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Many online review sites are writing off as an untrustworthy and fraudulent online retailer while providing little insight into how their conclusions were drawn up.

The aim of this unbiased review is to provide a more complete picture of the retail venture known as Kmkai and whether or not this online retailer is safe for use.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

About Kmkai

Kmkai is structured as a rather minimalist online retailer that currently offers up to 8 different beach towels.

Each of the towels featured on Kmkai are $35.

No promotions, no drastic online savings and nothing out of the ordinary appears to be in employment at Kmkai, which we found odd due to all the online chatter surrounding what many are claiming to be the Kmkai scam.

Shipping is said be handled with USPS while deliveries are estimated to take up to 5 business days after shipment of delivery has begun.

Who is Sandra Zupetz of Kmkai?

The Contact Us page featured at Kmkai provides the following contact information:


Address Information

Sandra Zupetz
12843 W Redondo Drive
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
United States

A contact submission form can be found underneath the following contact information provided while the usually response time according to their site is within 24 hours.

According to a Google Maps search, the address rendered appears to be a residential location – which could indicate that Kmkai is a small time venture or it could simply be a decoy address.

When researching Sandra Zupetz across social media platforms we did come across what appeared to be her Facebook, however, the last time it appeared active was over 5 years ago.

Apart from that Sandra Zupetz doesn’t reflect much of a presence besides in affiliation with sites that conduct background checks on specific entities.

Popularity was privately registered on March 30th, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

What we found odd would be how was only registered for the duration of one year while many online retail ventures do no less than 2 years registration.

This could be an indicator that Kmkai doesn’t plan to stick around for long or simply it could be as intended.

There are many variables in the mix still regarding Kmkai.

According to SimilarWeb, does not appear to be a reputable site given their blatant lack of site rankings.

Kmkai Reviews

If you took the time to search Kmkai in search engines you may notice how many review portals go on to state that Kmkai is a scam or a fraudulent online retailer.

However, there was a rather annoying reoccurring theme in regards to those reviews when we were conducting our preliminary Kmkai investigation.

This reoccurring theme would be the absolute lack of transparency and investigative prowess in regards to the exposure of

As a collective whole though, the community consensus regarding Kmkai would be that it is a fake online retailer that cannot be trusted.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Kmkai, Inc.

Disclosed in the Terms of Use and Privacy & Security tabs of would be reference to the corporate entity Kmkai, Inc.

Since Kmkai is allegedly based out of Arizona we searched Arizona business registrar to see if Kmkai, Inc. was really an active or existing business.

The results?

No search queries conducted proved fruitful.

This then led us to conduct a search through the Better Business Bureau, which yet again came up with zero results.

With these facts in mind we do not believe Kmkai, Inc. to be an existing corporate entity.

1 Year Domain Registration

Kmkai was registered for the short duration of 1 calendar year.

Sandra Zupetz Lack of Relevancy

Sandra Zupetz fails to reflect any relevancy across social media platforms.

As we previously disclosed, the last time Sandra Zupetz used her Facebook was back in 2013 and her profile can be found under the name Sandy Zupetz.

Community Feedback

A good portion of the online community feels that is a scam.

Given the blatant lack of transparency regarding Kmkai we don’t find their conclusions to reside too far outside the realm of likely.

Is Trustworthy?

No, is NOT trustworthy. Scam Review – The Ruling

The discrepancies surrounding Kmkai are hard to overlook.

Due to their recent inception, lack of transparency and overall lack of consumer trustability we do not feel Kmkai should be a site that should be shopped.

Our two cents on the matter would be to utilize highly-trusted online marketplaces such as

Outcome: Kmkai CANNOT be Trusted!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight or feedback you may have below!

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  1. Fred

    Ordered a tent for 50.00. never received. Tracking said delivered to Columbia, SC. I’m in Michigan. Scam for sure. Come on PayPal, WTF

  2. Kelli

    They definitely are a scam, I paid for a swing set for 74.95 for my daughter , after it stated shipped in the info it stated that it was a small China package which was a red , then it was delivered to New Jersey…. I live in California and after opening a case with PayPal they decided to respond on the tenth day and it’s still currently under investigation. Ughhhh so frustrating, I want my 1 year old daughters birthday money back…. they need to be shut down!!!!!!

  3. Jess

    I wish I had seen this a month ago. I had the same experience others did where my item was shipped to the wrong address. I’ve put in a dispute through PayPal. I emailed the company many times. I just wish there was more I could do. This is so frustrating.

    • Marilynn Arrington

      I have contacted PayPal twice with the same issue with Kmkai but have heard nothing back from PayPal. Has anyone?

  4. Priscilla Noble

    I ordered a Hibachi Iron grill from them and it said it was delivered in Arizona. I live in Indiana. They provided a tracking # and in transit updates. Obviously all set up fake. I went through Pay Pal. I have filed a dispute with pay pal. This company is a fraud. I didn’t get a response of any kind from them. Do not order from them. If its too good to be true, It is!

