XCDour.com Review – Scam Retailer Exposed!

XCDour, which can be found at XCDour.com, is another online scam retailer.

Created under 10 days ago, XCDour is structured to appear as a discount retailer that offers ‘amazing’ deals for bargain-oriented shoppers.

Connected with 3 bogus online retailers we have previously exposed as scams, XCDour is as deceptive and corrosive as it gets.

To find out more regarding XCDour and their affiliated scam retailers, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About XCDour

XCDour.com appears like a legitimate retailer that offers amazing savings on a wide range of consumer goods.

Savings up to 95% off are supposedly offered at XCDour.

The category of assets allegedly supported at XCDour would be seasonal decorations, jewelry, outdoor accessories and gear, home improvement and furnishing accessories, clothing items and uncommon goods not oftentimes seen in retail chains.

The principle behind XCDour would be to lure consumers into their legitimate-appealing marketplace with the ideology that they will be gullible enough to purchase goods through their retailer.

It should be made abundantly clear now that XCDour does not support any inventory, nor are they interested in offering you any deals except ripping you off.

Which, if you ask us, is not really a deal worth seeking.

To add, a wide number of spelling and grammatical errors can be found clustered throughout the site here and there.

Small errors such as these not only show laziness but is oftentimes a calling sign that you are trifling with an untrustworthy entity.

Who is Behind XCDour?

XCDour implies on their Contact page that XCDour Online Store is their overseeing entity.

However, when you navigate through the sites Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and About Us page, you will notice how no reference to XCDour Online Store is ever made.

Furthermore, we researched across numerous business registrars only to find that XCDour Online Store is a fictitious corporate entity.

While conducting our due diligence is an act we take pride in, we had a firm notion that XCDour Online Store was not a real corporate entity.

This would be because when you research the disclosed physical address of “XCDour Online Store,” which is disclosed as 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE, you will notice how it used to be connected with a corporate entity known as Qandies Limited.

Perhaps the creators behind these scams are finally starting to catch drift of our reviews because shortly after our relevant publication GoodTop Shop on December 15th, 2018 the corporate entity switched their alleged office address from 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE to International House, 64 Nile Street, London, England, N1 7SR.

When researching their newly disclosed corporate address in Google Maps, we noticed the majority of the address matched the location of a company known as Estate Agent Marketing.

Again, this isn’t our first encounter with Qandies Limited as it so happens and regrettably we don’t believe it will be our last either.

Domain Insight

XCDour.com was a privately registered domain that was created on December 12th, 2018 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

Given their recent inception, XCDour does not reflect any web-rankings across market intelligence sites such as SimilarWeb.

Affiliated Scam Retailers

The disclosed address rendered by XCDour was all we needed to link this scam retailer with previously incepted retailers.

Other online retailers that we have exposed and linked with XCDour would be as followed:

Let us just say that the community feedback disclosed in our HexPress Shop review do not add any bonus points to these retailers.

Most consumers reported theft, no products actually being delivered along with unwarranted charges conducted on their payment method.

Is XCDour a Scam?

XCDour.com is a clear scam operation posing as another online discount retailer.

The principles of which these scams are built upon are ridiculously simple yet due to the demand many consumers are still getting fleeced out of their hard-earned money.

Just like the affiliate scam retailers we linked to XCDour, HexPress Shop, ZZPlus Shop and GoodTop Shop lure in unsuspecting consumers into their platform by marketing their ‘marketplace’ as a heavily discounted retailer.

Oftentimes reflecting price reductions ranging upwards to 95% is bogus to say the least yet appears to be an effective ploy given the recent tear these scammers have gone on.

XCDour Scam Review

XCDour reflects all the characteristics of what you should be avidly trying to evade when it comes to saving money by shopping online.

Targeting budget-conscience consumers and online shoppers simply looking to snag a good deal, XCDour plays upon the gullibility and seasonal prowess that oftentimes become exhibited by people during the holiday swing.

Given the information disclosed in the review above, we believe it goes without question that XCDour is NOT a trustworthy online retailer and should be avoided by any means necessary!

Outcome: XCDour is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: XCDour.com

We invite you to share any feedback, insight or experiences you may have below!


  1. sb

    xcdour.com is now gone but wiipop.com is another scam using the 2.27 romer house address

  2. Julio Olivares

    I would like to know if Facebook will do something about this because they are no more info Facebook and in the web. Yes definetivly they are a scam I lost $70 in a surebook.

  3. Ali

    I paid for 1 rust remover and was charged 10usd for shipping so a total loss of 89usd. Don’t know if I’ll get my refund or product.

  4. Larry standifer

    Please let me know how we can get our money back cause I paid for 2 rust remover for 79.00 it’s crazy Facebook let this happen

  5. Raul Enrique Garavito Santos

    Gracias, su informacion previno una estafa

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