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LuLaRoe, hosted at, is an online marketplace that supports a select assortment of consumer clothing goods for men, women and children.

LuLaRoe was once considered deemed a relatively popular online retailer but on January 25th, 2019 AG Ferguson announced a lawsuit against LuLaRoe.

To find out more regarding the contents of this lawsuit and WHY you should avoid, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe presents their site as a trendy, independent retailer that aims to appeal to consumers who like to stay hip, up-to-date all while shopping without burning a hole in your wallet.

Among the category of consumers goods supported would be apparel items for men and children while the bulk of the inventory fall under the selection of woman goods.

However, LuLaRoe wasn’t structured as a traditional online retailer.

Instead, to purchase any inventory through LuLaRoe, you have to enroll through their site and join their multi-level marketing business.

The “on boarding” fees just to join LuLaRoe alone range, on average, from $2,000 to $9,000.

Whichever way a consumer distributes or manages LuLaRoe inventory after joining is up for them to decide, although you are encouraged to sell more, obviously.

Who is Behind LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe, Inc. is the company behind

According to the Better Business Bureau, LuLaRoe reflected a physical address of 830 E. Parkridge Ave, Corona, CA 92879-6611 along with the telephone number (951) 737-7875.

During the time of writing this review, LuLaRoe had 569 complaints filed at the BBB over the past 3 years while out of over 750 customer reviews LuLaRoe scraped just above a 3 out of 5 star rating.

The physical address of the LuLaRoe Home Office according to is as followed:

4160 Temescal Canyon Road, Suite 607, Corona, CA 92883 Reviews

The overall community census regarding the legitimacy of LuLaRoe is not positive.

Most review portals, for instance, go on to report that LuLaRoe is likely a scam while past employees who were employed with LuLaRoe go on to share negative experiences.

Shared at GlassDoor are a couple past employee experiences:

“LuLaRoe is a Scam!”

“It seemed a lot better than it was.”

You can find more LuLaRoe reviews at Reddit.

LuLaRoe Complaints

The complaints plaguing LuLaRoe greatly outnumber the positive experiences.

Many consumers have loss thousands of dollars to LuLaRoe just for paying their ridiculously overpriced ‘onboarding fees.’

Let’s not forget, LuLaRoe and several of its “home office” executives are being sued for possibly being a pyramid scheme by the Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

You can learn more about the AG Ferguson Sues LuLaRoe Over Pyramid Scheme.

Is Trustworthy?

Given the information disclosed throughout our honest review, we believe it goes without saying that LuLaRoe is not trustworthy.

LuLaRoe Scam Review

LuLaRoe once appeared to be a professional operation that aided consumers from all walks of life but has experienced a drastic decline due to their shady business model.

Being sued for being a potential Pyramid Scheme, our only advice on the matter in regards to would be to avoid them as a whole.

Outcome: LuLaRoe cannot be Trusted!

Blacklisted Site:

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