Review – Free Goods or Deceit?

Get It Free ( claims to give away free company goods and samples that was founded on June 21st, 2010 by GetItFree.Us. Operating as their sole entity, no known operators or founders are enclosed anywhere on the web while over the past few months their site has received nothing but negative and troubling consumer feedback. Compile the facts regarding Get It Free throughout our unbiased review and learn whether this operation is trustworthy or not.

What is Get It Free?

Get It Free functions as a web-based platform that claims to scour the web for the best freebies, deals, coupons and sweepstakes then compiles them all for you. Working directly with some companies while mostly operating in affiliation with 3rd party brands, Get It Free renders an intriguing and peculiar business model.

According to the Better Business Bureau, has been in operation for over 7 years and was started on June 21st, 2010. Their business category is Coupon Books while their business was incorporated on their founding date (June 21st, 2010) in Delaware.

Currently, reflects a physical address of P.O. Box 12630, San Diego, CA 92112 and has a 97% negative customer review rating. Showcasing a F ranking with the Better Business Bureau, this corporation is not BBB accredited while a couple of other business names associated with their operation would be Get it Free and Zeetogroup LLC.

The only current way to establishing contact with Get It Free would be through their email address at

How does Get It Free Work?

Get It Free offers coupons, deals, sweepstakes, freebies and travel deals. The criteria that a consumer wishes to search for will dictate the offers rendered available to them. Each offer comes with a toggle where one will be able to tell how many offers have already been redeemed and if whether or not the offer is still active.

Since Get It Free supports millions of monthly visitors, as expected, many of the offers get redeemed quite quickly. Among the offerings supported would be tangible products, services, coupons, deep discounts, travel deals along with raffle style sweepstakes.

As previously stated, Get It Free functions widely in affiliation with third-party sites that host a variety of offers. Most of these affiliated parties require the consumer who wishes to receive the offer to register on their site or complete a survey. Once you have completed your set task, you will allegedly be shipped or digitally receive the offer have worked for.

It should be noted that completing the instructions provided on Get It Free or through third-party sites may end up with your submitted information being shared to other parties. This could include personal information such as name, telephone, email address and more.

Community Feedback

Historically speaking, reflected a positive community vibe regarding the legitimacy of their operation. Since the start of 2018 though, their site has suffered nearly a 30% loss in traffic while the majority of consumer feedback regarding their operation has been negative and reflect troubling experiences.

Take for instance their Better Business Bureau profile, over the past 3 years has experienced a 97% negative customer review rating, reflects an average 1.02 out of 5 star rating and has accrued nearly 30 negative customer reviews.

Other feedback driven review sites such as SiteJabber and HighYa also reflect an extensive and growing number of negative customer reviews. Disclosed below are a few of the most recent submitted complaints pending against Get It Free:

This company doesn’t offer any truth to what is advertised! I tried contacting them and just get an automated message!!

I have been on this site several times waiting weeks and no samples. I get no email, no messages, nothing. When I get on the site, says “Welcome back”. For what? I still haven’t received anything. Why should I keep answering all these long surveys to get nothing…

Get It Free is anything but…I have tried it three times and have yet to receive anything in over a year’s time. In order to receive the offers, you are required to complete surveys, which are in reality offers that you end up paying for. I’ve skipped the paid ones figuring that I’d still be eligible for something….Then when I decided to unsubscribe, well, no can do! It took a lengthy Google search to do so…I would definitely not recommend.


Despite the negative community consensus revolving around Get It Free, their site reflected respectable SimilarWeb rankings by showcasing a global rank of 6,125 with a US rank of 1,056. Ranked 16th in the shopping and coupon niche, supported over 13.4 million visitors last month while approximately 95.08% of their traffic is derived from US based users.

Further research will indicate that the majority of their traffic derives from referral based sources (36.45%) while social and e-mail based sources account for an additional 28%. As of April 2018, Get It Free has suffered nearly a 5 million visitor loss since their January 2018 stats indicating to us that this site is losing popularity.

Should be Used? fails to provide identifiable information pertaining to their owners or active operators while only sharing a mailing location opposed to an actual physical address. Given this lack of credibility coupled with the abundant number of negative customer reviews regarding Get It Free and we do not feel that their operation should be used.

Get It Free Review Conclusion appears to be a victim of operational decay. Reflecting positive feedback when it was first launched, Get It Free now appears to operate most closely as a acquisition based site that prioritizes obtaining and sharing consumers inputted information to third-parties.

Given the overwhelming number of recent consumer complaints regarding this operation along with the overall lack of transparency and credibility, we do not feel that Get It Free is a trustworthy or viable money saving solution anymore.

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