Hezior.com Review – Avoid Shady Online Retailer!

Hezior (Hezior.com) is a cleverly crafted online retailer that operates with complete anonymity and has already gathered bold complaints of being a scam.

Featured at Hezior.com, Hezior is intuitively designed as a sharp, eye-catching online store that supports trending home decor, interior design goods and other home furnishings.

Many of the items featured at Hezior reflect what many may presume to be the retail value of a particular good such as the ones they support, however, the sale items are the merchandise you need to watch out for with Hezior.

To find out more regarding this rather peculiar and legitimate-appearing online retailer, we invite you to read our Hezior scam review.

What is Hezior.com?

Hezior.com is organized and structured to appear as a legitimate online retailer that has a clean look.

Among the type of inventory allegedly supported at Hezior.com would be as followed:

  • Rugs
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor
  • Storage
  • Tables
  • Seating
  • Interior Decor

Most of the items featured for sale at Hezior are not accompanied with low price tags.

Serving as a trendy, upscale and modern online retailer, Hezior appeals to those in the upper class with some extra change to spare.

Or most would think…

The real danger with Hezior would be in regards to their sale items.

These various sale items reflect online savings ranging between 25% to 95% off of what Hezior.com asserts is the retail value for that particular product.

As you can see in the image below, an item is drastically reduced in price.

While as a whole all appears legitimate and great with Hezior, when you begin to look further into their operation you will begin to notice many suspicious flaws.

Such as the so called consumer reviews featured on each of the products of Hezior.

When you go to click on these so called user reviews, you cannot click on them to review any of the reviews.

This discovery made us a bit suspicious, so we went ahead and checked out other inventory featured at Hezior… and guess what.

After looking at like over 20 goods each product allegedly reflects a 5 star rating with over hundreds or several thousands of positive reviews.

Kind of suspicious right?

Well, consider this for a moment as well.

If Hezior has allegedly received over thousands and thousands of positive consumer reviews then certainly their site would reflect those numbers along with more than just one complaint on the web to date.

But the growing suspicions of Hezior only worsens the further you trek into their operation.

Who is Behind Hezior?

Hezior does not provide any verifiable ownership or operator information anywhere upon their site.

No mention of a corporate entity, no physical address, telephone number, social media platforms or anything that can be used to track and verify an existing entity can be found at on their site.

Hezior has blatantly structured their site to be that way which means that they are trying to remain anonymous.

Their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy only refer to Hezior.com acting a sole entity.

The only means to contact Hezior would be through their contact form on their Contact Us page, their email at support@hezior.com or their telephone +1 (888) 836-0788 9am – 3pm EST Mon – Fri.

Domain Insight

Hezior.com was a privately registered domain that was created less than a month ago on January 29th, 2019.

Due to the youthfulness and lack of incoming site traffic that Hezior.com receives their site has failed to secure a web-ranking amongst market intelligence sites.

This infer that the site likely receives little to no traffic despite their creation date.

Hezior.com Reviews

You have to bear in mind that Hezior is a relatively new operation to enter the online industry.

Reflecting a creation date of less than a month ago doesn’t provide sufficient time for consumer feedback to accumulate.

We did, however, with some persistence discovery a consumer reporting that Hezior was a scam.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Lack of Ownership Information

  • No Corporate Entity
  • No Verifiable Address
  • No Ownership Information
  • No Operation Information

Consumer Complaint

Despite all the sites ‘positive’ reviews, the math does not add up while the only real review that can be found regarding Hezior to date would be the consumer complaint shared in the video above.

Vague Operational Insight

Hezior sates that it will take ’24 hours to process your orders, after that it will take 5 – 12 business days for delivery in the United States, and 8 – 12 business days for international orders (depending on location).’

The location of their warehouses are uncertain, Hezior does not provide any physical addresses except for stating that they have warehouses based out of the US and Asia.

To add, the only way to Hezior says to contact them would be via email at support@hezior.com where they will allegedly reply within 24 hours.

Hezior enforces a very strict return and refund policy that is hard to be met within their allotted time due to their prolonged delivery times.

Is Hezior.com a Scam?

Although we lack definitive proof amongst community feedback to be able to declare Hezior to be a scam, we believe the many discrepancies of Hezior carry enough weight with them to be able to say with certainty that Hezior is not a trustworthy online retailer.

Hezior Scam Conclusion

Hezior appears to be a legitimate online site that offers trending, unique and modern interior goods.

Appealing to both the upper and middle-class, the sale items featured at Hezior are the reported problems to date amongst the community.

Do not forget that Hezior is a completely anonymous online retailer, you have no certainty that you are buying what you are actually buying while the red flags marked above make it obvious that Hezior is not trustworthy.

We ask that you please do not only yourself but other a great courtesy by sharing this review, we imagine Hezior.com will become a notorious online retailer when the dust settles.

Outcome: Hezior Should Be Avoided!

Blacklisted Site: Hezior.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Jaqueline Simoes

    I’m waiting more than 5months, and I wonder what happened?

  2. Kathy

    I too have been a victim of Hezior! I ordered in February for my daughters Birthday gift that never came! I thought I did all the right things by reading everything to be sure they were legit… I GOT SCAMMED! I have emailed and called multiple times and never got a response. The phone call always went to a voicemail that was full. I hate that the world is becoming a place where you can’t trust ANYONE!

  3. Marie

    I ordered from them at the beginning of February for a birthday gift for my daughter and have yet to hear anything. There support email doesn’t work anymore so I can’t even keep pestering them. They never responded to the few emails I sent anyways but it made it official in my mind that this is a scam. I guess I will contact my bank and try to get my money back. Oh and I saw the ad on Instagram and they too should be held accountable..how do they not screen the ads on their site to make sure they are legit?! Disappointed

  4. Erica

    I ordered from Hezior.com weeks ago and have yet to hear anything, receive any updates on shipping. I’ve emailed five times, no response. I have called the phone number,rings and rings no one answers, goes to a voicemail that is full. Now the website is no longer available. I belive this is a scam, cant believe I fell for it and now I dont know how to get my money back. Seen an ad on instagram and shouldnt instagram vet a business before allowing them to purchase ad space

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