iCashLoans Review

iCashLoans (iCashLoans.com) operates under the capacity as an online lending network that allows individuals who complete their loan process to receive approved loan offers from an assortment of online lenders. Partner with over 100 lenders while allegedly aiding over 4 million customers has permitted the iCashLoans lending service to operate for a duration of just under 12 years.

Learn for yourselves what other review sites are unwilling to disclose to you and whether or not iCashLoans renders a dependable loan service or is simply just another lending scheme.

What Exactly is iCashLoans?

iCashLoans.com is an online platform responsible for helping potential borrowers receive loan offers from a grid of lenders. Requested loan amounts can range between $100 to $1,000 and if approved, borrowers will be prompted to visit the lenders site to review the terms, conditions and fees affiliated with the loan prior to committing. If borrowers decide to accept the offered loan, the lender will deposit money to your checking account as soon as the following day.

How does iCashLoans Work?

As with most lending service platforms, iCashLoans doesn’t actually play an active role in the loan funding process besides connecting applicants with lenders. In order to be considered for an online loan, prospective applicants must fulfill all of the eligibility requirements shared below. While individuals with poor credit are still encouraged to apply, those with better credit will be more likely to obtain a loan.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Provide employment proof for at least a 90 day period
  • Generate over $1,000 in earnings per month (post deductions)
  • Provide an active telephone, email address and contact information
  • Provide checking account information for potential payment method if approved

If you meet all the eligibility conditions above, you can fill out the iCashLoans inquiry where you’ll receive an answer within minutes about whether or not you have been approved. It should be noted that since iCashLoans is not a direct lender, your submitted information may be sold to a host of lenders as a potential “lead.”

Who is Responsible for iCashLoans?

iCashLoans fails to provide any insightful information regarding operators, owners or creators. No mention is made in their About Us, Disclaimer or Terms of Use which make us feel that this operation is trying to remain anonymous and free of liability. While some older reviews found on the web are pointing towards iCashLoans being another spawn of Nesmetaju, LLC, which were the creators behind the unreliable White Rock Loan platform, we are unable to verify such claims.

In addition, a WHOIS search fails to provide any relevant information regarding to the creators behind the site because the site employs a privacy package. Maybe throughout some point in the past iCashLoans were upfront about their corporate entity but this could have been altered after the accumulating pile up of negative feedback filed by consumers who have endured unsatisfactory and unethical business practices.

iCashLoans Spec Report

  • Founded on March 14th, 2005
  • Online loan connection service
  • Operates as an anonymous platform
  • Site fails to disclose lending providers
  • Your information is likely sold to lenders
  • Under a 5 minute loan application process
  • Not openly owned or operated by corporate entities
  • Lacks Better Business Bureau business accreditation (F rating)
  • This service is only available to USA citizens, not all states are accepted


iCashLoans.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 574,550 with a US rank of 154,876 as of January 16th, 2018. Due to negative consumer feedback the site has endured a 30% decrease in traffic since last month, while over 81% of the sites visitors are based out of the United States. Approximately 31.22% of all traffic sources are referral based, while display ads account for roughly 43.57%.

iCashLoans.com Review Conclusion

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  1. J Cautius

    I man I know was asked to put his UserID and Personal Access Code from his bank into their application and it was not working. They told him it was ok to do it as they cannot see the info. I told him that his USER ID and PAC are only meant for the bank he banks with, not to be given on any other SERVER electronically or in writing to anyone. ONLINE banking is unique to him and his BANK. ICASH was telling him the bank’s server is not good and there is something wrong with it. That is nuts! you cannot give personal info for online to anyone. Be careful.

  2. kevin mackinnon

    Lost my job, made arrangements with their recovery department. They ignored the arrangements and debited my accounted unexpectedly. I am going to have to close my bank account now because these people wont stop doing this. DONT LET THESE PEOPLE LEND YOU MONEY. THEY DONT CARE IF YOU STARVE, ONLY ABOUT THEIR BOTTOM LINE!

  3. Jools pirog

    Unless you know you have money coming in very quickly to pay off the loan then avoid this site & group. They are just a 3rd party who match up lenders to loaners and will sell all of your information to other companies. You will be matched up quickly but then you can spend over an hour filling in the details for the real lender which include passport, driving license and work address & telephone numbers plus uploading utility bill copies and much more.
    AVOID AT ALL COSTS unless you have a terminal illness and won’t live to pay the exorbitant fees.

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