Review: Discount Lego Toy Scam Site

Do NOT Buy Legos from LegoSN until you read this honest review!

Operating with absolutely no transparency and utmost anonymity, LegoSN is on the chopping block in regards to their trustability and legitimacy.

We’ve encountered dozens of fake lego toy scam sites in the past, the aim of this investigative review is to discover if LegoSN deviates from similar scam sites.

To learn about the red flags we unearthed regarding the LegoSN Scam we invite you continue reading onward.

About LegoSN

LegoSN is structured as a minimalistic retail site.

Meaning that there isn’t a whole lot going on with their site.

Immediately upon landing at, we are bombarded with promotions such as:

“Super Sale”

“Limited Time”

“Christmas Special Sale”

“Disc up to 80%”

These promotions may sound spectacular to most (remember that is why they are there to begin with) but all-in-all they are just empty promotions meant to make you more likely to conduct a transaction on their site.

Every item featured at appear in the form of Lego sets.

These lego sets are all discounted and appear to be on sale.

Lego sets once retailing for $183.68 and $360.85 can be found marked down to $36.75 and $72.17.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Contacting LegoSN

LegoSN does not share a physical address, email address or telephone number.

No contact or identifying information is disclosed at their site.

A contact submission form can be found on their Contact Us page but we are no closer too discovering an entity who is taking responsibility for LegoSN.

According to the sites Terms and Conditions, is operating on their own accord.

Now tell us, which retail sites (that you’ve purchased goods from the past) have you used that was operating with intentional anonymity?

Probably none…

Amazon, eBay, DHGate, Walmart, etc are transparenct retail entities.

The most likely reason why LegoSN is concealing their information would be because what they are doing is shady, potentially against the law and they don’t want to be held liable for THEIR own site.

Payments, Shipping & Exchanges

LegoSN states that they provide fast transport to more than A hundred countries.

Processing time are estimated to take up to 48 hours.

Allegedly all orders will come with a tracking link.

Many fraudulent retail sites have resorted to stealing tracking numbers from shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEX, Royal Mail and USPS to pawn them off as their own purchase orders when in reality those stolen tracking numbers have NOTHING to do with your order, whether LegoSN is employing these practices we are uncertain.

Cancellations of orders will result in a 25% cancellation fee.

Returns must be sent back within 8 days of receipt date (you may not have even received your product by then).

No physical address for returns or exchanges are disclosed.

Site Analysis was created only 9 days ago on November 3rd, 2019.

According to the WHOIS report, was privately registered by an entity based out of Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Scams similar to LegoSN have relied heavily upon misleading advertisement campaigns conducted through social media networks and web-based searches, we suspect LegoSN will likely be employing similar parameters.

Red Flags

  1. No contact information
  2. No identifying information
  3. Shipping Policy is incomplete
  4. No consumer reviews can be found
  5. LegoSN operates with blatant anonymity
  6. Reflects a too good to be true atmosphere
  7. Multiple spelling errors littered throughout site

Is a Trustworthy Retailer?

Given the multitude of red flags we do not believe to be trustworthy.

LegoSN Scam Review

LegoSN lacks the transparency required to be considered a trustworthy online retailer.

The operators behind LegoSN intentionally conceal any identifying information while failing to provide something as simple as an email address for consumers to reach out.

Sure they have a contact submission form but whether that is set up with a real email account is an entirely different story, and one we don’t care to further pursue.

We have already found the hard truths regarding LegoSN and the evidence speaks for itself, LegoSN cannot be trusted.

Have you been scammed by LegoSN?

Feel free to share any insight, experience or feedback you may have!


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