HomeType.org Review – Online Marketing Scam?

Home Type (hometype.org) is a peculiar site that was recently privately registered on January 30th, 2018 by an undisclosed entity.

As you will learn throughout our factual and honest review, Home Type operates with minimum transparency while many questions have been circulating the online community as a result.

To learn whether or not HomeType.org is a scam or a legitimate earning opportunity, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is Home Type?

HomeType.org is an online squeeze page that serves as a URL redirect for a number of different earning opportunities.

Sporadically changing their URL redirects, it is difficult to narrow down which network or the various niches that are affected by HomeType.org but what is clear is that they tend to endorse ClickBank or making money online from home niche opportunities.

Throughout the past 48 hours of our investigation process, we have encountered 3 different URL redirects that were featured when visiting the url “hometype.org.”

When Home Type first came across our radar they redirected to the SuperAffiliateSuccessSystem.com URL.

While their domain no longer appears to be visitable, this endorsed earning system was an expensive online money making system that allegedly provided all the ins-and-outs required to create, manage and expand a thriving online business.

More recently, however, HomeType.org served as the landing funnel for a couple of variations of a newly engineered marketing program known as Facebook On Fire. Promoting illusive delusions of grandeur earning opportunities by implying that you could earn over $3,400 per day is deceptive to say the least.

Couple those bold income claims with how there is no ownership information, no transparent earning evidence along with the fact that the employment of fabricated video testimonials are used and it becomes quite evident that we are more than likely dealing with an illicit earning opportunity.

Who is Responsible for Home Type?

Finding out ownership information in regards to HomeType.org or their supported marketing launches is easier said than done.

As research will conclude, their domain was privately registered while their Terms of Use (which can be viewed at hometype.org/terms) will reveal that Home Type is functioning as their sole entity.

No verifiable registered corporation is responsible for Home Type while their Terms of Use makes it abundantly clear that none of their supported campaigns will be held liable for any lack of income or circumstances that may arise while using their offer.

Similar to their previous campaign, Super Affiliates Success System (superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com), Facebook on Fire fails to provide any ownership or operational information in regards to their earning opportunity.

Not only does this greatly reduce credibility but also reveals how the creators behind these questionable systems wish to remain anonymous due to possible liability issues.

What You Should Know

Home Type primarily operates as a frivolous landing page used to mislead those looking for ways to accrue online income to invest with unproven and ungenuine marketing systems.

As with most untrustworthy investment ventures, Home Type promotes unrealistic income assertions while failing to be upfront regarding their active operators and established founders.

This lack of transparency is unacceptable and happens to be a key ingredient utilized by most online scam artists.

Furthermore, their user testimonials featured near the bottom of their most recent campaign (Facebook on Fire) are fictitious and go on to reveal two troubling truths.

The first being that Facebook on Fire is employing paid actors to create phony testimonials while the active operators behind HomeType.org appear to show no concern or relish the lack of any liability from their supported offers.

URL Redirects

  • FBonFire.com
  • Superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com
  • http://orbitnam.today/trendfbf/?a=20&s1=339&s2=drpage&reqid=56545839

Popularity & Domain Insight

As previously disclosed, HomeType.org was a privately registered domain that was created on January 30th, 2018 through the GoDaddy registrar.

As a SimiliarWeb report will indicate, Home Type has suffered a popularity loss from their previous month and currently reflects a global rank of 1,596,513 with a US rank of 406,119 as of April 16, 2018.

Should HomeType.org be Trusted?

Given the information disclosed in our investigative review above, we do not feel that Home Type is a trustworthy site to rely upon to find honest and reliable earning opportunities.

Given their lack of effort and resortment to affiliate with only deceptive and untransparent parties while blatantly concealing key operational and ownership information are typically exerted symptoms that lead us to believe that Home Type is not looking out for your best interests.

Home Type Review Conclusion

Throughout our comprehensive review we have shared the evidence required to support the assertion that HomeType.org is likely a scam.

Despite lacking convictive community support (although there is hardly any feedback), we feel that we have provided ample proof of the disingenuous nature behind Home Type and their endorsed earning systems.

