Jenzaa Review – Interesting Blog or Brilliant Scam?

Nowadays, many people are not familiar with the strategies one can use to achieve very specific financial goals. Laws change on a frequent basis and for the average person with a regular job it is almost impossible to keep up with it.

Jenzaa is a popular blog which covers most of the topics in the financial niche and helps its readers make the best out of their economic situation. The content available on their platform is very precise and helpful for a wide range of audience. Moreover, they do not have anything on their website which might hinder the user experience.

However, do not execute every recommendation put up by them, because it is intended as general advice and it may or may not suit your personal needs. In short, if you are someone who is located in the US, then this blog just might be able to answer almost all of your questions surrounding everyday finances.

What is Jenzaa?

Jenzaa in simple words is a blog which covers a wide array of topics around the personal finance sector. It is a one stop source to find out the opportunities you can use to make money, keep money securely and multiply it. They also cover the taxation aspect and other related things, but for best results, you have to consult a certified financial advisor.

If you are a teenager or just a person looking to earn passive or part-time income, then you can find a lot of ways to make a considerable amount of money using basic skills. However, do note that it does require effort on your part and some activities such as yard sale may not be appealing to everyone.

At the end of the day, the topics covered in their blogs is really something which everyone should be aware of and we are sure that you will find it worthwhile to go over them.

Categories covered by Jenzaa

Jenzaa is a blog which has something to offer to every age group. From finding quick ways to monetize your spare time to making the best choices which have long term consequences on your bank account, you can find all the information here.

Below we have listed all the major categories they cover, take a look at them to see whether something peaks your interest or needs.

Financial Tips – The goal of every person is different. For example, the commitments of a person at 20 year old is different to that of a 40 year old. Moreover, parameters like income, assets, inheritance plays a major role in personal finance.

However, regardless of which level you are in, we can all agree that it is always a good decision to streamline the process and that is exactly the kind of things covered by this platform. There are tons of information regarding the saving schemes offered by banks, account types which offer highest returns, etc,.

On top of all the general information, they also talk about the ways you can use to protect yourself from any possible recessions and meltdowns. Though concepts like these are often considered as dry and boring, they do play a big role in our lives and it is definitely worth it to know about them beforehand.

Grants Tips – The topics listed under this heading is the personal recommendation of the admin. It covers things like start up business ideas, advice for people who are trying to get into specific industries, psychology, retirement planning, etc,.

If you browse through the entire category which is roughly 7 pages, you will find articles on veteran benefits, the need for life insurance and many more diverse topics. All in all, this platform really has done their best to make finance as easy as possible to understand for everyone.

Health Tips – There are many companies which offer health insurance and the cost between them varies a lot. This category highlights the difference between them and talks in detail about the benefits of popular health care programs. Surprisingly enough, they also cover parenting techniques too.

Housing Tips – Buying a house or even just renting it is a huge step for many people. One wrong move might end up costing you a lot which is why you should never get into it without being fully prepared.

This section or segment talks about the various ways of financing a home, starting a small or medium scale business from home and taking advantage of appropriate programs in the housing sector. All the tips mentioned by them are practical and most people can easily take action with the information presented without getting overwhelmed.

Life Insurance – The name of this section is a little confusing. One might think that it contains information regarding the life insurance policies, but that is not the case. It mainly focuses on things like lifestyle choices, money saving tips, vacation planning, etc,.

Contact Details

If you need any further information about the concepts discussed on Jenzaa website, then you can contact them via their platform only. Due to the lack of data, we don’t know the time taken by them to respond.

Usually most services prefer to feature their contact details in order to engage with the audience quickly. Looking at this platform, it seems as if the actual creators or owners are trying their best to operate from the shadows and obviously it is not a good sign.

Domain Information

Jenzaa is currently 9 months old and within this short time, it has managed to gain decent traction and popularity. We ran a whois check on the domain name to find out the details of the creators, but unfortunately we couldn’t track the people in charge.

This website gets a lion share of traffic from the US and if you want to know more specific details about them, take a look at the following table.

Domain –

Registered On – 04/10/2019

Expiry – 04/10/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 2,023,995

Target Audience – United States

Demerits of Jenzaa

The main problem about this platform is that it lacks transparency. For starters, there is no information about the authors or the people running the website. Moreover, they don’t reveal any contact information. Ask yourself, why would they operate so anonymously unless they have something to hide?

Despite their popularity, there are no comments from the users on their platform. Given the kind of traffic they get, isn’t it kind of odd? Right now, we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Jenzaa is a pretty good place to find answers to most of your questions and concerns about personal finances. They also give practical ideas about starting and running small scale businesses in an efficient manner.

However, you should never take drastic actions without consulting the financial advisors, because a small mistake might end up burning a hole in your pocket. After all, ensuring financial well being is everyone’s first priority, right?

Are you a regular reader of Jenzaa blog? Did you find their advice helpful? Let us know your answers by commenting below.


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