is a Scam! – (Another Discount Scam)

KeenKT is a fictitious Keen ‘discount retailer.’

Official Site:

Backed by a vile scam network that has launched no less than 40 discount retail scams, KeenKT is obviously a retail site that cannot be trusted.

To learn more regarding the KeenKT scam along with which sites we’ve exposed in affiliation with KeenKT we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is KeenKT?

There can be simply no denying that KeenKT is a scam.

In fact, is the 3rd fictitious ‘discount’ Keen retail scam that we’ve exposed by this network.

The other two were and

Many of the elements that you see at KeenKT were copy and pasted from previous scam campaigns launched by this network.

For example, the Contact Us, FAQ, Payment and Shipping & Return page policies are identical with several scams of theirs that we’ve exposed in the past.

Again, we are confronted with how KeenKT is allegedly part of a UK company but as like with every other one of their scams they operate with blatant anonymity.

No reference to “which” company they may be referring to is ever disclosed while the site, like all their others, fails to include a physical address, telephone number or any identifying information.

KeenKT pretends to serve as a select online retailer that offers rare discounts on Keen footwear, supporting an inventory base of no more than 2 dozen, but these statements are nothing further from the truth.

Who is Behind KeenKT?

That is the mystery that many of us would loved to be solved.

Since every scam launched by this unknown network have incepted their sites to blatantly lack any identifying or ownership information it is difficult for one to identify them.

The only means of contacting the operators behind these scams would be through the two email disclosed below (but no one ever seems to get a reply from these operators so essentially they are useless contact methods):

  • Support@JDOnline.Info

Linked Retail Scams

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‘Name Brand’ Scam Sites

  1. ZaShoes.Club
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Shipping & Refunds

The Shipping & Return page featured at is thorough.

However, it is entirely fabricated and is also the same Shipping & Return policy that has been used in no less than 2 dozen of their previously launched retail scams.

There are really no products being sold at

They claim to rely upon shipping carriers such as DHL, Royal Mail and UPS to deliver their orders but as many consumers have previously pointed out, these operators are essentially just stealing tracking numbers from these shipping carriers, and others, and pretending that they are related to purchase orders conducted on their site.

No one ever receives their purchases while the lapse of time generated for consumers waiting to receive a product that was never related to them to begin with is just enough to make it more difficult for consumers to successfully conduct chargebacks.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered on June 4th, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar. reflected a SimiliarWeb global rank of 1,683,765 with a US rank of 2,345,228 as of July 9th, 2019.

Like many of the scams launched by this malicious network, the operators rely heavily upon misleading advertisements nested through various social hubs, the most common of these being Facebook.

Is a Scam? is a scam!

KeenKT Review Conclusion

KeenKT is a malicious and duplicate scam launched by a corrupt scam network.

As you can see for yourself, the operators behind these illicit ‘discount retailers’ are experienced and seem absolutely determined to fleece as many consumers out of their hard-earned money as possible.

Likely based overseas, and ALL affiliated sites, are a plague that need to be eradicated from existence.

If you have been deceived by KeenKT, or an entity you believe to be associated with the Support@JDOnline.Info organization, please leave your insight with us below.

Verdict: KeenKT is a SCAM!

Scam Site:

Feel free to share any insight or feedback you may possess below!


  1. Glenn Mitchell

    There are all kinds of electric generator sites on facebook that are scams.

    • Martin

      Hi, is there any chance to get money back after I ordered from such websites? Thank you for your response.

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