

Again, the homepage is the only page featured at

There are no page navigation menus or anything to be deduced from FortBoss except for the meager sum of information shared on their homepage about getting free skins.

As a whole, FortBoss operates with blatant anonymity along with intended reduced liability.

FortBoss Reviews

FortBoss does not possess a substantial volume of consumer feedback.

What consumer feedback we found tended to be negative or went on to share experiences of consumers who believed FortBoss to be a scam.

Domain Insight

A WHOIS report will show that was registered on November 23rd, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

Unfortunately was acquired with a privacy package so we are unable to find more information as to who may be responsible for

Detailed in a SimilarWeb report, reflected a global rank of 525,176 with a UK rank of 75,046 as of July 28th, 2019.

What we found interesting in the report would be how there has been a significant increase in US traffic (approximately up 668.8%) from previously while other demographics targeted (primarily UK at 46.85% of all the sites traffic) such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Australia all reflect decreases in traffic originating from those countries.

It is obvious that the operators behind the FortBoss scam are trying to target more US consumers.

Is a Scam?

Yes, we believe to be a scam.

FortBoss Review Conclusion

FortBoss is an illicit FortNite scam trending across the web.

None of the skins that you see featured at FortBoss are ‘free.’

Instead the operators are trying to swindle sensitive and personal information from unsuspecting consumers while possibly trying to damage their operating systems with malware, trojans and viruses.

You have seen for yourself how the operators behind FortBoss structured their site with the end result intending you to visit their illicit scam sites – it is clear these scammers are NOT looking out for your best interest!

Have you been scammed by FortBoss?

If so, please share your experiences below!

Verdict: FortBoss is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Feel free to share any insight or experiences you may have below!


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    Vibr Anth is the one on youtube who gave me the ad here is his channel link the ad is apparnly privite and I think its the same ad as on all soicial media platforms

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