Polaire Review – Scam or Legit?

Polaire (GetPolaire.com) is a new player in the portable AC segment which claims to offer bang for your buck. They sell their products directly to consumers via their one page website. At first glance, everything about them sounds amazing, but that perception quickly changes once we look at the reviews online. Their business model is not as transparent as it should be.

Moreover, they do not provide any contact details on their platform which raises some serious concern. Nowadays, the number of online scams are growing exponentially. It is important to deal with only reputable sites with a long track record or else it might end up burning a hole in your pocket.

While we all like a good bargain on things online, never let a too good to be true offer distract you from seeing the truth. As far as Polaire is considered, go through our review till the end to know everything about them.

What is Polaire?

Polaire is an alternative to bulky air conditioners which is said to give the same amount of performance for a fraction of the cost. They are also said to be extremely cost efficient which makes it a perfect fit for a lot of people. Their product is almost like a plug and play mechanism wherein the users just have to charge it, attach it to a removable water tank and you are good to go.

However, do note that it is intended for personal use only and that means if you want to use it in large places such as auditoriums or big cubicle office spaces, then you will most probably get disappointed. On the bright side, it is the perfect fit for summers and you can run it all day long without putting a nasty dent on your bank account.

Polaire uses patented EvaBreeze material in their cartridges and it helps in effective evaporation of water in a short duration of time, thereby resulting in a strong cooling effect. For best results, always position yourself in the center of the device’s airflow with the front frills facing towards you.

Benefits of Polaire

As you can already tell by now, this product carries a lot of practical benefits. Now, let us focus on the specifics of it one by one.


There was a time wherein the AC’s were bulky and required a lot of time and effort to move around. Moreover, traditional air conditioners also had to be wall mounted and for most people, it was a herculean task.

Thanks to the improvement in the field of technology, those days are gone and with the rise in portable electronics products like Polaire are bringing new benefits to the table. If you live in a place which doesn’t necessarily require cooling all the time or if you constantly travel to different places which may or may not have access to all the amenities you are used to, then the portability feature offered by this brand will be a big relief for you.

Energy Efficient

One of the main issues with going with traditional solutions is that they cost a lot to operate and it quickly adds up in the long run. On average, air conditioners consume about 300+ watts daily and ceiling fans consume about 50+ watts (goes higher or lower depending upon usage).

Compared to these alternatives, Polaire consumes around 7 to 13 watts per hour which is way too pocket friendly. Though, you can’t expect the cooling effect to be equal with the competition, for what it is worth, the offering is certainly not a deal breaker in any way.

Noise Levels and Installation Process

Many air conditioners run silently when they are new, but eventually they will get noisy as they age. Sound coming from AC and fans are something which is absolutely bearable and most people are used to that, but for places like bed rooms, if you want it to be extra quiet, then Polaire might peak your interest.

Furthermore, they do not charge any installation fees and as far as maintenance goes, only minimal interference is needed.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

A lot of companies charge a considerable amount of money when it comes to maintenance and it takes quite some time to do a deep cleaning. However, Polaire does not require extra care and all you need is to brush out the dirt particles by taking out the filters whenever you want. Since you don’t have to rely on others for service, it certainly saves both time and money.

Pricing and Shipping

One Polaire costs about $89 and if you buy more, you are automatically eligible for reduced rates. Moreover, if you buy directly from their website, then you will get a flat 50% discount. The payment methods accepted by them are credit or debit cards and Paypal. They claim to offer free shipping worldwide, but as there is no contact information given.

We do not know whether it still applies. Usually most companies give utmost importance to tracking numbers and other associated things, but this one doesn’t talk anything about it which is kind of odd. Lastly, do know that there is no information about refunds or exchange procedures.

Though their pricing is excellent, lack of transparency is certainly a deal breaker and given their current way of operating, it is better to stay away from them for safety reasons.

Customer Feedback

The comments featured on the homepage of Polaire are all positive and encouraging. However, there is just no way to verify whether they are from actual customers. We went through most of the forums in this sector, but still we couldn’t find any threads or comments about them. If they really have sold millions of units, then there should have been a trial of comments, right?

Creating fake narratives about their own products is a well known gimmick in the online space. We are not saying that Polaire is bluffing, but it is worth mentioning that they are not squeaky clean either.

Domain Details

Using alexa.com and whois.com, we were able to get a good look at the demographics of their operation. Sadly, as the owners have masked their identity using Whoisguard, we weren’t able to get any information about them.

Domain – GetPolaire.com

Registered On – 01/06/2020

Expiry – 01/06/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 100,486

Rank in Japan – 11,593

Target Audience – Japan, United States and South Korea

Polaire Review Conclusion

Polaire claims to offer a budget friendly way to deal with the heat and their statements are all amazing in theory. However, they do not exhibit any trait or character which makes them reliable or trustworthy. Their business model is not transparent and their support team is almost non-existent.

So, given the number of alternatives, we strongly suggest our readers to stay away from this product or else you might be putting your confidential information at risk. After all, when it comes to online shopping, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Have you bought products from Polaire? Feel free to share your experience with our readers by leaving a comment below.


  1. Alias Alias

    As a HVAC technician you learn you can never make anything cold, you can only MOVE the heat. As someone has already stated there is a reason a convention ducted AC or even a ductless mini split has a portion of their equipment outside. It’s dumping the heat it just removed from your living space, via the refrigerant, outside. I agree this product is a scam. Spend your money on a window shaker if you need AC on a budget or one of those roll around units with the window adapter so it can pump the heat OUTSIDE

  2. Another Anon

    Add to that the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. The first law being energy can neither be created nor destroyed. What that means is you will feel a breeze with the moist air and experience slight cooling effect but in net the room is only getting slightly warmer. It is the same reason opening your freeze door does not cool the room. The freezer takes the energy from the freezer and puts in in the room as heat. The food stays cold at the cost of warming the room. That is the reason all AC units have half the unit outside, to MOVE the energy outside, thus cooling the inside.

  3. Jason Dean

    I understand the message but your physics needs improving. You talk about power consumption in Watts and appear to mean energy consumption (“Watts per hour”). It would be correct if you compared power consumption for each example (units of Watts) or energy consumption (kWh per day) but not both. I hope that helps.

  4. Anon

    Cooling air by evaporation is a well-known mechanism as our own bodies do it: we sweat for this reason. However, evaporation creates a very humid environment and it should come at no surprise that a humid summer feels worse than a dry one. With that, the Polaire is a scam because it physically cannot cool air beyond a certain water saturation level in the air – at which point the people in the room will feel quite miserable already as their bodies can no longer cool down by sweating.

    This is a scam, no doubt.

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