Explore Talent Review – Possible Scam Venture?

Can Explore Talent really help you snag that acting gig you’ve been trying to land?

Or is their virtual platform just another well concealed scam meant to mislead consumers out of their hard-earned money?

These are a couple of the questions that we will be addressing throughout the duration of our unbiased review.

To find out more intel regarding Explore Talent along with what past Explore Talent users are saying we invite you to continue reading on our review!

What is Explore Talent?

Explore Talent is a virtual employment medium used for actors, models, musicians, dancers and production crew.

Claiming to have become the Internet’s largest audition, job and casting resource, Explore Talent allegedly has over 20,000 monthly auditions, castings, and production jobs listed.

Launched in 2003, Explore Talent has been rendering their services for the past 15 years.

To date, Explore Talent has supported over 8.5 millions members, or so they say.

It should be noted that Explore Talent is not a free outlet, but instead a platform that is allegedly dedicated to their users by rendering paid services.

While over 73% of the sites traffic is derived stationed viewers, Explore Talent provides global services although they are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is Explore Talents address according to the Better Business Bureau:
3395 S Jones Blvd #15, Las Vegas, Nevada.

How does Explore Talent Work?

Explore Talent is most commonly used by those seeking employment within the entertainment industry, however, it is also relied upon by employers.

Questions To Ponder

Are you looking to gain employment exposure?

Are you seeking talent to hire for your latest production?

Or are you simply trying to add employment history to your resume?

These are questions oftentimes lingering in the back of people’s mind by those who are considering Explore Talent.

While we can’t deny that it appears that using their platform could enable you to receive increased employment exposure, there are a couple of alternatives that you should consider prior to utilizing a paid service platform like Explore Talent.

Such as do you have a LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is perhaps the largest social network specially designed for career and business professionals to connect.

Many college graduates among everyday working professionals have and continue to rely upon LinkedIn for their professional needs.

Another alternative one could consider would be social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to organically build a medium of influence, positive exposure and increased employment opportunities.

Explore Talent Costs

    • 1 month Pro Subscription – $39.73/month
    • 3 month Pro Subscription   – $33.23/month (Billed in 1 prepayment of $99.73)
    • 6 month Pro Subscription   – $31.45/month (Billed in 1 prepayment of $188.73)
    • 12 month Pro Subscription – $24.05/month (Billed in 1 prepayment of $288.73)
    • 24 month Pro Subscription – $19.79/month (Billed in 1 prepayment of $475.00)
    • 36 month Pro Subscription – $15.97/month (Billed in 1 prepayment of $575.00)

These subscriptions are based on a reoccurring payment and must be cancelled prior to your next service date.

In addition, these subscription plans become available after a 7 day free trial with Explore Talent.

For refunds consumers can call (702) 553 – 2700 between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

Community Feedback

Matters become more complicated regarding the legitimacy of Explore Talent due to a wide pool of controversial feedback.

For starters, the Better Business Bureau has received 50 user complaints regarding Explore Talent over the past 3 years. Of those 50 complaints, only 7 have been closed.

While we may not be a mathematician, it is obvious that their resolution percentage is poor and needs addressing.

Furthermore, consumer review portals such as SiteJabber go on to highlight the general community feeling towards Explore Talent.

Reflecting a 3 out of 5 star rating out of 206 reviews, Explore Talent has only survived due to the vastness of their operation and their historical long-standing.

Here are some of the most recent reviews we found at SiteJabber:

“Let’s think about this people…..If you have to give a talent agent money to get a job…it’s a scam! They sent me to text messages. Both were asking me for $300 and $250. Then I’d get the details on the job. Plus, I’d get an agent”

“Big waste of time! Took 188 dollars and nothing happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“They are a SCAM, TOOK MY MONEY AND THEN NEVER PICKED UP THE PHONE,,,,,,,,, EVER!!!!!!!!! I!TS BULL$#*!! was on the phone waiting for help and support and after 2 hours they said they would call me back some other day!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!”

Other consumers go on to say that Explore Talent was a horrible experience, that they suffered financial losses along with minimum to no services rendered.

Domain Insight

ExploreTalent.com was a privately acquired domain that was registered on June 11th, 2003.

According to SimilarWeb, ExploreTalent.com reflects a global rank of 113,891 with a US rank of 25,985 as of November 14th, 2018.

Currently their domain supports over half a million monthly visitors while their site is ranked 424th amongst the business and industry categorial niche.

Is Explore Talent Trustworthy?

Despite Explore Talent’s reputable web rankings and longevity, we do not feel that their platform is trustworthy due to relevant past users reviews.

Having received 50 complaints at the Better Business Bureau combined with the overall consensus of community feedback and it becomes obvious that we don’t find Explore Talent as a trustworthy employment medium.

Explore Talent Review Conclusion

Explore Talent could provide a valuable service and may be the perfect employment medium for you but given the information disclosed above we only encourage job seekers and employers to pursue and utilize Explore Talent as their own risk.

Given their 15 years of active business and the scale of Explore Talent we cannot unbiasedly say that their operation is a scam but we certainly do feel that they have much room for improvement.

Our advice on the matter would be to make sure you are really maximizing the free social media outlets you have available to you.

Get creative with content development with social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and you’d be amazed how much employment exposure you can receive.

After all, Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube.

In all seriousness though, after you have started cultivating your social media channels then you can become more professional by creating a free LinkedIn account.

Maximize the avenues you have readily available you and you can set yourself up for success better than Explore Talent likely ever could.

With this in mind we are going to bring our review to a close, if you have a personal experience with Explore Talent we ask that you please share it below.

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have in a comment below!


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