Review – Amazon Cash Website SCAM? presents an alluring online earning opportunity for those looking to accrue maximum income through minimum effort on their behalf. Affiliated with what is known as the Amazon Cash Websites, hosted at, those who go on to visit the Internet Profit website are redirected to the Amazon Cash Websites.

While both domains appear to be working in cahoots with one another, the legitimacy of the offer rendered through Amazon Cash Websites will be the determining factor as to whether or not is a scam. To learn more we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is Amazon Cash Websites?

When it comes to aptly understanding the relationship between and Amazon Cash Website it is important to understand that the only function of the Internet Profit site would be to serve as a URL re-direct for the creators behind both scams. Given the fact that the URL redirect needs to happen internally through the site dashboard it is obvious to us that both domains are in affiliation with one another.

Amazon Cash Websites, located at, is structured as a demographic specific launch. Which means that depending upon where site visitors reside or where their active IP address reflects will determine which offer they will encounter. Most demographics will encounter what appears to be a news article regarding a work-at-home opportunity with Amazon.

The overall tonality of the article is hyped and structured to capture a site viewers attention by promoting unrealistic income assertions coupled with what readers believe to be facts. Regrettably most of the information disclosed in the article itself is fabricated while the real offer they want you to sign up with is nothing short of suspicious.

How Does Amazon Cash Websites Work?

Integrated into the framework on their article throughout several locations would be hyperlinked texts such as “Amazon Cash Websites” work from home package, work from home kit, or 150 spots available. These hyperlinks are used to direct viewers to the real offer rendered in association with and Amazon Cash Websites.

The actual online earning opportunity as you learn shortly after clicking on one of their hyperlinks has nothing to do in affiliation with Amazon and serves only as another redirect to the site As you can see in the image above, high income assertions such as $500 per day are being thrown around while the whole marketing angle used by these shady scam artists would be a poorly constructed voice over video.

As you may imagine, the pitch video employed does not provide any insight regarding how users who sign up with their system will make money except for that they will just make a bunch of money with little work. No operational, ownership or credibility-building information is ever disclosed upon their site while those who try to exit early are confronted with an annoying pop-up.

While all of the domains fail to render any ownership and functionality information, those who do decide to move onward are directed towards an auto trader to register with which at the time promotes unrealistic income gains and is marketed as free to join. However, in order to receive access to this auto trader investors are required to deposit with unregulated brokerages, which is greatly advised against in the day trading arena.

Popularity was a privately acquired domain that was registered on June 29th, 2010 and does not appear to be a popular site due to being structured as a URL re-direct. Amazon Cash Websites, located at, appears to be a recently created domain that was privately registered on June 21st, 2018 and overall is not that popular.

Since both sites channel into one another to get them to, it comes to no surprise that this domain is more popular. Privately registered on May 10th, 2018, reflects a US rank of 173,137 while over 80% of their traffic derives from US based consumers.

Is a Scam?, and Amazon Cash Websites all intertwine to direct site viewers to the same offer. All of the domains fail to disclose any ownership information while the apparent offer from one site to the other are not even remotely similar.

Saying that everyday people can earn up to $14,000 per month through Amazon only to redirect them to an auto trading software is beyond shady and exceptionally deceptive. Given the findings shared above, we believe each of these sites to be scams.

Avoid (Added August 15th, 2018)

Community feedback found at RipOff Report suggests that (which is affiliated with is affiliated with MOBE, which we reviewed as an untrustworthy educational business venture. Several relevant complaints can be found in the RipOff Report thread which correlates the two entities together in what is referred to as the bait-and-switch. Scam Warning (Added August 21st, 2018) is another re-direct domain used to funnel unsuspecting consumers into landing at

Created on May 23rd, 2018 it is obvious that the creators behind the Amazon Cash scam are expanding their network with the intentions of soliciting as many consumers into their shady investment schemes. Scam Warning (Added September 11th, 2018) functions as a campaign for the root domain, which has been directly linked in affiliation with

Among the “related” links found on their site would be Fast and Furious 8, Music Videos, Designer Apparel, Cheap Air Tickets, Top 10 Luxury Cars and Parental Control. Scam Warning (Added September 11th, 2018) was created on July 9th, 2018 according to a WHOIS report.

As with most of the other additional sites that have been linked with the Amazon Cash Website scam, serves as another redirect to funnel more traffic to their untrustworthy investment venture.

Amazon Cash Websites Review Conclusion

Amazon Cash Websites does not render everyday consumers with a legitimate at-home earning opportunity. Instead the creators behind these shady websites rely upon deceptive marketing and pressure-inducing widgets to rush unsuspecting and inexperienced consumers into their signing up and depositing with their fictitious earning opportunities. Blatantly lacking transparency and honesty, it is obvious that these sites should not be trifled with.

Verdict: (Amazon Cash Websites) is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites:, &

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  1. Jacqueline Shijai Rowe

    i got the same call so is this a scam type of on line job they told me it pays 17 00 to 37.00 per hour and i know that is to good to be true this site needs to be closed down on the real before they scam the wrong person….. and i really dont know how they got my information….

  2. Latasha Robinson

    I just revived a call from Amzon there only hiring 23 people this month is this a scam

  3. Scam me not

    Ha…. if it sounds to good to be true! Investigate!!!!! Why they called me and said you can make 17 to 23 dollars an hour. And stated, they are only hiring 23 people! Please! Investigate everything now a days!

    • Cynthia

      Is the Amazon call stating that I can make 17-23$
      a hour a scam? I get those calls every week.

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