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Infinity Traffic Boost ( is a traffic exchange site that enables participants to earn income from the relative ease of their home. Through endless hours of browsing paid advertisements, users can accrue minuscule amounts of income that are payable once a particular volume of income has been earned. Incentives are offered in the form of advanced payments where your ad browsing earnings can be multiplied in order to amass more long-term revenue.

The application of these multipliers along with questionable business practices has resulted in Infinity Traffic Boost to receive a considerable amount of backlash. Many cryptocurrency related forums are asserting that Infinity Traffic Boost is a scam that embodies the form of a inconspicuous Ponzi scheme. Other feedback suggests that this traffic exchange site is considered to be what is known as an advance fee scam due to the fact that under some circumstances users were required to purchase a multiplier before they could file for a withdrawal.

So What Exactly IS Infinity Traffic Boost?

Infinity Traffic Boost is a tier reward system where web surfers are allegedly able to generate bitcoins by browsing an assortment of paid advertisements. These paid advertisements vary across a wide spectrum of sites but the most common would be online casino and other traffic exchange sites. According to the site, two entities known as Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark are responsible for the creation of this site and research regarding these two individuals will reveal that they are not the most trustworthy characters.

The operational process of Infinity Traffic Boost is straightforward. Advertisers pay to have their campaigns publicized on the site. In return, Infinity Traffic Boost will compensate web surfers for the quantity of web pages surfed that meet their criteria while earning a profit on the initial advertisement settlement. Due to how meager these web surfing payments are, Infinity Traffic Boost has incorporated a tier incentive system to generate more income for themselves and allegedly their web-surfers.

It’s true that InfinityTrafficBoost is designed more for affiliates than those web surfers who are trying to earn extra income through the site. Which is why unless you activate a tier incentive program of significant value than the income that you can amass is relatively useless unless you spend an absurd amount of hours web surfing over the next 6 months. Affiliates who successfully promote their site are able to generate 30 to 80% commissions on all purchases made by referred individuals.

So from an operational standpoint it appears that the main principle behind this site is to drive as many web surfers as possible to the site in the hopes that they will shell out money for an incentive system that otherwise would take months to accrue. This is why was developed with the affiliate more in mind than the web surfer, which is the exact inverse of how this operational model should be conducted.

Community Chatter

The feedback regarding the authenticity of Infinity Traffic Boost is indecisive at best. Many reputable forum sites are slamming this traffic exchange site as one that is a misleading and not upfront with their users. Below are a few examples of the feedback we found across and BeerMoneyForum.

I joined it at the beginning only to find it so complicated and every instant asking for a captcha so got to quit it.  not very user friendly site in my opinion.

Let’s get this slammed shut before it gets off the ground.

If you “earn” to surf why is it you have to pay first?  And let me guess the more you pay the more you “earn” with no additional surfing…this old gag and earn a commission of their gullibility.

Can I Trust Infinity Traffic Boost?

Despite the fact that there is zero evidence that effectively reveals InfinityTrafficBoost as a scam doesn’t necessarily mean that this site is trustworthy. Mathematically speaking, it would take web surfers who use the free version over 3 months before they could file for a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 bitcoins (less than $15 as of December 28, 2017). Our recommendation would be to heed the feedback provided above in correlation to other business ventures that could prove more lucrative for the amount of time you would have to devote this site.


On December 2017 (when this review was posted) their SimilarWeb global rank was 33,337, indicating this site has received a surge of web surfers. Most of the traffic originates from users within Venezuela, Russia, Colombia, Brazil and Ukraine.

Infinity Traffic Boost Review Conclusion

Infinity Traffic Boost has not been verified as the scam but due to the misleading nature of this traffic exchange operation we cannot full-heartedly recommend this service. Operating in a similar manner to that of a Ponzi scheme and advance fee scam, there are still a number of factors that need further evaluation and feedback before a conclusive conclusion can be drawn. If you have any experience or knowledge regarding Infinity Traffic Boost, we implore you to share your feedback below!


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