Given these circumstances, we do not advise HomeType.org, Super Affiliate Success System, Facebook on Fire, or any other affiliated entities as a viable or trustworthy solution to effectively rely upon for online income related purposes.

Please disclose any experience or insight you may have by sharing a comment below!


  1. Suzie

    Theyve called me as late as 1am. Ive pressed ‘2’ to ‘stop receiving calls’, but, still get them.

  2. sylvia

    i have just received this type of phone call they are saying you are typing and doing work for amazon for promise of $17.00 and up an hour .I had a feeling this was a scam i thought people should be a were not to fall this.

  3. Renee Batts

    My call came from 859-209-6110 with the same message everyone else got. I wish there was a way to stop these people!

  4. Mel H

    They are getting into people’s Facebook profiles and using their phone numbers to contact with their new amazon job opportunities. When visiting that site you notice immediately it is an omoooolee website scam. Many are operating out of Nigeria India and Far East. There is an organization they know as the international school for cons. I have been following them and their various con schemes for over three years. This began when the first one called trying to scam me. I am a woman but no fool. The romance level was a popular one but that has gone by the wayside due to ww news coverage.

  5. Kim

    I have received 7 calls from hometyping.org today from the number 334-487-1088. Claiming they found my resume online and something about working for Amazon. Listening to their message they gave you the option to press 2 to no longer receive calls from them so like an idiot I did. I immediately received a call from the same number (went straight to voicemail) Saying about the same thing but this time from webstore.org. UGH.

  6. Deidra Oneil

    they called me from 850-805-8385 and the recording said to work for amazon 17-32 dollars an hour and to go to Hometyping.org and fill out the application

  7. Ms. Anonymous

    on 8/19/2018 i got three different calls saying type from for Amazon, once they hung up after i said who is this again?. How sad to call people on their cell phones that have a unlisted number.
    the callers number was 864-689-3446 just in case these bad people read this, I HOPE YOU GET CAUGHT. People want to work and just because of bad scam people who can be trusted.

  8. Ford

    This is a very helpful article. This fraudulent guys just call me from 815-981-8692 and left me a voice message. Is there any way these fraudsters can be sued in the court of law?

  9. Ethel Carraway

    I got a call this morning from 8508087216 about a job for amazon at amazon profits.co. Went to look it up & nothing so called back and they said it was hometyping.org for amazon. Looked it up and found this site as well as their site which was trying to push a get rich scheme, that made me very suspicious. Glad I found this review! Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Teri Heydrick

    I have been getting the same weird phone calls. At first they left a message. Now they call me twice in the last 30 minutes after 11:00 pm, so I get irritated and call back to get a make money by typing for Amazon or something. I have no idea what they are up to, but that is some serious manipulative advertising done on my personal cell phone (which I don’t give out) for something I didn’t ask for.

  11. Jen Mott

    I too am getting these late night or early morning phone calls. The number that called me was (858)-780-4212. When I called back, the recorded message told me that this was an online business and I was going to be typing out a bunch of stuff and speaking with other businesses etc. They gave me the website name so I looked it up and here I am. I figured this was a scam to begin with because 1: you have to fill out a W-4 to be able to pay taxes; 2: a REAL business doesn’t just pick random people by phone call talking about a position; 3: I’m not about to do an online business of any sort until I meet my employer face to face.

    In conclusion, I also get a lot of emails of the same type of scam. Be aware of ANY business that sits there saying you can earn over a grand or more in a day or even a week unless you are darn sure it’s not a scam and you’ve filled out the necessary paperwork!

  12. Arlene

    I haven’t noticed anyone post (914) 600-3551. That is the number Sarah called me from and urged me to complete my application online. Instead, I found your helpful article warning me of what I suspected. Blocked the number, but there’s got to be more to it than that. How did they get my information??

    • Teri Heydrick

      My number is 984-205-4252 from North Carolina.

  13. Val

    I just received two calls after 11 pm. I have to be up at 6 am in the morning and I was in bed when they called. I called back the number as I was ready to scream at them but instead was invited to press 2 so that they wouldn’t call me back. Let’s see what happens, but callingme so late is harassing me. I only ended up here because I was looking for a website with them where I could complain, which I haven’t found in the end, but I am very frustrated.

