HomeType.org Review – Online Marketing Scam?

Home Type (hometype.org) is a peculiar site that was recently privately registered on January 30th, 2018 by an undisclosed entity.

As you will learn throughout our factual and honest review, Home Type operates with minimum transparency while many questions have been circulating the online community as a result.

To learn whether or not HomeType.org is a scam or a legitimate earning opportunity, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is Home Type?

HomeType.org is an online squeeze page that serves as a URL redirect for a number of different earning opportunities.

Sporadically changing their URL redirects, it is difficult to narrow down which network or the various niches that are affected by HomeType.org but what is clear is that they tend to endorse ClickBank or making money online from home niche opportunities.

Throughout the past 48 hours of our investigation process, we have encountered 3 different URL redirects that were featured when visiting the url “hometype.org.”

When Home Type first came across our radar they redirected to the SuperAffiliateSuccessSystem.com URL.

While their domain no longer appears to be visitable, this endorsed earning system was an expensive online money making system that allegedly provided all the ins-and-outs required to create, manage and expand a thriving online business.

More recently, however, HomeType.org served as the landing funnel for a couple of variations of a newly engineered marketing program known as Facebook On Fire. Promoting illusive delusions of grandeur earning opportunities by implying that you could earn over $3,400 per day is deceptive to say the least.

Couple those bold income claims with how there is no ownership information, no transparent earning evidence along with the fact that the employment of fabricated video testimonials are used and it becomes quite evident that we are more than likely dealing with an illicit earning opportunity.

Who is Responsible for Home Type?

Finding out ownership information in regards to HomeType.org or their supported marketing launches is easier said than done.

As research will conclude, their domain was privately registered while their Terms of Use (which can be viewed at hometype.org/terms) will reveal that Home Type is functioning as their sole entity.

No verifiable registered corporation is responsible for Home Type while their Terms of Use makes it abundantly clear that none of their supported campaigns will be held liable for any lack of income or circumstances that may arise while using their offer.

Similar to their previous campaign, Super Affiliates Success System (superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com), Facebook on Fire fails to provide any ownership or operational information in regards to their earning opportunity.

Not only does this greatly reduce credibility but also reveals how the creators behind these questionable systems wish to remain anonymous due to possible liability issues.

What You Should Know

Home Type primarily operates as a frivolous landing page used to mislead those looking for ways to accrue online income to invest with unproven and ungenuine marketing systems.

As with most untrustworthy investment ventures, Home Type promotes unrealistic income assertions while failing to be upfront regarding their active operators and established founders.

This lack of transparency is unacceptable and happens to be a key ingredient utilized by most online scam artists.

Furthermore, their user testimonials featured near the bottom of their most recent campaign (Facebook on Fire) are fictitious and go on to reveal two troubling truths.

The first being that Facebook on Fire is employing paid actors to create phony testimonials while the active operators behind HomeType.org appear to show no concern or relish the lack of any liability from their supported offers.

URL Redirects

  • FBonFire.com
  • Superaffiliatesuccesssystem.com
  • http://orbitnam.today/trendfbf/?a=20&s1=339&s2=drpage&reqid=56545839

Popularity & Domain Insight

As previously disclosed, HomeType.org was a privately registered domain that was created on January 30th, 2018 through the GoDaddy registrar.

As a SimiliarWeb report will indicate, Home Type has suffered a popularity loss from their previous month and currently reflects a global rank of 1,596,513 with a US rank of 406,119 as of April 16, 2018.

Should HomeType.org be Trusted?

Given the information disclosed in our investigative review above, we do not feel that Home Type is a trustworthy site to rely upon to find honest and reliable earning opportunities.

Given their lack of effort and resortment to affiliate with only deceptive and untransparent parties while blatantly concealing key operational and ownership information are typically exerted symptoms that lead us to believe that Home Type is not looking out for your best interests.

Home Type Review Conclusion

Throughout our comprehensive review we have shared the evidence required to support the assertion that HomeType.org is likely a scam.

Despite lacking convictive community support (although there is hardly any feedback), we feel that we have provided ample proof of the disingenuous nature behind Home Type and their endorsed earning systems.

Given these circumstances, we do not advise HomeType.org, Super Affiliate Success System, Facebook on Fire, or any other affiliated entities as a viable or trustworthy solution to effectively rely upon for online income related purposes.

Please disclose any experience or insight you may have by sharing a comment below!


  1. Suzie

    Theyve called me as late as 1am. Ive pressed ‘2’ to ‘stop receiving calls’, but, still get them.

  2. sylvia

    i have just received this type of phone call they are saying you are typing and doing work for amazon for promise of $17.00 and up an hour .I had a feeling this was a scam i thought people should be a were not to fall this.

  3. Renee Batts

    My call came from 859-209-6110 with the same message everyone else got. I wish there was a way to stop these people!

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