Crest Financial Review

Crest Financial ( is a curious investment operation that illustrates themselves as a fund management company. Boasting about their impeccable standards and complete transparency, Crest Financial seems, at first glance, a legitimate investment operation that prides themselves with superior fund management techniques. Unluckily for Crest Financial, thorough research will reveal that this seemingly anonymous operation is perhaps not all that it is cracked up to be.

So What Exactly IS Crest Financial?

Crest Financial is a fund management company aimed at making maximum profits for their clients. They ensure that their trading software used to generate profits on your behalf has a success rate of 90% along with a 20% money back guaranty if any of your trades are being mismanaged. Claiming to have a cliental base of over 6,000 users, according to the About Us section on the site, they claim to be the leading investment firm in the United States, Australia, Canada and Norway.

It doesn’t take research to confirm that Crest Financial talks a pretty strong game. What research will confirm though would be how Crest Financial is not a regulated investment firm, meaning that they also are not FDIC insured which is greatly frowned up for US citizens. Furthermore, in the Terms of Service, no corporate entity is claiming responsibility for this fund management firm meaning that in the likely probability that your substantial initial deposit is loss there is no way to recover or track down your lost funds.

Can I Trust Crest Financial?

Despite the fact that Crest Financial offers what appears to be a genuine and legitimate investment opportunity, research has revealed that this firm is not as credible as it tries to portray. In addition to the fact that no corporate entity is mentioned anywhere on the site, it appears that the only form of communication offered with this investment firm would be an email submission form.

Furthermore, the address provided on the Contact Us page provides us with 1225 Alcovy St. Monroe Georgia, 30655, USA as the headquarters of their operation. Which, as you can infer from the image, appears to be in the middle of nowhere with no corporate building. This leads us to believe that Crest Financial has simply falsified their real location in the deliberate attempt to remain an anonymous entity.

Regardless of their reasoning, if you combine that discovery with the fact that there are zero identifying features on the site, it leads us to only one conclusion which would be that Crest Financial is a fraudulent investment operation. No legitimate investment firm would go to such measures to hide their true identity and suffer the possible loss of credibility.

Promises and Features

There are currently 4 account packages that investors can decide to commit with. The smallest account package requires a minimum deposit of no less than $2,000 while the highest reaches an initial deposit of at least $100,000.

VIP Account

This account type has a duration of 30 days and promises a return of 20%. The maximum deposit is $4,900 and the estimated annual income is set at 240%.

Silver Account

This account package requires a minimum deposit of $5,000 upwards to $19,000. This fund management account comes with a 24% return and an annual income of up to 288%.

Gold Account

This package has a set return of 30% and requires a deposit between $20,000 to $99,900. This account type lasts for a duration of 30 days and has an estimated annual income of 360%.

Diamond Account

This account package requires a deposit between $100,000 to $10,000,000 and has a return promise of 40%. An annual income percentage gain of 480% is estimated and this package lasts for a duration up to 30 days.

Crest Financial Complaints

Although this site has claimed to be in operation since June 3rd, 2009, a domain search will reveal that the site was actually created on April 24th, 2017. Due to the relative new age of this site it has yet to draw many victims into their fraudulent investment operation.


On December 2017, a SimilarWeb search revealed that had a global rank of 437,174. Further research will show how over 96% of the traffic originates from visitors within the United States while, oddly enough, much of that traffic is redirected from whole-sale furniture sites.

Crest Financial Review Conclusion

Crest Financial has not provided us with any reason to believe that their investment operation is one that can be trusted. Concealing their true identities while offering returns that allow you to accumulate significant profits with no effort on your behalf is the definition of a get-rich-quick scheme. We do not recommend that investors commit with Crest Financial.

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