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PrTo, hosted at, is an interesting online earning opportunity that is structured as a passive and semi-active stream of income. Overall the transparency of PrTO is questionable and made us suspicious as to whether or not this online earning opportunity was legitimate. As you will learn through the course of our factual review, PrTO is NOT legit and is a scam!

What is

PrTO is defined as a first integrated partner program for operations with the foreign exchange market, exchange platforms and option investing. While there are multiple references on the site that they will fund your account with $100 automatically, there are contingencies set forth by the operators of this brokerage that must be met prior to being able to withdrawal those funds.

Conditions such as placing a minimum of 20 investments while generating an “x” amount of trade volume. Ultimately what happens is that investors who wish to have access to those funds must deposit their own money into the platform on top of fulfilling their bonus policy contingencies that range from trader to trader.

Whether or not investors have much control over their day trading activities we are uncertain due to no active trading platform being integrated on their site. Furthermore, does not appear to be regulated or licensed by any regulatory agency which is a detrimental disadvantage for investors.

Who is Behind PrTo?

The credibility of is severely wounded when it comes to failing to disclose any ownership or active operator information behind their operation. No reference to a corporate or sole proprietary entity was found in their FAQ, Terms, About Us or Privacy pages. Search queries conducted on search engines failed to churn up any identifying information while WHOIS domain reports were equally as unhelpful.

Deposits & Withdrawals

According to their FAQ, day traders who invest with PrTO have no control over when they are able to conduct withdrawals since automatically appears to bill them once a month. To add to the shadiness of PrTO they only accept mostly anonymous forms of payment such as Skrill, Visa Electron, PayPal, Amazon, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney and OKPay.

Referral Program

How an investors funds are managed and invested are beyond us since PrTO fails to provide any insight into those crucial business elements. Whether they invest short-term options, stock or currency pair options, indices or commodities we are unsure. Which leaves the only verifiable source of income from those who deposit into

According to their FAQ, if you want to maximize your earning potential you can use their referral system to receive up to 30% of a referrals income as well as $0.50 for each new participant. While 30% rev share income for new referrals is quite competitive it goes to show that more emphasis is based upon recruiting new members opposed to solidifying their own operations and making their platform more legitimate.

Domain Insight is a privately registered domain that was recently created on July 3rd, 2018 through the Private Person organization. The alleged entity on file for the domain is Nikolaj Kutnyak, which we cannot verify as existing.

As of August 10th, 2018, reflects a SimiliarWeb global rank of 76,980 with a US rank of 30,713. Approximately 39.69% of their traffic is derived from US residing visitors while nearly 18% of their traffic originates from referral and social media based sources.

Question Mark & Red Flags


PrTO World Analytic Program does not appear to be owned or operated by a verifiable corporate entity. According to their Terms and Conditions, implies that their operate as their sole entity while they fail to accept any financial responsibility for any losses you may incur while utilizing their platform.

Shady Business Model

PrTO does not disclose a verifiable source of income anywhere on their site. This leaves the only verifiable stream of income from new members who decide to commit with their program. While their site goes on to mention “binary options” and “trading platforms” no verifiable evidence or answer to how PrTO is allegedly going to make you money is ever shared.

Community Consensus

If you take the time to conduct some external investigations into you may be shocked by how the community consensus regarding this online earning opportunity is mostly negative and classified as an online scam.

Is PrTo Legit or a Scam?

When it comes to gathering an accurate read regarding the legitimacy of online earning opportunities it is imperative that you answer 3 major questions prior to committing. First and foremost would be does the site disclose verifiable ownership information with a transparent history?

Second and thirdly would be whether or not PrTO shares evidence of relevant income generated and what is the overall verdict reflected by community feedback? If proof of income could be verified along with much better community feedback then PrTO may be able to pass by as legit but unfortunately they are not a trustworthy platform and are likely a scam. Review Conclusion

We’ve investigated and reviewed the legitimacy of hundreds of online earning opportunities throughout our 5 years in the day trading industry. Given the majority of online earning opportunities are nothing more than misleading scams, it does pay off knowing where to learn about legitimate earning opportunities.

We invite you to share any experiences or insight you may have regarding in a comment below!


  1. judith valero

    buen dia…xfa quien me ayuda …tengo urgencias económicas soy de Venezuela…en que pág puedo trabajar que sea confiable…urg…

  2. Walter Barzola

    Hola estoy trabajando hace un mes en estas paginas ya que son 8 lo cual me llamo la atencion lo facil que era ganar dinero y pregunto a mi patrocinante algunas cuestiones y nuncs me contesto ahora estoy esperando el pago y. Vi que mis mensajes a soporte nunca fueron contestados y me gustaria sabet si las empresas chinas y bancos de esta plataforma sabe de esta movida ya que no creo que esten enterados de como dejan visto a estas entidades y me gustaria recalcar esto como un fraude.desdr ya muchas gracias

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