Cash Advance Review

Cash Advance ( asserts their operation as a top of the line loan service purveyor. Headquartered out of Utah, one of the alleged priorities advertised on their site would be to connect prospective borrowers with only the “best” lenders. Founded nearly 20 years ago in March 1997, has served as a questionable service provider that has been responsible for connecting borrowers who reside within the United States with quick loans that are accompanied by some barbaric APRs.

While some potential applicants may naturally infer that Cash Advance is a reliable service due to their long-standing existence, evidence disclosed throughout our unbiased review will reveal a not so moral illustration of business practices being performed. To learn more about the loan services rendered and the particular controversial nature behind Cash Advance, we encourage you to keep reading.

What Exactly is Cash Advance?

Cash Advance doesn’t reveal much about their operation besides that they are a loan service portal that connects those in need of obtaining a personal loan with online lenders. Effectively connecting borrowers with any status of credit to lenders, Cash Advance makes it well-known that their only role in the lending process is to serve as the medium needed to find the best loan offers available for you. Accepting zero responsibility for any complications that may arise has been the formula of success that has enabled to operate in existence for such an extensive duration of time.

How does Work?

Assuming that you meet all the eligibility requirements that are disclosed below, the application process featured at is user-friendly and only requires up to 5 minutes to complete. If approved, you must carefully consider the conditions and terms reflected in your approved loan offers and decide for yourself which loan is most appropriate for your needs. It should be made known that if you wish to not submit your loan offers after completing the application, simply cancel the transaction for free – although you should expect a couple follow up phone calls.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Show proof of US citizenship or residency
  • Must earn at least $1,000/month, after taxes
  • Disclose and provide a valid checking account
  • Show proof of employment for the past 90 days
  • Provide personal information, home and work numbers, along with email address

Who is Responsible for Cash Advance?

According to the Contact page featured at, Cash Advance is owned and operated by a limited liability corporation known as Hawk, LLC. While no disclosure of owners and operators can be found mentioned on their site or at their Better Business Bureau profile, the site does appear to disclose accurate contact information. Headquartered from 12850 West 331 North Suite 60, Altamont, UT 84401, Cash Advance can be visited at their physical location between 6 A.M. to 7 P.M. PST Monday through Friday.

Other provided communications methods would be their email addresses and Furthermore, a contact submission form is featured on their Contact page or you can call one of the following phone numbers: 1-800-380-2274 or 1-800-590-0078.

Cash Advance Spec Report

  • Web-base platform
  • Brief application process
  • Personal and cash loan service medium
  • Has been in existence for almost 20 years
  • Connects lenders with questionable loan providers
  • Not a Better Business Bureau accredited corporation
  • Lenders require absurd APRs ranging between 200% to 2,800%

Community Feedback has an abundance of negative feedback that can be traced throughout the web. Perhaps sometime throughout their enduring existence they used to be a prominent service provider but if you take the time to investigate the feedback filed against the organization throughout the past few years, you may be troubled by what you find.

Sporting a F rating at the Better Business Bureau, the following negative feedback found on their site should deter any prospective borrower away from their service. Among the most common complaints filed would be consumers receiving threatening phone calls, falsified calls requesting fictitious past loans to be paid through anonymous payment methods along with unethical lenders and services. No recent positive reviews besides superficial blogging sites are endorsing Cash Advance.

Can Cash Advance be Trusted? serves as an ideal example of how a service providers character and operational protocol can deteriorate over time. Despite their considerable lifespan, recent consumer feedback as emerged from the shadows to reveal the up-to-date unethical business practices being performed which is why we are classifying Cash Advance is an untrustworthy loan service provider.

Popularity has suffered a significant decrease in monthly visitors since last month but as of January 15th, 2018, the site has a SimilarWeb global rank of 101,297. Just over 90% of the sites traffic comes from users residing within the United States while over 56% of all traffic sources are referral based. Review Conclusion

Cash Advance is the epitome of what borrowers should avoid when searching for short-term lenders. Incorporating illicit and fraudulent businesses practices while acknowledging the fact that all recent feedback has been negative just goes to show how much the Cash Advance platform has withered away.

As an alternative, we’d recommend 24/7 Dollar Loan.

Have you suffered losses to Cash Advance or any related entity? Please report any unethical business practices or your story by sharing your feedback below!


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