Gladiator Lending Scam Review 2019

There are quite a few questions in circulation regarding the so-called legitimacy of Gladiator Lending.

Gladiator Lending, which is located at, is an online portal that sponsors a variety of online debt consolidation companies.

Among a few of the well-known debt consolidation companies featured through Gladiator Lending would be LendingTree, Personal Loans and Freedom Debt Relief.

Why all this sounds ideal, there is more than what meets the eye regarding Gladiator Lending that we feel should be known prior to using their platform.

To find out more regarding we invite you to continue reading our honest review.

What is Gladiator Lending?

Think of Gladiator Lending as an online hub where consumers can browse various debt consolidation companies at the tip of their fingertips.

Structured as a rather straight-forward and crisp interface, Gladiator Lending looks like an operation that has been around for quite some time although as research will reveal later that is not the case.

During the time of writing this review, GladiatorLending reflected 5 debt consolidation reviews on their site for the following entities:

  1. Freedom Debt Relief
  2. GuideToLenders
  3. Accredited Debt Relief
  4. LendingTree
  5. PersonalLoans

These so-called reviews are nothing more than a compressed table providing a minimalistic overall rating of their affiliated partners.

Depending upon the loan network that a consumer decides to commit with will determine their credit criteria such as maximum loan sum, reduced fees, repayment periods and APRs.

Loan terms seem to fluctuate between 2 to 15 years.

Who is Behind Gladiator Lending?

Gladiator Lending does not disclose any ownership or identifying information.

There are no About Us, Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy pages on their site.

This is not an uncommon characteristic amongst online loan matching networks like Gladiator Lending but it certainly reduces Gladiator Lending’s trustability and credibility amongst consumers.

In the attempt to find some scrap of verifiable ownership information we conducted a WHOIS report, however, it proved unfruitful.

Domain Insight

GladiatorLending was a privately registered domain that was created less than a month ago on March 10th, 2019 through TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. registrar.

The privacy company employed by the creator behind GladiatorLending has a reflected registrant geo-location of New Providence, BS which may indicate that the creators may reside near New Providence.

Due to the recent creation and lack of popularity of Gladiator Lending their site does not rank amongst market intelligence portals such as SimiliarWeb.

This indicates that Gladiator Lending is not only unpopular but receives little to no traffic.

Gladiator Lending Reviews

Due to the recent inception of Gladiator Lending they fail to reflect many consumer reviews.

We did come across one accusation regarding Gladiator Lending but apart from that we have been unable to find any relevant reviews or complaints.

“Gladiator Lending just popped up on our radar and we don’t like what we see. Too many new companies offering debt consolidation teaser rates which end up being converted to expensive debt relief programs. Since we just started following Gladiator Lending, we don’t have much to add at this point but we advise caution.”

This consumer review can be found at BadCreditReviews.

Red Flags & Question Marks

The general lack of operational transparency followed by the absence of community feedback suggests to us that Gladiator Lending is not suited as an ideal consumer opportunity.

Although many online loan matching networks operate with stealth in employment typically there is a way to reach out to the operators behind the site but with Gladiator Lending that is not the case.

Why trust your personal and highly sensitive information with an unverified loan matching network that was created less than a month ago?

Is Trustworthy?

Given the information that we have disclosed throughout the duration of our unbiased review we do not believe Gladiator Lending to be a trustworthy loan matching network for the time being.

Perhaps if would be willing to disclose verifiable ownership information or some convenient method of communication we could classify them as trustworthy but sadly they simple lack the essentials at this point.

Gladiator Lending Scam Review

Gladiator Lending reflects many of the traits that we encounter when investigating the legitimacy of online loan matching networks.

While Gladiator Lending puts emphasis on the fact that they prioritize their operation around debt consolidation loans, it should be known that the entities affiliated with Gladiator Lending also provide generic online loans, typically payday style loans.

Not all interest rates or APRs are disclosed at, so make sure to conduct external research prior to submitting your information on their site.

Since the site fails to disclose a Privacy Policy we are uncertain how consumers submitted information may be used, which is HIGHLY concerning.

For the time being, our two cents on the matter would be to only utilize trusted and verified loan matching companies such as the ones shared below.

Ruling: Gladiator Lending is Unverified, Use at OWN Risk!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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