Holiyays.Store Review – [Yet Another FAKE Discount Site]

Holiyays is part of a massive string of illicit and phony retail scams.

Official Site: Holiyays.Store

Directly affiliated with the BelongBelieves and TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store) retail scams that we have exposed this year, Holiyays is part of a monstrous network of FAKE online retailers.

Sharing affiliation with over 50 known illicit and fraudulent scam sites, Holiyays is just another link in the chain from an extensive series of fictitious retail scams.

To learn more regarding the Holiyays scam and what to do if you have been scammed we invite you to read our honest review.

What is Holiyays?

Holiyays.Store is a fake discount retailer making headway through the web.

Functioning as a trending online scam marketplace, Holiyays is part of a vast organization of con-artists who have made it their speciality to mislead, swindle and scam hundreds of online shoppers out of their money.

Relying almost entirely upon illicit and misleading Facebook advertisement campaigns, over 96% of Holiyays.Store traffic derives from Facebook.

As we have pointed out in our BelongBelieves Review and TayloyLily Review, the network behind these fictitious discount ‘marketplaces’ are creating what we call hit and run scam sites.

Registrations for all of the domains affiliated with this network (which exceeds 50 FAKE retail sites) all reflect a registration period of only 1 year.

However, the real lifespan of these scams are no longer than a 4 to 8 weeks on average.

Essentially none of the sites traffic is organic while nearly every scam released from this network reflect undeniably similar characteristics and all rely almost entirely upon Facebook and Instagram advertisement campaigns to drive in innocent consumers into their scam site.

Every product allegedly available for retail at Holiyays.Store reflects online savings up to 55% while incorporating a number of other purchasing incentives into the framework of their site.

One such instance would be the LuckyStore Vacuum Dust Cleaner, where you not only saving over 50% off their asserted retail value BUT also if you buy 3 you’ll allegedly get 1 free.


Who is Behind Holiyays.Store?

No ownership or verifiable identifying information is shared at Holiyays.Store.

This means that there are no physical addresses shared, no telephone numbers while according to the site’s Terms of Service Holiyays is acting as their sole entity.

The only contact information we are provided would be the following email:


An email address, as we are sure you noticed, reflects a different URL that ‘holiyays.store.’

Shipping & Returns

Processing times are said to take up to 48 hours to be completed.

From there, international deliveries are said to take between 7 to 15 business days.

Allegedly, Holiyay.Store relies upon a US Postal Service product known as e-packet, to deliver orders to consumers residing within the United States (a highly targeted demographic for illicit and phony online retailers).

Additional, orders shipping to Brazil and Russia are said to take up to 30 days to arrive.

In regards to refunds, Holiyays.Store is said to offer a 30 day product guarantee.

However, it should be noted, that consumers don’t actually receive any of the goods or products that they believe to be purchasing.

You see, like other scam iterations previously launched by this network, these con-artists are stealing tracking numbers from various shipping carriers such as DHL, USPS and Royal Mail and incorporating them as if they are for their orders.

However, this would be a lie.

Domain Insight

Holiyays.Store was registered on January 23rd, 2019 by an organization disclosed at Shenzhen Riboda Technology Co., Ltd.

Unsurprisingly, this is the SAME organization that was disclosed as the registrar behind TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store), which we exposed as a scam just yesterday.

Detailed in a SimilarWeb report, Holiyays.Store reflected a global rank of 6,546,975 with a Sweden rank of 550,686 as of June 13th, 2019.

Approximately 96.10% of the sites traffic derives from Facebook.

Community Consensus

The community consensus regarding Holiyays.Store across the web would be that it is a scam.

This would be a fairly accurate assessment.

Thankfully the community has already caught wind of this scam so hopefully it won’t be long until the Holiyays.Store scam iteration is shutdown for good.

Is Holiyays.Store a Scam?

Holiyays.Store is without a doubt a scam.

Holiyays.Store Review Conclusion

Holiyays.Store is part of a relentless scam network specializing in creating FAKE retail sites.

Having been connected with other 50 phony retail sites since the start of 2019, it is evident that the operators behind these scams possess no humanity and care nothing about your well-being.

Do your best to not fall victim to scams such as Holiyays.Store.

Remember, if you have been scammed, make sure to contact your financial institution as quickly as possible and request a chargeback.

To escalate your case, you can report your experiences with local authorities and the Federal Trade Commission.

Last but not least, share your valuable insight and unfortunate experiences on the web to warn others who may just as easily be fleeced out of their money due to their good nature.

Verdict: Holiyays is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: Holiyays.Store

Feel free to share any feedback or experiences you may possess below!

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