  5. Lynn Doyle

    Bought a shower seat in May. Tracking info. says it will be delivered today in Illinois. I live in Texas. I too have been scammed. My lesson on this experience, don’t use Pay Pal. Use your credit card. At least I could have disputed the charge with my credit card company. I wish there was a way to get this company off the internet.

  6. Rachael

    Obviously just like everyone else I was scammed out of something for VBS . Luckily it was just $25 for a play tent . I contacted the better business bureau for online websites and obviously I contacted PayPal . Not sure if I’ll get my money back from PayPal. Has anyone else ? My question is how do we get this website taken down ? I’m not gonna stop until this website is deleted off the www. It’s not about the money at this point for me, it’s about the principle.

    • Amanda

      I contact PayPal and told them how scamming people and they gave me money back and also they’re scam team is looking into get them shut down

  7. RG

    Bought a Samsung SSD from this site. I live in Hawaii and something shipped to Colorado. Hopefully Paypal will provide a refund. Otherwise, fuck Paypal.

  8. Rango

    Wish I found this review before I made an order.

    I was looking around for a Pressure Canner but most go for $70.
    Came across one for $39.99.
    Thought this was a deal and it was late at night so I decided to buy it.

    They sent me a tracking number in my paypal receipt.
    Tracked the order all the way cause I was looking forward to receiving this canner.
    As soon as whatever they sent landed in the states.
    It was delivered to a different address, in a different state than mine.

    I didn’t hesitate to start a dispute with PayPal.
    They are looking into the transaction and told me the seller has 10 days to respond.
    Hopefully I can get a refund and learn from this mistake.

    I ended up buying a $70 pressure canner, cause I really needed it.
    Honestly if it sound to good to be true, it probably is.

  9. Teresa Hart

    this website needs to be stop it’s a scam .I wanted to buy a gravity chair for 74.94. I did call pay pal
    and nothing I al so went the del mare fair talked with the police and this is what they you have called
    the police department . I did called them they do not handle scams but they gave me the FBI number good luck or is it

  10. John

    I ordered a Sears Craftsman tool set for 69.99. I was given a tracking number. The package went 500 miles away. These folks are scammers. They steal tracking numbers from USPS, give them to the customers thinking their package is on the way. I contacted PayPal and they will deny your claim for a refund. Pisses me off that these thieves are getting away with.

    • Teresa Hart

      to : John
      I did the same thing but saw a gravity lounge chair it cost me $74.94 cents. Don’t
      Go to the police department they do not handle scams. Go to I did I am still
      waiting for answer. Pay pal is a scam too! I hope this help!

  11. April

    Same issue here. Ordered May 20, 2019– a weight vest. It said my package was delivered to Mineral Wells, TX two days ago. I live in California! I emailed the address via the paypal account, no luck. I emailed the address from the website. No luck. I finally had to dispute the charge with my credit card today and told them the situation. Hope it sticks, because I will keep disputing this fraudulence.

    • Jeffery Randall

      Yes unfortunately I ordered a Pro scooter on the 25 th and still haven’t received it I paid through PayPal and I’m gonna have to dispute this with them but it shows through my card the money came out of but on my PayPal activity

  12. Dalton Deck

    scam. when I went to the post office they said the address was never supposed to go to where I live.

  13. Jessica

    I placed an order with them on May 25th. I received an email saying my order has been shipped and it gave me a tracking number. When I type the tracking number into it says that my package is being processed in a facility in China. what should i do? should i contact my credit card company?

    • Zsolt Beck

      Unfortunately for me , i found the reviews too late.
      I ordered a roof rack to my car , 30$ Cheaper . Why not.
      Of course they delivered something to Texas, meantime i live in New York.
      No costumer service, no email answering , nothing .
      Nothing else just a cheap scam.
      I’m trying to dispute the charge from my credit card , i hoping to get my money back.
      Stay away from this whatever company or scam artist like this .

  14. DM

    This websit is 100% a scam. They took Sandy Zupetz identity. Do not purchase from here!

  15. Tony Baggett

    kmkai is a total scam. i paid for a minibike. i knew i had been scammed when usps said my package weighed 1.3 ounces. ive reported them to go daddy to get them kicked off of the sight,maricopa county sheriffs office. they have no contact number and they will not answer emails

    • Lori

      I purchased an adult tricycle on May 1, 2019. I got the some result, the package weight was considered “small package”. I contacted Sandy Zupetz SERVERAL times. No answer. It is now June 1, 2019. I contacted Paypal and they said my payment was protected, so I’m going to file a claim RIGHT NOW!

  16. Eddie

    I also bought the paddleboat for 75 bucks. I actually have a USPS tracking number. As of about 4 days ago it is now in transit from Shanghai. I’m anxious to see what I receive, if I receive anything. But really Usps is going to deliver me at paddleboat? Lol. I will keep you posted whenever I receive whatever they are sending me.

