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GoCapital (GoTruckCapital.com) is a unreliable funding agency that specializes exclusively on providing capital for semi-trucks and trailers. Sprung into operation in early 2013, Go Capital has asserted their operation as one that provides integrity while doing all in their power to help business owners achieve their goals. While Go Capital has yet to be classified as a bona-fide scam operation, we have found some particularly worrisome feedback regarding the ill-natured business practices pursued by Go Capital.

The objective of this unbiased review is to provide consumers with insight into the questionable practices being conducted at gotruckcapital.com and why this operation is best left untouched. For those of you who were considering contacting and applying for a loan with Go Capital we urge you to read this review prior to committing with this suspicious funding agency.

So What Exactly IS Go Capital?

GoTruckCapital.com is a nationwide financial partner that provides funding to individuals and small business owners who are looking to acquire loan capital for semi-trucks and trailers. Possessing experience in local haul, long haul, and IRP transactions it appears that Go Capital is best tailored towards the prospective trucker demographics.

Operating under DBO (Direct Business Oversight) license # 603L261, gotruckcapital.com is registered under the licensee name Nations First Capital, LLC. The Chief Operating Officer is Ms. Janice Barrilleaux while the managing partner is Dan Summers. While Nationals First Capital, LLC appears to be leasing service verified by the Better Business Bureau, it has yet to alleviate some explanation towards the consumer feedback disclosed about GoCapital.

GoCapital can be visited at the address 2485 McCabeWay #200, Irvine, CA 92614. The provided telephone number is (855) 396-3600 while the email address is customerservice@gocapitalusa.com. A second address of 516 Gibson Dr., STE 160, Roseville, CA 95678 along with a fax number of (949) 861-6372 are provided on the Contact Us page of gotruckcapital.com.

How does Go Capital Work?

Getting started with GoCapital is a straightforward process that begins with filing an application through their site. As soon as you complete and file your application the operators behind the site will appoint an account manager to discuss the terms and conditions of your loan, if approved. While most credit applications are approved there is no absolute assurance that your loan application will be approved.

Go Capital Complaints

I am a dealer. My customer found Go Capital on his own and we began the sales process…Everything was moving forward until… it came time for Go Capital to fund the deal. Days went by. Then a week. Then two weeks…Finally an email was sent to the buyer from his Go Capital…email stated that they’re unable to continue with the deal because they’re “changing funding blocks.” Very lame excuse…. It’s clear Go Capital never had an approval and were attempting to flip the paper on this… I highly recommend looking elsewhere for your semi truck financing.

…contacted Go Capital and got Dave after looking over my application he said he could finance me but the rates would be high…called the dealer and made arrangements to see the truck, called dave to get the final paperwork done i was told dave connell did not work there any more this is where it all went down hill as i had given the dealer a check as a down payment paid over $3000…ill be going through an attourney on my next purchase.

If I had to do over, I would not chosen to do business with them, nor would I have ever referred the people to them that I referred. Please take caution in dealing with them, because they are as unethical as they come.

This company is a complete and utter fraud. BEWARE if you choose to do business with them, be prepared to lose and not have them to do anything about it.

Question Marks and Red Flags

While Go Capital appears to be a verified loaning service, consumer feedback has hinted towards the unethical business practices that are being employed by Go Capital. Consumers who have first-hand experience with gotruckcapital.com have shared troubling experiences that raise significant red flags along with the exceptionally high interest rate payments which are 2 to 3 times higher than the norm.


GoTruckCapital.com possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,893,320 during the time of posting this review. Since GoCapital is a US based operation, it comes to no surprise that most of Go Capital’s traffic comes from visitors who reside within the United States.

GoCapital Review Conclusion

Considering all of the information provided above we believe it is safe to conclude that GoCapital is not a reliable nor recommended loan provider for consumers. While applying for loan credit through Go Capital may seem like the only option for those with spotty credit, we still believe that consumers could pursue more ethical and proven alternatives to acquiring loan capital.

For consumers looking for more legitimate and verified loan matching services, we recommend reading our 24/7 Dollar Loans review. For prospective applicants who possess below average credit types, we recommend learning about BadCreditLoans, which specializes as a credible loan matching network tailored towards consumers with poor credit history.

