TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store) Review – [Avoid Scam!]

TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store) is part of widely dispersed scam network that is currently soliciting a large number of consumers into their deceptive scams.

Allegedly backed by the corporate entity, Wofun Company Limited, TaylorLily is affiliated with a few other retail scam sites that are damaging the credibility of the online retail industry.

To learn more regarding the unethical practices being performed by the operators behind DickCliff.Store and other scams affiliated with TaylorLily we invite you to read our honest review.

What is TaylorLily?

TaylorLily pretends to be a discounted marketplace that supports nearly 300 consumer goods and products.

These products range from jewelry, household goods, gadgets, various electronics, automotive goods, and much more.

Every item featured at DickCliff.Store reflects online savings over 50% off while allegedly free shipping is applied for purchases that amount to atleast $35.90.

While we were investigating into the midsts of the TaylorLily scam we came across their About Us page which triggered something in our memories.

“we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision.”

This lead us to dig past our old reviews where we found the BelongBelieves.com scam.

To sum up the need-to-know elements of that review, Belong Believes is part of a MONSTER scam network that was affiliated with a total of 50 fake discount retail sites.

Given the fact that TaylorLily employs the same About Us template while also relying upon the shady factors shared below it is indisputable to deny that TaylorLily is not part of this horrendous scam network.

Who is Behind DickCliff.Store?

Detailed on the Contact Us page of DickCliff.Store would be the following information:

Wofun Company Limited
16 St. Martin’s Le Grand St. Paul’s, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 4EN

Email: support@24hserving.vip

According to Beta.CompaniesHouse, Wofun Company Limited was incorporated on June 18th, 2018 and their nature of business is filed under wholesale of clothing and footwear.

The alleged director of Wofun Company Limited is Cailing Lin.

As we have pointed out in many of our past scam reviews, many fake retail sites are taking advantage of the simplicity of the UK business structure to create what we call company shells.

These shells are nothing more than a quick corporate makeup, oftentimes executed with aliases and fake digital addresses, to serve as credibility boosters for the sites that go on to be affiliated with that corporate entity.

Wofun Company Limited appears to be another one of these instances because beforehand the operators behind this network pretended that their company name was Shenzhen Guicia Eletronic Technology, Co., Ltd. – a fictitious corporate entity according to our investigative findings at the time.

Shipping & Returns

Processing times with TaylorLily are estimated to be between 3 to 5 business days.

From there, shipping times are said to vary between 15 to 20 business days.

U.S. orders are shipped via e-packet, which is allegedly a US postal service product.

According to their Return Policy, items shipped by ‘Pdplq1’ can be returned within 3 to 30 days after shipment if the delivery date is not traceable.

For orders shipped to Brazil or Russia, consumers have up to 40 days after shipment.

No physical addresses for return or refunds can be found while consumers are said to contact their customer service at weherehelp@gmail.com.

Domain Insight

DickCliff.Store was registered on April 27th, 2019 by the organization Shenzhen Riboda Technology, Co., Ltd.

According to the WHOIS report, Shenzhen Riboda Technology, Co., Ltd. is based out of Guang Dong, China – not the United Kingdom…

According to SimilarWeb. DickCliff.Store (TaylorLily) does not receive hardly any organic site traffic since their site failed to reflect web rankings.

Like many of the scams associated with this corrupt scam network, DickCliff.Store is likely relying heavily upon social media advertisements to lure in unsuspecting consumers into their fake marketplace.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. TaylorLily reflects affiliation with a notorious scam network.
  2. DickCliff.Store was registered for the short duration of 1 year.
  3. DickCliff.Store was NOT registered by Wofun Company Limited (their alleged corporate entity).
  4. DickCliff.Store reflects the same About Us templates as the following 3 active ‘retail’ sites: gtohed.com, vivii.store, and www.expressden.com.
  5. No verifiable physical addresses or telephone numbers can be found on their site.
  6. TaylorLily reflects bad community feedback across the web.

Is TaylorLily a Scam?

Yes, TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store) is a scam.

TaylorLily Review Conclusion

TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store) appears to be part of a massive network of con-artists that specialize their collective talents by scamming innocent online shoppers through various retail scam sites.

Nothing is genuine regarding the TayloyLily marketplace nor any of the ‘retail’ sites that we have shown to be in affiliation with them.

Do not only yourself but others a generous courtesy by sharing this review and AVOIDING this FAKE online retailer.

The only outcome that will result would be the loss of your hard-earned money and a great deal of frustration.

Verdict: TaylorLily is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: DickCliff.Store

Feel free to share any experiences or feedback you may have below!

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  1. Trevor Saint So

    I ordered a heater vest on FB add the company was ByKrol, never received. They in fact said the vest was at JOE airport according to their tracking number, which they never provided. Opened a dispute with PayPal The persons name at ByKrol was Sophie. Wow what I learnt is NO more shopping on FB as they people set up web sites sitting somewhere in China.

  2. Amanda

    I ordered two jackets from Outtend, which is part of Wofun. I emailed to return them as there is no returns info on the website. I got one response asking me to send photos of the jackets and they stated they wanted to come to a satisfactory conclusion. I’ve emailed them 6 times since and contacted them via Messenger and had no further response. I assumed Facebook ads were safe, clearly not!! Cannot believe I was so stupid!

  3. Ralf Wapler

    There is an other Online-Shop called yikeyib.com, powerd by Wofun Company limited-London.
    I did an Prepaid Order there but did not received any goods.Noboda answers on Emails.

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