    • Jennifer

      You will not receive anything…your tracking number is for some other item that will be delivered to some other address NOT YOURS! They steal tracking numbers so you can track a package that is not even yours! It just stated that my order was delivered today to a doorstep in CA and I’m in NY! Total false hope all week long! What terrible people to do such a thing! 100% scam

      • Eddie

        You are correct my order shipped to Mount Carmel Illinois and I am in North Carolina put out a dispute with PayPal will let you know how that goes

        • Eddie

          Well after 10 days PayPal refunded my money and they’re already shutting them down

  17. Chad Stephens

    Total scam , I can’t even get a return email or shipping notifications

  18. Eri

    It’s a Scam. Please don’t buy on KMKAI. I’m trying to dispute my charge with PayPal. Hope to get my money back

  19. Hay Chem

    Thank you all for this reviews.
    I found 28′ ladder, which is least price $220, but KMKAI.COM have it for only $69.99 and shipping only $4.95. I asked myself, how come more or less 50 lb ladder shipping cost only $4.95. After that I search reviews and found this site with all feedback.
    Thanks again.

    • Marilynn Arrington

      Just to add, I found that when I searched their site for something they advertised, the search revealed nothing. So sickening to get scammed, but my bad for not researching.

  20. Teresa Hart

    I too got scam by this paypal did not help me at all so pay pal is scam too.I amgoing back to my bank and ask reverse and block the all scam from
    from over payment from my bank

  21. Chauntelle A Russell

    I bought a wicked edge knife sharpener from there on May 23, 2019. I have not received it as of yet. The site also says “processing” under the action tab. Its a scam. Calling my bank tomorrow to have the transaction reversed.

  22. Brooke

    I just tried to purchase a paddle board through Kmkai and they charged my card three times. I immediately called my bank to have my card stopped. Thankfully they were able to buy unfortunately the charges already processed through. Now it’s a waiting game to see if I receive any of the three boards.

  23. Axel

    They offer a GPS fishfinder combo for $69.99 – an item that you can’t find used for under $100 on ebay. Even refurbished without transducer you pay at least $150. This stinks to high heaven. However, it could be that the site got hacked and those are parasite sites. Nevertheless – a big NO!

  24. Zen Rimpoche

    Through a Google search for “adult tricycle” I was referred to for this product:
    Schwinn Meridian Full Size Adult Tricycle 26 wheel size Bike Trike
    This is an insanely unrealistic price, but for the heck of it I tried to buy one on their site. The checkout indicated that the total would be $74.94, including $4.95 shipping (Seriously, for a heavy bicycle?)
    When I tired to check out, I couldn’t reach a payment form, there was absolutely no way to check out.
    The interesting thing I noticed is that although the product I wanted showed up at kmkai in a Google search, a search of the site does not show the product.
    When it seems too good to be true……

    • Jeanette C Peck

      Unfortunately, I did order this tricycle and paid through PayPal.
      I received a tracking number from USPS but it tells me it was delivered today in Wyoming – I live in Florida!!!
      I contacted USPS they said they delivered to the address on the label and I needed to contact the sender as it was not their problem.
      I have put a dispute in with PayPal but I doubt I will see a tricycle or a refund…
      Also the package was marked as clothes according to USPS…
      It’s a scam!!

    • Lori

      I offered this too. I am filling a claim with PayPal. I ordered over s month ago and no responses to anything. Just a tracking number that Says “small packet”

      • Yasiel Vives

        I bought a mini bike for 69.99. They sent me a tracking number, package was sent to the wrong address. Turns out it wasn’t even coming in the first place. Its scam. Hope they do some time .

  25. Michelle

    Go ahead try to place an order. Attempted to order two sewing machines @ 69.99/ea (normally ~200/ea elsewhere), click on checkout. A screen pops up, informing the buyer that the order cannot exceed $75… WTF! Going elsewhere to shop.

    • Marilynn Arrington

      Amazing the number of products they purportedly sell that suddenly pop up, making me think they can read my mind, or my texts for that matter. After discussing bicycles in a text with my daughter I suddenly see they are selling bicycles! In addition to writing to Sandra twice through the company (???) website, I wrote to, an address shown both on my order on their website and at PayPal, which I used to pay. Credit card company said call back after June 5 if I haven’t received item. Oh, and BTW, my order shows gift card/coupon, neither of which I used. I noticed some Chinese writing somewhere during my quest.

    • toni l baggett

      amazing how the number 69.99 always pops up. i reported them to paypal is probably why you couldnt check out.

      • Eva

        I noticed that price, too!
        I was interested in a yoga swing stand that usually retails for ~$300. Here $69.99.
        When your gut tells you something’s wrong, listen to it!

  26. Marilynn Arrington

    I placed an order with Kmkai May 20 for IBgard at a great price. No updates received, and website still says “Processing,” entered May 21. No response to two emails I sent to Sandra Zupetz, their contact online. Why did I not investigate this company first???

  27. William

    Why didn’t you try buying anything from them? The least a person investigating whether a store scams people or not is to attempt to get scammed. If you did it would back up your claim, if not then you would have more research to do. This is an awful site review.

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