If you possess any knowledge or experience regarding Go Capital please leave your feedback below!


  1. Tay Tay Breeze

    Beware that these guys will have you sign all the documents before they give you the final price of the loan. Beware that these guys will finance you triple the trucks worth. If you are in need of finance for a truck, I wouldn’t recommend these guys. It’s not fair that companies like Go Capitol can woo you over with bad practices to get you finance with a very bad deal in the end. This company is trash.

  2. Anonymous

    Do not do business with these ppl. I’ve had my truck for almost 3 years and I’ve paid almost triple for this truck. I’ve been affected by the coronavirus where my company is laying off and work is pretty much non existent in the fuel industry. I reached out to Dominic and his boss to ask for a forbearance or any type of assistance. They told me they don’t care about coronavirus nor are they helping me in any kind of way they want there money period was what was told to me. My truck is almost paid for and they are trying to use bully tactics.. there customer service is pathetic and disrespectful plz don’t do business with them.

  3. Northernlite Reseach LLC

    wow i have them in court for forgery an theft

  4. Timothy Allen

    Tim Allen I was lied to as well I was told over the phone that at the end of my contract that I would own the trailer outright. I found out later that was a lie you see what they are hoping is that I didn’t read the contract before signing it. But when the person on the other end of the phone sounds convincing you just pretty much feel like you’re in good hands and sign your life away. Not knowing that you just got screwed I have two payments left that would put me at a total of around 45000 that’s doubled what the trailer cost. And on top of that there’s asking for a final payment at blue book value. The trailer is a 2008 refrigerated trailer I’m almost afraid to make the last payment not know what the final cost will be. 😞

  5. Northernlite Reseach LLC

    go capital is fraud an have police reports on them an court case upcoming for forgery money scam

    • Robert Jones

      They scammed , lies and forged my my names on changed documents without my knowledge.
      Everyone that’s been effected by Go Capital we need to form a class action suit. Anyone??

      • William Dean

        Call me William Dean 214-980-8039. Me and my brother had bad experience with go capital. 214-980-8039

        • Anonymous

          Yes class action I took go capital to Court I won but they keep apeeling it sad

      • Derrick

        My name is Derrick carter please give me a call 6787729699

        • John Davis

          Yes I have them in court but covn-19 court is closed they lied an stole out wright been 1 year an they keep coming up with more fake paper work

      • David Clark

        I was scammed by Go capital after I sign the documents they double what my truck was worth.

  6. Pamela Baxter

    My Hisband got mislead by Go Capital from the very beginning.
    The situation we are currently dealing with:

    My husband was purchasing a Semi Tractor from Go Capital, he contacted them in April of 2017. He was making substantial payments up until May of 2018. In June of 2018 he contacted Go Capital to find out what is payoff amount was. They sent him a payoff amount, he contacted a local bank which was going to fund him the payoff amount. However, a couple of day later Go Capital has contacted him with a different payoff amount due to the fact that this purchase was in fact a lease. My husband has been in the trucking field for over 13 years and under no circumstances would he ever have agreed to leasing a Semi tractor. When he signed the paperwork he had been sent through an emIl he was under the impression he was signing a purchase agreement, due to what was discussed over the phone.
    Due it this inconsistency with Go Capital we are currently suffering both personally and with the business.
    What we would like to know is if we have a case to file against Go Capital due to the inconsistency of communication or if there is any thing we can to to correct this inconsistency.

    • faith

      please contact me regarding the problems you are having with go capital i have problem with them to but a different one.

  7. Steve

    My name is steve i have a one truck trucking company i have been with go capital for almost 3 yrs now and never missed a payment but i was told every lie that i am now reading for the first time and i am now in the same pickle as everyone else on here and dont know what to do my truck motor is now junk and i have know funds cuz they just keep taking from 17500 truck has turned 3 times that now

    • Sandy

      what are your next step? I was wondering would they sue. I have a friend that purchase in 2016 and had no ideal how this actually worked.

      • Anonymous

        Yes sue trying do class actionu

  8. Sunnyy

    Hey my name is sunny and they rip me off they change my contract they lie to me I suppose to own the equipment at end of my term but now they want the price if I wanna buy what I did before not buy rent

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