“Free” Ring Doorbell Facebook Referral Epidemic

There is quite a bit of buzz circulating around a recently brought-to-light opportunity known as the Free Ring Doorbell, which is currently making rounds on Facebook.

While there is much speculation going around that this “free ring doorbell” is just another Facebook hoax created by low-lifes, upon further investigation everything seems to pan out.

To find out more, we invite you to read our brief yet concise review regarding this Free Ring Doorbell opportunity going around Facebook.

The Principles of this ‘Epidemic’

Let us start by stating that the Free Ring Doorbell going around on Facebook is technically not a scam.

However, it is certainly misleading and nothing is actually “free” about it.

So perhaps when you were browsing Facebook, you may have encountered this opportunity across several friends pages or through various posts.

It really wouldn’t come to a surprise to us considering the fact that these social media based crazes, for lack of a better word, tend to spread like wild fire usually leaving a wake of victims in their path.

While many similar type of opportunities have undoubtedly nested their way through social media platforms with different agendas, the agenda behind the free ring doorbell is one still under evaluation.

With this in mind, let’s take a peak at how this “Free Ring Doorbell” works.

How the Referral System Actually Works

Again, let us make it quite clear, that the term of “free” is used relatively loosely in regards to this social media craze.

In order to participate with this program you have to join or already be a member of Ring.

Many of you may be familiar with the Ring Doorbell from highly watched televised programs such as Shark Tank, or by simply browsing.

For those of you unfamiliar though, Ring is a nifty, self-installed doorbell that provides both an audio and visual feed.

Custom chimes, notifications and alerts can be set so that users are aware of when a package is delivered, when someone is approaching or have click on your doorbell button.

Paired with a mobile app, users can receive live feeds from essentially anywhere.

Getting back on track now, members of who have Ring are able to participate in what is known as the Ring Referral Program.

The Ring Referral Program is a way for Ring neighbors to help protect their friends, neighbors and love ones by having them download the free Neighbors app.

Neighbors who download the Neighbors app and sign up for a Ring.com account are (once verified) eligible for entry into the free Ring Neighbors program and, in addition, both you and the person you refer will receive a $10 credit good for any product on Ring.com.

This, in essence, is what the whole Free Ring Doorbell craze works.

Is There Really a Free Ring Doorbell?

Technically, no it is not free, however with a bit of work involved you can generate enough credits for it to become free.

In order to earn enough money to pay for a Ring Doorbell would require a minimum of at least 11 successful referrals.

This includes the cost of the most basic version of the Ring Doorbell and the shipping and handling costs.

So when it comes down to it, the Ring Doorbell isn’t necessarily free but instead can be purchased with credits.

For users who don’t reach a sum of referrals used to cover the entire costs of any Ring.com products, that credit can be applied where you’ll just have to be difference.

Our Two Cents Regarding the “Free Ring Doorbell”

Our thoughts regarding the Free Ring Doorbell craze would be that we aren’t particularly thrilled about this latest Facebook gig.

It is heavily implied that users can receive a completely free Ring doorbell without having to do much work.

While Facebook has shown to be an extremely effective outlet for opportunities like these, these sort of opportunities are oftentimes built upon deception which we see employed throughout Facebook.

Given these facts we aren’t particularly thrilled regarding this latest Facebook phenomenal.

Community Feedback

There isn’t much community feedback regarding this latest craze although we were able to find one related consumer review regarding this opportunity at the Google PlayStore.

“I have installed the app. It seems nice at what it does. However, the promotion for friend referral does not appear to work. I have forwarded to friends and family who have confirmed with me they have signed up (first time ever) and I am not receiving credit for them. Why is this broken? I will quickly ask these same friends and family to delete this app from their devices if this is not rectified. the NextDoor app does enough of what this so does anyway.”

Free Ring Doorbell Conclusion

Nothing is actually free regarding the Ring Doorbell venture taking root through Facebook.

We have seem time-and-time again how ventures such as these can take a sour turn for the worse, which is what we are most concerned with in regards to the “free” Ring Doorbell craze.

While the Ring Referral Program is a legitimate program that can found on their site, we don’t necessarily agree with some of the tactics employed by individuals in order to amass these credits to get a free Ring doorbell.

Given the information shared above we implore you to approach this latest craze with caution and remember the saying that if it sounds too-good-to-be-true then it likely it is.


  1. Steven Amos

    I loved this program, I was able to refer 100’s of people. I ended up with a FREE alarm system, FREE Flood light cam, numerous FREE spot light cams, FREE pathway lights, 100″s of dollars worth of FREE accessories.

  2. Meghan K.

    I referred 460 people and ended up with $4,600.00 worth of Free products from Ring plus Free FedEx shipping. It was super easy to share your link and as long as the other person clicked “yes” for their location to be on you would get the credit when they signed up. It was a great program!

  3. Rocky Ward

    I feel the Ring doorbell community referral program is a con. I referred and referred and referred. I wanted to place an order for Christmas . The website was totally screwed up and would not apply my $140 credit. so then I called and they stated there were issues with the website. So now I ahve waited until Feb and tried again today to order . Not able to order on line. So then I call and the Community Referral department sees my credits and then transfers me to the cusotmer service department to place the order then the customer service person says your credits are not valid. Really

    • Taz

      I pinned my link on my relatively popular facebook page. Within 1 week I had 30 signups. Bought a Doorbell Pro having over 4,000 followers and more added daily the signups just kept rolling in . I didnt realize the program had an expiration date but in a little less than 4 months that I had it up, I was able to get 2 Pros, a 5 piece alarm with 3 smoke detectors, and 3 stick up cams. Almost $1500 worth of free products. And if they hadn’t ended it I’d have even more. I’m not a bot or paid commenter, I can post pics of order receipts if you want. You just have to do it right.

  4. Jane doe

    I’d like to add that I was able to accumulate these credits but have no way to use them. The company claims it’s a glitch in their systen and they claim the only thing they can do is ask me to purchase it and then request a refund from their company. Despite the fact that the “small print” on the referral program page stated that all I had to do was sign into my account during the checkout process on the company’s website, it does not successfully connect with my account and deduct the credits. Months have gone by, and this “glitch” remains, likely its not a glitch at all, but a deterrent for people that don’t want the headache to actually pursue using these credits.

    • Joe

      I havent ran into any issues I’ve cashed out on two cameras so far!

    • David Smith

      The same thing happened to me. I really wanted one so I purchased one. When I requested the refund they only refunded me $90 even though I had $110 in credits. I asked them why did I not get a full refund and they said it was because they couldn’t do it in dollar amounts. So it had to be $90.

  5. Joe

    I am going add your article is pretty amusing cause, in reality, it is free I was very skeptical at first as well to download a free app from Google Play in order to start getting my own referrals but I’m glad I did cause not only do you get a free Ring Doorbell but its really simple to go out to either friends family people on social media make a youtube video about your experience and just gain a bunch of attention and once you get the amount of credits you like just register on Ring.com with the same email you used to register with the free app you download and they will link up together and depending on what you have saved up for credits you can receive as many products or any product you would like without a dime coming out your wallet nor credit or debit card they don’t even ask for one… So all your doing is stirring the pot making it seem like this is too good too be true and all in all this is very real very easy I got my Ring product today by fedex I have another one on the way other people are referring its just a simple referring program people try this stuff and the company hopes that someone will eventually buy another one or signup for any services or even buy other products from ring.com as well.

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