Ted’s Woodworking Scam Review 2019 – MUST READ!

Ted’s Woodworking, hosted at TedsWoodWorking.com, is a deceptive scam tearing through the woodworking industry.

Sticking with run-of-the-mill marketing tactics, Ted’s Woodworking scam employs aggressive e-mail campaigns coupled with heavily-littered social media advertisements.

Launched in 2010, Ted’s Woodworking once appeared to be a trustworthy online woodworking resource but after spam emailing the owner of a fellow woodworking resource site the owner of the site decided to investigate.

What that person found was not only eye-opening but a well-needed reminder that exercising your due diligence is just as important as ever.

To learn the discoveries regarding Ted’s Woodworking scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

Ted’s Woodworking Scam

The indisputable facts surrounding Ted’s Woodworking scam are quite conclusive.

According to GoSureReviews, TedsWoodworking Scam once reflected a physical address of Ted “Woody” McGrath, 219 Tama Street, Slater, IA 50244 United States.

As it was pointed out in that review, the physical address of Teds Woodworking at the time was not legitimate and was not a real location.

As of April 8th, 2019, TedsWoodworking.com reflected the following physical address:

2802 Flintrock Trace, Austin TX, 78738, US

When the above address is searched it appears to be the location of residential apartments, whether this address is legitimate we are uncertain.

To add some gasoline to your growing suspicions, the entity portraying ‘Ted’ at TedsWoodworking.com is nothing more than a stock photo.

The real entity of ‘Ted’ is unknown along with their real physical location, so in a nutshell Ted’s Woodworking is operating as an anonymous and stealthy scam.

Expanding upon the veil of deceit that Ted’s Woodworking scam has cleverly crafted, the so-called customer reviews reflected on their site are nothing more than stock photos purchased from an online image bank.

As you can see in the image below, these customers are also seen at busywoodworking.com and thesmartwoodworker.com, both of which are clone sites of Ted’s Woodworking Scam.

As you can see, smartwoodworker.com is a clone site of TedsWoodworking.com and as an added scam bonus that site isn’t secure, which means if you submit your information on that site you have no idea how your information be used.


TedsWoodworking.com was a privately registered domain that was created on March 3rd, 2010 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, TedsWoodworking.com reflected a global rank of 99,653, a US rank of 31,793 and was positioned as the 41st most popular crafts site as of April 8th, 2019.

Over 52% of sites traffic originates from site visitors within the United States while referral, social media and display advertisement sources contribute to 43.55% of all the sites traffic sources.

Ted’s Woodworking Complaints

Ted’s Woodworking may seem like a reputable entity but bear in mind that over 40% of the sites traffic is generated from marketing based outlets due to social media campaigns combined with exhausting web advertisements.

The consensus regarding Ted’s Woodworking amongst other review sites would be that TedsWoodworking.com is not a safe operation and is likely a scam.

Let’s not forget the pressing warning urged by the Better Business Bureau as well, which can be summed as followed:

  • The BBB has been unable to contact the company regarding their complaints.
  • The company does not provide an email address or phone number and the address listed on the company’s website is invalid.

At the Better Business Bureau, Ted’s Woodworking reflected less than a 2.5 out of 5 star rating amongst customer reviews.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Trustworthy?

Given the evidence shared above in our factual review we believe it goes without saying that Ted’s Woodworking is NOT a trustworthy online site.

Relying upon phony testimonials as a credibility booster, Ted’s Woodworking desperately tries to lead on their ‘authenticity’ yet they lack of everything required to fit that mold.

Blatantly providing invalid contact methods while blasting the internet with solicited emails and marketing campaigns all the while operating as a completely anonymous scam.

Ted’s Woodworking Scam Conclusion

Ted’s Woodworking presents their platform as the ultimate woodworking enthusiasts dream, claiming to be, “The #1 Woodworking Resource With Over 16,000 Plans.”

While this in theory may sound good, remember that’s all it is, a theory.

Nothing about TedsWoodworking.com is genuine.

The site is meticulously built upon a foundation of lies, deceit and a slippery slope of solicitation.

Bear in mind that a considerable portion of TedsWoodworking traffic originates from social media based sources, so the quicker we get the word out about Ted’s Woodworking scam the less people that may fall victim.

With this in mind we ask that you do not only yourself but others a courtesy by not only avoiding Ted’s Woodworking Scam but please share this review so others don’t fall victim.

Outcome: Ted’s Woodworking is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: TedsWoodWorking.com, busywoodworking.com & thesmartwoodworker.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Carol Vevle

    I am not involved in woodworking at all. Just not my niche. This site harasses even when you sweep it. Just keeps coming back. It’s getting to the point it’s not very safe using a computer these days. Constant fraud that refuses to take no for an answer. They should some how be tracked down & put behind bars for about ten years. On line chats, most of them are also fraudulent. I’m getting so sick & tired of wasting my time on fraud!! I left Face Book & about to leave Linkedin, for fraud, smears, & now, stalkers.

  2. Jim Morris

    Being a woodworker I was seriously considering ordering this for $67.00. Then I saw that I could get this same deal for $37 I decided to look for SCAM reviews. Anytime I see a big drop in price for the original price I become suspicious and do research. Thanks for this review.

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