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Initiative Q ( is a new type of payment network which is neither similar to crypto nor to fiat currency. It aims to eventually reach $2 trillion value. While the idea sounds exciting, it is the execution which will make all the difference.

Read our comprehensive review to find out everything you need to know about Q Tokens and Initiative Q.

Who is behind Initiative Q?

The creator behind this network is Saar Wilf, a serial entrepreneur who has a lot of experience in the payments sector. He started his first venture back in 1997.

He is also a founder of Fraud Sciences which was acquired by PayPal in 2008.

He along with a team of mathematicians and economists laid out a model for this payment network.

Economist Lawerance White, a professor of monetary theory and policy at George Mason University is also a part of this project.

What are Q tokens and how can you obtain it?

Q tokens is a global currency which aims at making transactions low cost, fast and safe.

One of the main goal of this currency is fraud prevention. It is estimated that sellers spend around 8% of this revenue on fraud related costs.

This type of activities forces sellers to take expensive precautions and ultimately the higher prices are borne by the buyers.

Though technology has advanced recently, our modern smartphones are equipped with fingerprint sensors, camera and face recognition. These can ensure the secure multi-factor authentication, which cannot completely eradicate the fraud transaction but can make the data theft for more difficult.

This currency also helps in preventing the scams which are a huge concern when buying anything online. Any purchases or transactions and any type of human errors which has resulted in transfer of money from one party to another can be retrieved by the mechanism followed by this currency.

Fraudulent transaction and money transfers are irreversible in the present monetary system. The seller has no control over his/her funds once the send or deposit button is hit but this all changes if Q tokens become a major transaction medium because it allows reversibility and dispute arbitration.

They even have an automatic system to resolve disputes but even then if you are not satisfied, don’t worry as you can further escalate the dispute to the trained representatives of this project.

Along with these perks, this system provide its users access to their full transaction history which includes both the time and location details along with the details of when and where the transactions were authorized.

To obtain Q tokens, go to Initiative Q’s Facebook or Twitter page to find out which of your friends are already following them and ask them to invite you.

Q Currency Economic model and Monetary Committee

Every currency requires a monetary committee in order to oversee the money supply and purchasing power stability and this currency is no exception.

In order to control the Q tokens in circulation, the reward Q’s of each member will be reserved and will get granted gradually while making sure that it matches the growth in economic activity on the network.

Q tokens platform also provides activity incentives like bonus or cashback rewards on meeting certain requirement. By providing these type of rewards it not only creates positive feedback but also accelerates the economic growth.

Just like how the government currencies are maintained by a monetary committee, Q tokens activities are also overseen by a group of individuals who will have access to real time economic data and has complete power in terms of controlling the money supply.

These type of condition enables them to implement policies which are more transparent.

Q Currency Hurdles

This project seem very interesting when speaking theoretically but the main barrier would be mass adoption. The project obviously requires a huge user base who have the necessary means to buy, sell and exchange the currency.

In order to scale the value of the currency to the target amount of $1, it might just take forever.

However, no one can predict the future for sure. Since anyone can participate in this project freely, it might be worth a shot as you have nothing to lose.

Is InitiativeQ legit?

After going through their platform, we can say for sure that they are a legitimate company with a good reputation.

InitiativeQ Review Conclusion

Initiative Q is one of those concept which might never take off.

However, that does not mean this firm is fraudulent.

If you believe in this project, then proceed with them as there are no concerns as of now.

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