Avoid the Deceptive Live Antenna Scams!

For the past decade it hasn’t been an uncommon occurrence for consumers to fall victim to what are referred to as live antenna scams.

Live antenna scams are misleading consumer opportunities that will allegedly enable a consumer to pick up free cable television programs oftentimes in exchange for a one-time transaction.

While these live antenna scams may vary greatly from one another, the common denominator linked between both would be that consumers can receive most of the same channels televised through cable television but at a cheaper cost.

To find out more regarding live antenna scams, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What are Live Antenna Scams?

Live antenna scams vary in shape, size and severity.

Oftentimes these live antennas are marketed under the impression that consumers can receive free, oftentimes HDTV, televised channels over the air for free.

All consumers have to do is purchase a live antenna, install then watch, or so they say.

The problem with the majority of live antenna launches would be that they are bait-and-switch scams or that they simply just don’t work.

Depending upon the entity you are dealing with, live antennas may be available for purchase for $5 and can range upwards to $250.

Notorious Live Antenna Scams

As we briefly touched upon earlier, live antenna scams aren’t necessarily the new kids of the block and have been around for quite some time.

Among one of the most notorious live antenna scams would be Clear Cast, which was launched back in 2011 as the live antenna scam that got ‘rid of cable and satellite tv bills.’

Those who fell in the victim wake of Clear Cast, which was many, dished out upwards to $50 and received nothing more than a customized bow-tie antenna which barely received UFH TV stations.

Today, LiveWave (getlivewaveantenna.com) is the live antenna scam to be on the watch for after consumers have reported losing hundreds of dollars to this service provider.

Live Antenna Reviews

Most consumer reviews regarding live antennas end up with the assertion that the entity is a scam or that they are not worth the money.

StopTheCap, for instance, possesses a solid pool of community feedback regarding live antenna scams, some of which can be found below:

“Have been trying to return this junk and get my refund of $100+ for months, finally had chat with technician, told him situation, he sent me to next person to resolve the situation. Here is the next scam that came from him, they want me to pay$5.00 to talk with them and give them a credit card and then there will be a monthly fee. I was stupid once, but I am not about to give them my credit card so I can talk with them.”

“Please tell me who I need to contact yo file a complaint against this company and how to get my money back— they have scammed me for $123.81 and now say they are only giving me back $24! Their stuff is trash, the orders are not fillled with what you order, items are missing, the product does not do what it says, the product is not the product in the picture you order from! Bait and switch, scamming, and theft of money— who do I contact?”

“The livewave ‘antenna’ is a total scam, too!”

It should be noted that live antennas can ONLY pick up freely televised shows.

Since cable companies do not broadcast their televised signals over the air (they send signals through cables), you should not expect any Live Antennas to be able to pick up televised cable shows.

Are Live Antennas Legit?

There are a couple reports of live antennas working in select demographics but as a whole live antennas are classified as not legitimate because most live antenna entities fail to deliver up on their promises – while many fail to render a refund back as well.

Live Antenna Scam Conclusion

Before you commit with any live antenna opportunity, make sure to conduct thorough research before shelling out your hard-earned money.

Sadly, the majority of consumers who fall victim to live antenna scams not only receive an antenna of little value but oftentimes hardly see their money back.

There are countless reports of consumers being swindled out of hundreds of dollars across the web from live antenna scams such as the LiveWave antenna scam going around.

If you are seeking other options apart from cable television, then maybe consider streaming providers such as Hulu, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Vudu, etc.

Outcome: Avoid Live Antenna Scams!

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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