Uefyws.Top Review | Multiple Retail Scam Sites Linked

Uefyws is a fraudulent online site pretending to operate as a discount online retailer.

Official Site: Uefyws.Top

Created exactly a month ago, Uefyws is directly affiliated with the fictitious online retailer DevelopJuh, which we exposed as a fake online retailer just yesterday.

After launching a more conclusive investigation into Uefyws we found not only are these two scam sites inexplicably linked but we also found additional scam sites operating as nearly identical ‘retail’ sites.

To learn more regarding the Uefyws Scam we invite you to read our investigative review.

What is Uefyws.Top?

Uefyws allegedly centers theirs operations around making their customers happy while rendering one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms.

How scamming their online shoppers will result in making them ‘happy’ we have yet to solve the riddle to that mystery.

Among the category of inventory allegedly featured for sale at Uefyws.Top would be:

  • Kitchen & Household
  • Cameras
  • Sport & Outdoor
  • Gadgets

However, when you browse through their product selection you may notice how only a narrow selection of bags are found for retail.

During the time of writing this review there were a dozen handbags allegedly for retail that varied from messenger bags, crossbody bags, school bags, side bags, laptop bags and should bags.

The products featured for sale range between $12.00 to $47.98.

DevelopJuh functioned under the same capacity except for that they only pretended too retail outdoor gear.

Who is Behind Uefyws.Top?

Uefyws does not disclose any information relating to an overseeing or corporate entity.

No physical addresses or telephone numbers can be found disclosed on their site.

Sure they disclose the telephone number 1-234-567-9999 but we as revealed in our DevelopJuh review this telephone number is not real.

Furthermore, the email address disclosed at Uefyws.Top is test@gmail.com.

Obviously the operators behind this site wish to remain anonymous and free of liability as much as possible.

According to the sites Terms & Conditions page, an entity referred to as ‘supershop’ is operating their site while questions regarding their Terms of Service are advised to email support@supershop.com.

Despite multiple search queries we were unable to verify SuperShop as a corporate or legitimate overseeing entity.

Shipping & Refunds

Processing times for orders conducted are estimated to take between 3 to 5 business days to process while international deliveries is said to take between 7 to 15 business days.

Returns are only eligible within 14 days of receiving said purchases although as we mentioned beforehand Uefyws fails to disclose a physical address for returns to be considered a viable option.

So how exactly consumers are expected to handle refund transactions we aren’t necessarily sure but it is obvious that the operators behind this site are thwarting every attempt to provide what we consider basic retail 101 privileges.

Affiliated Scam Sites

All of the following sites reflect the same site template, About Us, Delivery Information and Refund Policy pages:

  • DevelopJuh.com
  • Cbueiwo.Top
  • PitchTax.com

Bringing the collective total of nearly identical scam sites within this network to 4.

Domain Insight

Uefyws.top was a privately acquired domain that was registered through the NameSilo registrar on May 10th, 2019.

Given their recent inception Uefyws does not reflect web rankings amongst market intelligence sites.

Like the vast majority of newly created retail scam sites, we believe Uefyws to be relying upon Facebook advertisement campaigns to solicit and funnel consumers into their platform.

Is Uefyws.Top a Scam?

Yes, Uefyws.top is a scam.

Uefyws.Top Review Conclusion

Uefyws is a fake online retailer that pretends to offer a select inventory of handbags at relatively competitive prices.

Sharing identical site templates with 3 other retail sites that operate with complete anonymity and with no operational transparency are the last traits that you want to encounter when shopping with unverified online retailers.

If you know of any sites that you believe to be affiliated with Uefyws or any of the fictitious retailers shared above we invite you to share your insight below.

The more scams that we can expose the less likely online shoppers and unsuspecting consumers we can prevent from losing their hard-earned money to ridiculous retail scams.

Before shopping with an unverified retailer, make sure you conduct some preliminary background searches to verify the legitimacy of such retailers.

Simple measures such as cross-referencing disclosed physical addresses in a Google Maps search while validating the legitimacy of disclosed corporate entities through business registrars are 2 simple measures you can take that can save you hassle, time and money later down the road.

Outcome: Uefyws is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: Uefyws.Top

Feel free to share any experiences or insight you may have below!

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