Legendary Marketers Review – I Didn’t Know It Cost That Much!!

David Sharpe is known as the creator behind Legendary Marketers.

Legendary Marketers, hosted at LegendaryMarketers.com, is an online program aimed towards providing valuable insight for effective internet marketing.

By offering a wide range of educational online courses and live events, Legendary Marketers is geared towards equipping everyday consumers with the insight and resources required to become financially independent through online employment.

Whether you can actually trust David Sharpe and Legendary Marketers is a subject that we will discuss with emphasis throughout the duration of our unbiased review.

With that knowledge in mind let’s go ahead and continue onward.

What is Legendary Marketers?

So what’s the point of Legendary Marketers?

The purpose behind Legendary Marketers would be to accrue as much revenue as possible when it comes down to it.

What the creators and affiliates behind Legendary Marketers don’t want you to know would be that their educational platform possesses an undesirable volume of up-sells.

While we find $30 per month not to be an outlandish exchange for the automated services rendered by Legendary Marketers, what we don’t particularly care for would be their outrageous up-sells.

While their systems is accompanied with an annual starting price tag between $360 to $400, Legendary Marketers has up-sells that can range upwards to $60,000 when it is all said and done.

Certainly a financial detail that they don’t make well aware to you until you are committed beyond the point of no return.

So how is Legendary Marketers marketed?

Legendary Marketers in promoted in a similar fashion with operations that revolve around the principles of affiliate marketing.

Compared to most competing affiliate based networks, Legendary Marketers does not technically function as a MLM operation because it does not possess varying levels of commissions.

Instead it functions similarly to operations such as Digital Altitude which are now being sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for functioning more along the lines of a pyramid scheme.

One investment program known as MOBE (My Own Business Education) is a similar program, requiring ridiculously high up-sells that will dent your checking account upwards to $30,000.

How does Legendary Marketers Work?

Legendary Marketers works similar to other affiliate based business models.

Meaning that in return for being able to use their state-of-the-art programs and resources, you’ll be able to secure financial freedom as a result, or atleast that is how it is perceived.

You see, among one of the first measures we exercise to gauge the legitimacy of a particular service provider would be to weigh the legitimacy of relevant community feedback.

As with most affiliate compensating programs, Legendary Marketers offers a beyond handsome compensation package with substantial affiliate commissions.

As a result, many online blogs will go on to endorse Legendary Marketers due to their fat commission checks.

While their platform may not be the most legitimate, most affiliate don’t care since the paycheck for a one-time deposit is well worth the credibility hit in their mind.

Sad to say the least, but it is true.

Just Google “Legendary Marketers review,” or “is Legendary Marketers a scam,” and you’ll see for yourself the top results appear in the form of desperate blog entries that firmly support Legendary Marketers.


Legendary Marketers Club ($30/month)

  • Learn fundamentals of online marketing
  • Learn about Facebook Ads and YouTube
  • Weekly webinars for various internet marketing topics
  • Lead Generation, Facebook Fan Page marketing strategies

Traffic Rolodex ($47)

  • Learn about traffic generation channels
  • Training and resource guide for funneling traffic
  • Learn how to create different and powerful landing pages

Invisible Influencer ($997)

  • Lead generation insight
  • Includes Legendary Marketer Club
  • Lead sales and Facebook Advertisements
  • Learn how to build a Fan page for Facebook and Instagram

Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500)

  • Profitability Guide
  • Story telling module
  • Attraction Code Module
  • Master of Enrollment Course

Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5,000)

  • How to build your brand
  • Learn how to out-perform your competition
  • Learn how to become a leader in your speciality

Legendary Marketers Mastermind ($8,000)

  • 3-Day in person mastermind event
  • Digital products are reflected at a higher price tag
  • Shifts more from virtual based incentives to tangible based events

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000)

  • 3-Day live mastermind event
  • Receive access to Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event

Legendary Lifestyle Experience ($30,000)

  • Most perks of other available programs.
  • Exclusive out of country mentoring event
  • Eligible for 1 year coaching with David Sharpe

All-in-all the cumulative value adds up to a price tag near $58,000!!!

Domain Insight

LegendaryMarketers.com was an openly registered domain by the entity Monopilize on August 12th, 2014 through the GoDaddy domain registry.

According to SimilarWeb, LegendaryMarketers.com does not possess a wide user base and reflects such a meager quantity of monthly visitors that it doesn’t even possess a web ranking amongst market intelligence sites.

Given this crucial insight it is apparent that Legendary Marketers is not composed of a vast network of active operators as they wish for you to believe.

Community Feedback

One of the most frustrating issues regarding Legendary Marketers would be when it comes to trying to gauge the quality of the operation.

You see, unlike most of the operations that we review, Legendary Marketers possesses a strong network of affiliate marketers who positively and aggressively promote their platform.

As a result, most search queries conducted across search engines reveal one-sided reviews regarding the true legitimacy of Legendary Marketers.

As a result, we have taken the liberty of eradicating community consensus as a legitimacy factor in this review until more verifiable feedback can be brought to light.

Is Legendary Marketers a Hoax?

Legendary Marketers may not be a hoax but they don’t offer the most trustworthy platform either.

Given the peculiar and unverifiable nature regarding Legendary Marketers we do not feel their platform is the most trustworthy venture to become actively involved with.

Legendary Marketers Review Conclusion

Legendary Marketers looks really good when it comes down to it.

But looks can be deceiving as we all know.

Reflecting nothing but positive reviews, it is almost as if Legendary Marketers is too good to be true.

Given the lack of transparent and verifiable relevant consumer feedback we solely advise consumers to use Legendary Marketers at their own risk.

We invite you to share your experiences, opinions or any feedback you may have by leaving a comment below!


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