  14. adam geteianc

    I received 4 calls from 424-383-6469 so I called them back to find a recorded message directing me to typeathome.org oh well just another scam. At least I found a legitimate one. I am with SFI they are an 18 year member of the BBB. Free to join. If anyone is interested geteianc7@gmail.com is one way to contact me. I am Adam Geteianc on Facebook I have no problem helping people. This is no get rich quick scheme but I have been paid it’s working

  15. Milagros guzman

    THANK you! for giving me a heads up on this org. I trust your research and the reviews from other people who made their comments.

  16. Laura

    They’re constantly calling me. I’ll be reporting then to the DO NOT CALL. GOV

  17. Gerry

    I received a call at 9:41pm last night….also from Sarah about making 17-32/hr from Amazon…the # was 864-659-2520

  18. Lynette

    I recieved a call at 10:45 p.m. waking me up from number 865-382-8715. I didn’t think these A-holes were supposed to call past 8pm. I didn’t request info from them & definitely don’t like getting calls that wake me up.

  19. Lucia

    Thank you for the review, it prevented me from falling for the scam. I got called by 864-920-5071 at 11:42 am today and a she left me a voicemail saying that they saw my resume online ( I don’t have a resume online) and offered me an opportunity to earn $17-32/hr working for hometype.org Amazon…. I’m glad I decided to research them before falling for their scam. Thank you.

    • Chris

      Just got the same call from Sarah saying the exact same thing. I’ve been at my job for 25+ years and I know I don’t have a resume online. It’s easy to find out it’s a scam if you don’t know right away so why don’t they just give up.

  20. Doretha in Phila. PA.

    This company keep calling my phone. Today is 9.5.2018, and they have called me at least 6 times sense 1:00pm, and they keep hanging up. When I call back they tell me about the Amazon job and how much can make. I wish they stop calling me. I block the call by then they use another number. I wish we could sue them for harassment.

  21. M. Plantada

    This number 312-313-3205 called at 1045pm, 1045pm, 1120 pm, 1145pm, 1153pm on a Monday night Sept. 3, 2018. I did not answer and no message left. I called back and its an online offer to work for amszon earning up to $32/hr for hometype.org

  22. No thank you, don't need that BS job

    They called me at 9:38 tonight stating that I need to complete the application I began online for data entry with Amazon. I’m normally in bed by this time as I am happily employed as a school teacher and haven’t been filling out applications for work at home data entry job. Hahaha, they are clearly casting a wide net with their calls and not calling in regards to a legitimate business. Reported them to the FCC and blocked them.

  23. Beth

    They called here two! 15 minutes apart! Their number doesn’t even show on my call log! I’m contacting the Attorney General for my state, North Carolina. I’m filing a complaint. We all need to be pro-active. I hate people like this. They should be SHOT!

  24. April

    10:00 pm and 10:10 pm received calls from +13364393076…from North Carolina. I called the number and the voicemail states recruiting for on-line jobs @ Amazon and refers to hometyping.org to submit an application. Blocking the number.



  26. No name needed. Why so you can call me again??

    Really calling at 10:30pm is rediculous. I’m reporting you. I never did any online application. You are a total scam.

    • Arlene

      Um, the person that wrote this article did not call you. LOL. This is an article warning you not to fall for their scam.

  27. Lisa

    I received a call at 7:19 a.m., which violates federal law. I filed a complaint with the FCC.

    • Andrew Schneider

      Now there’s hometyping.org. just called me twice

      • Ashley Jason

        We need to find out the company behind this and sue for violations. 3 calls received last night after 10.

      • Arlene

        I’m confused because that is what this Sarah said, hometyping.org. But I got this Hometype.org too.

        Just throw them both in the trash. SMH.

