PoloWW.com Review | Ralph Lauren Discount Scam

PoloWW is not a real discount Ralph Lauren site.

Official Site: PoloWW.com

PoloWW is a fake online retailer posing as a discount Ralph Lauren retailer.

The items that you see featured for sale at PoloWW aren’t really for sale at PoloWW, they are just fabricated site elements geared towards earning your trust so that you’re more likely to purchase through their site.

Affiliated with over 40 discount retail scams, PoloWW is just another discount retail scam mass-produced by the support@jdonline organization.

To learn more regarding the PoloWW Scam we invite you to read our impartial review.

What is PoloWW?

PoloWW is an online retail scam site that pretends to be affiliated with the Ralph Lauren name brand.

Pretending to offer up to 90% off sales, every item that you see featured ‘for sale’ at PoloWW is allegedly on sale.

Polos once retailing for over $100 can be found marked down to $10.61.

20 different Ralph Lauren polos are featured for sale while PoloWW reflects nearly identical inventory, page policies and templates as the other Ralph Lauren scam we just exposed (RalphppLaurenenn.Club).

As we previously stated, PoloWW is affiliated with a network responsible for over 40 discount retail scams that we know of.

Who is Behind PoloWW?

Support@JDOnline is the network behind PoloWW.com.

This is the same network responsible for the vast majority of discount ‘name brand’ discount retail scams that we’ve been encountering.

To date they have created nearly a dozen fake Nike scam sites, a handful of fake Vans retail sites along with countless other name brand ‘online retailers.’

The operators behind these scams operate with blatant anonymity.

There is are no physical addresses, telephone numbers, company numbers or identifying information shared at PoloWW.com.

The only 2 contact methods we found at PoloWW would be:

  • Support@JDOnline.Info
  • ShoesService@YCSale.com

Many consumers have reported that multiple attempts have been made to reach out to the operators but they never deem is necessary to reply.

Scam Sites

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  35. PoloWW.com

Shipping & Refunds

All orders purchased through PoloWW.com are allegedly delivered within 7 to 12 business days.

No reference to which shipping carriers, processing times or shipping fares are disclosed.

In previous debuted scams by this network, the operators employ the same Shipping & Return policy in multiple scam sites, it appears that PoloWW reflects a new Shipping & Return template.

It also happens to match, identically, to the same Shipping & Return policy used in the RalphppLaurenenn.com Scam.

Domain Insight

PoloWW.com was privately registered on June 17th, 2019 through the Bizcn.com, Inc registrar.

PoloWW.com was allegedly registered from an unknown registrar based out of Beijing, China.

According to SimiliarWeb, PoloWW.com reflected a Poland rank of 1,171,961 of as July 19th, 2019.

PoloWW.com will likely rely heavily upon social media ad campaigns to solicit consumers into their scam marketplaces.

Mostly commonly used social outlets by this network would be Facebook and Instagram.

Is PoloWW.com a Scam?

Yes, PoloWW is a Ralph Lauren scam!

PoloWW Review Conclusion

PoloWW is NOT a trustworthy online retailer.

Posing as a discount retailer for the name brand Ralph Lauren, PoloWW is a fake Ralph Lauren polo scam.

Don’t believe the fake hype surrounding the PoloWW scam.

If you have been scammed by PoloWW make sure to contact your financial institution, begin a chargeback and request a new payment card.

For PayPal shoppers, file a complaint, escalate the complaint to a claim and wait for PayPal to rule in your favor.

Verdict: PoloWW is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: PoloWW.com

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