GiconShop Scam Exposed – A Retail Scam Viral on Facebook (Fully Debunked!)

Avoid shopping with the GiconShop Scam!

Hosted at, GiconShop is a deceptive overseas retail scam site that is targeting US shoppers through deceptive Facebook marketing advertisements.

Operating with blatant anonymity the con-artists behind GiconShop are baiting consumers to their marketplace through the promise of discounted consumer apparel goods when in reality no products are likely being sold.

To learn the facts permeating through the deceptive surface of the GiconShop Scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About GiconShop Scam asserts themselves as one of the leading suppliers of women’s clothing, accessories, lingeries and other fashion products.

They claim to retail thousands of products at low prices to buyers across 230 countries while allegedly all their products are made with only top quality material and are only available for retail after a rigorous inspection.

While in theory all this sounds great but the reality of the matter is that GiconShop also fails to disclose a scrap of identifying information such as a corporate entity.

Among the selection of inventory allegedly supported include:

  • Knitwear
  • Outerwear
  • Sweaters
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Jewelry
  • Boots
  • Accessories
  • Lingerie

Every product featured at GiconShop reflects some form of ‘online savings.’

Additional sales tactics such as the following are used to further woe unsuspecting site visitors to purchase more goods through their site:

“Buy 2 Get 3rd 20% Off”

“Buy 3 Get 4th 30% Off”

“Buy 4 Get 5th 50% Off”

“Free Shipping Over $69”

These aggressive sale tactics and empty promotions are common traits amongst deceptive and fraudulent online ‘retailers.’

Contacting GiconShop

Some of the contact information shared at GiconShop appears to be fabricated.

Their alleged physical address (U6,11/F,Yale Industrial Centre,61-63Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, NEW TERRITORIES, HONGKONG) is not a REAL address according to Google Maps.

Couple this knowledge with how failed to disclose a corporate entity or any other form of identifying information and it becomes evident rather quickly than the operators behind this scam wish to remain anonymous and free of liability.

The only contact method shared at is

Given the fact that the “company address” is fictitious we doubt that a team of operators are standing by to assist you with any inquiries that you may have.

PayPal Buyer Alert [MUST READ]

Many online shoppers are laboring under the delusion that since supports PayPal that they are a legitimate online retailer BUT that is not the case!

Take for instance the USNotion scam (another discount overseas retail scam) that we exposed just a few short days ago, USNotion also accepted PayPal but was stealing tracking numbers from UPS and pawning them off as their own.

Whenever a buyer made a complaint through PayPal, the sleazy operators behind USNotion would include this pawned off tracking number as their own when in reality that tracking number had NOTHING to do with the orders purchased – as a result PayPal did not rule in many consumers favor (despite the obvious scam and the pattern of complaints racking up) and in the end made it difficult for consumers to recover their stolen funds.

We predict that GiconShop is employing similar measures given the fact that this appears to be a common practice with oversea discount retail scams such as USNotion, SaleCB, ZaraZN, WhaleGot and countless others.

GiconShop Reviews

There isn’t much feedback regarding GiconShop, yet.

We did find a review at TrustPilot with the following shopping experience:

“22 days after order , the company will not answer any questions. simply asked has the item shipped , if not when will the item ship. The only response is be patient, seriously doubt I every recive the product.”

Other review portals have caught onto how is a deceptive retail scam and have started blacklisting the fraudulent retail site.

Site Analysis was a privately registered site created on August 29th, 2019.

The site is set to expire this upcoming August.

According to the WHOIS report, the site was registered by an entity residing within Guangdong, China.

As of January 2nd, 2020, reflected a US rank of 220,813 on SimiliarWeb.

Detailed in the market intelligence report would be how 59.13% of all the sites traffic stems from Facebook, likely suggesting that the operators are relying heavily upon misleading Facebook ad campaigns to solicit consumers into their retail trap.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Fabricated Address
  2. No Identifying Information
  3. Promotes Too Good To Be True Prices
  4. Fails to Disclose Reliable Contact Methods
  5. Has Started Accumulating a Notorious Reputation

Is a Scam?

Yes, is an overseas retail scam.

GiconShop Scam Review is a fraudulent online scam site that should be avoided.

Their operation functions solely upon deception and lacks credibility.

If you have been scammed while shopping with we urge you to contact your financial institution, initiate a chargeback and request a new payment card.

For those of you who have been scammed via PayPal, File a Complaint, embed this review into your complaint and share your experiences and hopefully PayPal will rule in your favor!

Outcome: GiconShop is a SCAM!

Please report any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!

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