  28. C ryan

    They won’t stop calling my cell phone

    • sylvia

      block their number cause i did

  29. Fawna

    I also received a call from Sarah. The number listed was ( 319 ) 220-0613. In the message she said that she had received my Resume from online. Which the only one I have is on indeed.com. But she didn’t specify what web site. The message stipulates the web site to apply is storejobs.orc Amazon but when I called the number back the web site it stipulates was home typing. Org.
    I called Amazon to see if it was legit and was told that they do not use outside sources, that they post from the Amazon only.

  30. Nancy Copeman

    I received a call from Sarah, like those above. The number she called from was 777-382-2293. I blocked this number.

  31. Madhuri Dubey

    I am interested in work..

  32. Elizabeth Smitley

    Same call to voicemail for work at home with Amazon online job from number 256-474-7681.

  33. Lorrie L Pringle

    I’ve been receiving calls for work @ home for Amazon. Just now hometyping.org from Florida (850) 842-6440, twice. One @ 9:32am & 9:37am. It’s to bad for those who need a job similar, then waste valuable time that ends up a scam.

  34. A Antwi

    I also received a phone call from 864-659-2520. My phone rejected the call stating it was an Easy Money Scam (i use YouMail). Please be careful out there.

    • M. Sprague

      Yeah I just got called from +16302803530 called it back and Googled the site and came up with this to read through, not that I believed any of it.

  35. yeah right

    some hacker with a messiah complex should find these people and have, uhh, “problem solvers”, from the deep web, take these fuckers down. you know. help yourself sleep better at night. yup.

  36. Pat mckenrick

    Also have been contacted by this company stating it is work doing home typing for Amazon making 17.00 to 32.00 per hour number is 1 610 549 4065

    • Chris Burrell

      i just recieved the same call at 12am from 951-420-6753. When I picked up, no one responded, so I called back and immediately a voice came and said, “thanks for calling us back”. Thankfully i google searched and this site came right up….

      • Jenny D

        Same! 863-260-8262 was the number they called me from. I’m in NJ. Stay safe out there.

  37. Katrina

    Dear Tim,
    I am writing to you in regards to hometype.org
    Also going under the name of Hometyping.org
    They seem to have a couple of new scams under their belt now. They are also doing business under the name of: homeshopper.org and homeshopping.org They are posing as a company to offer jobs from and with Amazon. At a rate of $32.00/hour + rewards. They are offering jobs to the public to rate and review Amazon products from home, “In your spare time of course!” Part time positions only, for obvious reasons as to not provide health insurance to their employees! I find it amusing that Amazon has no idea who they are and have no affiliation with them whatsoever. After my phone call to Amazon this morning speaking with an upper tier Amazon Prime Manager, they are now very upset and concerned about the so called affiliation with ANY of the so mentioned Companies. It has been brought to my attention that they are also offering Career opportunities with Target, Walmart, Bed bath and beyond, Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, Pier One imports , and many others! Thank you so much for your valued research and time on looking into The Latest Scam Operations of this Fake Business.
    Katrina at katzz9lives@aol.com

  38. Sheri

    The phone # that called me was 1-208-502-4579 and said that Amazon was looking for workers to work at home. So I go to their hometyping.org page and they want to sell me a money sucking website for $47. Never did they say anything about Amazon. I want a legitimate job making good money I dont want scammed out of my $47 that will pay my cell phone bill. They promise or ‘garrentee’ a full refund if not satisfied or happy. Not losing my money!

    • Tammy M Lanz

      I got the same call with the same number. Mine was for Amazon.

  39. Brian G

    I actually tried the program and am not making $75 an hour but I am pulling in a couple hundred a day hustling for 4 hours or so. It takes work but can make you some money. It is a little misleading.

    • Renee BRIDGES

      You tried Home type.org?? Just how misleading is it?? I was told you’d only make 17 -30 bucks an hour…..I’m stuck at home, disabled and desperately looking for something to do….

  40. Kathy MacLeod

    I too have been receiving voicemails from Hometype.org “in regards to my recently submitted online resume”. They state that they are a nonprofit job recruitment firm and are looking for persons to fill 23 Amazon positions. The phone number was 865-290-2850. Clue number one that they are not to be believed is that I have never prepared an online resume. Also I believe that if Amazon were looking to fill positions they would not solicit a ‘nonprofit job recruitment firm’. Thank you for verifying what I already suspected.

