ZaraZN Tool Scam – Clone Retail Scam Exposed – (With Proof!)

Avoid the ZaraZN Scam!

Operating as an inexpensive retail site, is a misleading scam site that is specializing in fleecing consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Sporting a peculiar combination of retail goods, ZaraZN business structure makes no sense when taking a macro look into their business model.

To learn WHY you should avoid the ZaraZN Scam we invite you to read our honest review.

About ZaraZN Tool Scam is a discount retail scam site.

They claim to be an online store dedicated to bringing you the best deals on various products with great service but those are just empty words.

When visiting the About Us page of ZaraZN we are confronted with the following:

“We are an online store dedicated to bringing you the best deals on various products. With high-quality service and longstanding commitment to our customers, kohlsh continues to grow while setting new goals on providing a huge selection of the very best products, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service. We are passionate about making it easier and pleasant for customers to shop online. We hope you will find your favorite products and to see you as our returning customer.”

This is the same About Us template featured at

Coincidentally, Zulimey reflects an identical site template to but just pretends to retail other consumer goods.

Among the type of goods featured for retail at ZaraZN are:

  • Floating Wall Shelves & Hanging Hooks
  • Christmas Garland
  • Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands
  • Ottomans, Footstools & Poufs
  • Blankets & Throws

On the site it is disclosed that there is free shipping for orders over $29.95, however, nearly every product featured at ZaraZN reflects a price tag over $50.

Contacting ZaraZN operates with blatant anonymity.

There are no references to a corporate or overseeing entity.

Additionally there are no physical addresses or identifying information shared.

The only contact methods we are provided would be the following:


Phone: +85 252 277576

As you can see, ZaraZN fails to provide us with any real information regarding who they are or where they may be headquartered, a big red flag.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Delivery of purchased goods is estimated between 7 to 9 days.

Allegedly within 36 to 48 hours of receiving your payment, ZaraZN will provide you with a tracking number for your purchase orders.

The primary shipping carriers relied upon by ZaraZN include DHL and EMS.

Accepted payment methods include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

There is no reference to a time duration in regards to their Refund Policy.

Additionally, there are no return addresses shared for consumers to know where to return their purchased goods from (that is if you even receive your purchased goods to begin with).

ZaraZN Reviews

Thankfully we are not the only review portal that has caught onto the notion as to how ZaraZN is a scam.

Collectively, and rather quickly, ZaraZN is gathering a rather notorious reputation online.

There are some consumer complaints that can be found online but as a whole ZaraZN is still operating within the shadows.

Site Analysis was a privately registered site created on December 10th, 2018.

The site is registered to expire on 12/10/2020.

According to market intelligence reports, ZaraZN is primarily targeting US demographics.

We suspect that the operators behind this scam, along with the Zulimey scam, are relying upon social media marketing ad campaigns to funnel unsuspecting online shoppers into their retail trap.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  • Operates Anonymously
  • Fails to Provide Verifiable Contact Methods
  • Reflects Identical Site Template/Pages as
  • Provides an Incomplete Refund Policy
  • Has been declared a Scam by a handful of review portals
  • Promotes Too Good To Be True Prices on Some Goods

Is a Scam?

Yes, is an illicit discount retail scam.

ZaraZN Scam Review is a deceptive online retail scam.

Targeting mainly US consumers, ZaraZN and Zulimey are likely overseas based retail scams operated by the same con-artists.

If you have been scammed it is important that you contact your financial institution, initiate a chargeback while requesting a new payment card (to prevent future unwarranted transactions).

Outcome: ZaraZN is a SCAM!

Best Alternative:

Please provide any feedback, experiences or insight you may have below!


  1. Rob orr

    I was also scammed in November 2019 an on DeWalt tools an like the other guy received a pair on sun glasses they r nothing but a bunch of crooks take n advantage of people .an something needs to be done about it an hope no one else has fell for their bullshit an hope they get what’s come n to them I would like to c m proscuted for what they done to everyone

    • Lance W Holston

      We can not do a thing I already tried they are over seas all we can do is try to worn other people

  2. Michael Halstead

    Yes I want to hear from you just got to check the box’s below to hear back zarazn store fraudulent website sure wish I would of seen all this sooner hopefully we can save the next person looking forward to receiving DeWalts tools I’ll go to the store and purchase them may take a little longer but I’ll know what I have.

  3. Michael Halstead

    I was ripped off by zarazn also ordered DeWalt tools for 70 dollars and received a womens clinched purse their laughing all the way to the bank ,contacted DeWalt tools and reported what they are doing a long with the other tool companys ,They didn’t like it and was going to look into these thief’s and my is going after them they also are fedup with these thief’s also putting it out there where ever I can get the word out.

  4. STEVE

    i got scammed too i purchased a 17 pc dewalt set a month later i received a bracelet i contacted them they resent the order supposedly the day it was to b del said it was lost in shipping contacted them today and replied tge will only refund 60 percent well if u order with credit card they will refund 100 percent and go after them for cost with fees

  5. Lance W Holston

    My name is Lance I have been waiting three weeks now and have not received anything yet.Im hoping this is not a scam but have a gut feeling it is.I also ordered the 17 piece DeWalt kit.

    • Ralph

      It’s a scam, they will send you something else and when you contact them they will tell you they’re resending it, then when the delivery date comes and goes you will get a notification that it was lost in transport

      • STEVE

        my suggestion is start blowing up their email till u gt a reply or contact credit card and file fraud charges. the seller will send u something small to say they messed up then the next package u wont get will get lost right before its supposed to b delivered then the funny thing is the seller if they reply will try to only gv u 60% of the cost.
        so my advice start it now thru ccred card or bank watever gt your money back now

  6. Jarrod S Duncan

    I got for a 17 peice dewalt kit. Good tracking but received a pair of fake ray ban sunglasses .
    Card was charged by American sewing company or something like that. Theres got to be something we can do????

    • Jeff p

      I got the same knock off Ray bans

  7. Guy Parent

    I was scammed too. I fell for the 17 piece DeWalt kit as well. I got a tracking number and anxiously waited for the delivery of this magnificent prize. What I got in the mail today was a counterfeit Gucci wallet for women. Yay me! I’m a sucker

  8. Robert Fitzpatrick

    Yes I was also scammed, I never got a tracking number. I did have my card canceled and reissued. I tried to contact them 3 or 4 times and never got a response

  9. Joe H Robinson, Jr.

    I know exactly what you mean. I ordered the 17 piece Dewalt set for $69.95 waited and tracked it and received a silver bracelet. I am currently disputing this through my credit card. I do maintenance for s LIVING and these tools would have really helped me out. Not to mention this was my birthday present (my birthday is Christmas day). So now I am out my
    birthday present and the money I could have used somewhere else to purchase tools. What a crock!

  10. Doug Stein

    You are correct.they are a scam. Unfortunately I was taken in on black Friday. I ordered the tools and received a pair of sunglasses.tracking was fine just never had the right products

    • Jeff p

      a company named “no wooden nicklels” was who charged me

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