  41. Carol L Kruger

    I just received this same phone call just like all the others on this list. Also making $17. to $32. and listing for Amazon. Also went to return the phone call and press 2 for more info I was hung up on. I am looking for work and supplement my income. I don’t need these games. I just want a enough to supplement my income. Its bad enough that age is an excuse for some. Knowing that age is classified discrimitive to some and hard to prove as an excuse.

  42. J Stephens

    I was sent this thru e-mail to apply for high paying job to work from home for Amazon after missing phone call from Amazon imposter!

  43. Ms. Anonymous Anonymous

    08/14/2018-I have received a numer of calls from a number showing up to be from Treese, KS, the latest being eary this morning. I never answered any of the calls until this morning and it gave a recorded message which sounded so live. The female voice said that she was with a non-profit firm informing us that there were online typing jobs; for $17-$32 hourly; listing products and posting reviews for Amazon; and, to go to hometyping.com. Am posting this as Ms. Anonymous, just in case these bastards are reading the reviews to gather additional info on us. Why don’t these people work for an honest living? So sad there are evil people like them out there. I will pray that God will minister through His Holy Spirit and deliver them from Satan’s chains of bondage and show them a better way to live. Don’t even know if scam finance.com is legit.

  44. Rebecca Smith

    412-312-4637 keeps calling me and nothing happens so I called it back and it was a message about working for Amazon listing and reviewing products but I had to go the hometyping.org site. Another scam someone else trying to take from those needing an income.

  45. Ann

    I received a call yesterday from 706-666-5167 shows that call came from Watkinsville, Ga her voicemail directed me to go to Web Store job.org but when I hit to number to call this company it did not ring at all and I got another VM telling me to go to Home typing.org both indicated that this job would be posting products and reviews for Amazon and the pay was $17 to $32 per hour
    the Webstorejobs.org wanted you to buy some miracle software for $47.00 to many holes in the whole presentation so yes it is a scam when they call it money sucking website comon you know does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out BEWARE PEOPLE SCAM SCAM SCAM

  46. DRH

    They are still at it! Called me from Anaheim California (at least that’s what caller ID Showed up as) 2x before 7am. I was worried for my California family members with all the wildfires there. Especially that early in the morning. Worry went to anger after I called the number back to find it was a scam number and that they had called at a ridiculous time of the day. Not sure if they are using different numbers, but this is the one I received: 1 (657) 220-9492

  47. Randy

    I just received a call from 706-666-5167 stating Amazon was hiring 23 people to process orders online and the pay ranged from 17 to 35 dollars an hour. The call directed me to log on to hometype.org and follow the directions. Total BS Go Daddy should take down this domain!

  48. RH

    july 11, 2018
    Phone # received from 502-806-8323 went right to voicemail. British female accent to remind me to complete my application for the $500/day job I applied for (which, by the way, I didn’t apply for).
    then I researched HomeType.org as she told me to go to and found all of these scams. So sad.
    Everyone be safe out there!

  49. Tammy

    I recieved the call this morning at 0744 and it almost went straight to voicemail, the number is 951-386-3338. To complete my application for 75$ an hour. Sounded like Matt brown but people comments say Max. However I called the number back, it picked up and said “thank you for your call. Press 1 if you would like to stop receiving contact from us.” I waited and then without response the call hung up. I called the 315-766-2631 and got the same results.

  50. MaryLu Vara

    My phone showed a call my phone never rang – mssg left by Max Brown I have 2complete my application for $75 an hr posting on fb & google go to hometype.org – call came from 909-345-6627

  51. Brandon Vernon

    I got a phone call from Kemah Texas.

    My voicemail message said, “Hello, this is Max Brown from Home Type. You recently filled out a job application for a $75 per hr job typing and posting links on Facebook and Google. Can you please finish your application at hometype.org

    Here’s the phone # that called me: 1(832) 864-9760

    I instantly knew it was a scam. Here are some good signs to look out for.
    1st red flag: If the call is from outside your state, more likely it’s a scammer.
    2nd red flag: A company is not going to call you for not completing your job application.
    3rd red flag: He never said the title of the job position. He didn’t say, “I applied for a online advertisement position.” He said, “I applied for a $75 per hr job.”
    4th red flag: If it sounds to good to be true, most likely it’s fake.

    You all be careful out there. Every job you apply for, make sure to documented on a spreadsheet to keep track of what you applied for. I know it’s tough finding a job, but please keep your mind at peace. The more desperate you are, the easier it is for these wolfs to prey on you.

  52. M. M.

    I just received a call a few moments ago from this “company”. I happen to have my phone in my hand when it rung and it went to voicemail before I could press the answer button — very strange. Like everyone else I was asked to complete the application I had begun, which I don’t recall starting. There are so many scams out there I googled right away and found this. Total scam.

  53. Garry Muensyter

    WOW! I got the call yesterday telling me log on and finish my application and start making money NOW! I am on disability and working from home is perfect…major in business in school and type 65 WPM…I sought out other work from home scams known as “secret shoppers” …over the course of about 6 months….I applied and was accepted …they sent me 6 separate checks in my name totaling over 10,000….I had to deposit the checks into my checking acct….go directly to Walmart’s Money Express service and “secret shop them”….I would make $250 per shoppers critique of there services….I took the checks to my bank and they said they were worthless and if I had deposited them and went on my way sending MO’s to different people in CA I would have been responsible. So when I listened to my VM yesterday re: this scam…I loaded the name “Home Type” and found this article…for me its a no brain’r…..Cheers!.

  54. Kristin Reinhardt

    I received a voicemail at 0745 today. Stating “This is Max Brown, you recently filled out an application for a $75 an hour job typing & posting on Facebook and Google. Can you please complete your application at homerype.org.”
    The call came from phone number,
    951-386-3338. I did not call the number and have since blocked it.

  55. Brenda Stibolt

    I received a call saying Hi Max Brown here calling about a job position open in your area paying between $3000 and $6000 a month typing from home using your own computer. Please finish your application at hometyping.org the call came from number {669} 200-6071 I felt it had to be a scam and was glad i did a little research and found this article. Thank you for getting the word out

  56. Jawab Polk

    I received this message also and I know that Amazon doesn’t do cold calling for employment issues. I also received a message for investment possibilities to work from home. If you have to pay or invest money to work it’s a total scam and you will get your knot waxed.

  57. Toshie

    I am glad that I found this review. The scam left the message I should finish the application for a job paid $3,000 to $6,000 per month, and go to the amazondatajobs.org web site. Very fortunately the virus protection program of my computer stooped me to open the site.
    Thank you for writing these warnings!
    Hope Amozon be aware of these scam, too!!

  58. G Easton

    Just received a call from 989-264-0984 stating that I had started an online application to work from home with Amazon (I did not) and they gave me a URL to go to: amazondatajobs.org — this, of course, is a total scam.

  59. hope bernawh

    I also received a call on 4/19/2018 stating to finish my application that I did not start call number was 989-264-0984 different from others seen here. Thank you for this review greatly appreciated to have warnings out there about scams web site go to hometype.org to finish application

  60. Grace

    I had a message on my cell phone that said I had started an application and needed to finish it to start working to make $75 an hour. First of all I never did their online applications. Secondly my research shows that calls usually from the 251 area code are a scam. So I would agree with this call being a scam!

  61. Stacie Holton

    Thank you for the review. I received a phone call yesterday from them and decided to research them fbefore I did anything else. The message stated that you can make $75/hour. The phone number came out of New York 315-766-2631. I hope that this page and these reviews help protect some one from being scammed and experiencing everything that may come along with this. Thank You

  62. Melanie Astacio

    Thank you for writing this review. They are still calling people on the phone and scamming them. The number does not appear as scam likely. I should have kept the number, sadly, I did not.
    It is really dangerous to fall for these scams. Normally, I am aware of them and catch the scam from the get go, but I was desperate and went to look up the website.
    Thanks to this review, I didn’t fall for the scam!
    Thanks Again!

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