Nine9 Scam Review – Why Some Claim It’s a Scam!

There is quite a bit of uproar and confusion surrounding what is being pegged as the Nine9 Scam.

Nine9 The Unagency, hosted at, is a talent agency company that aims to provide the tools and resources needed for aspiring talent to find success.

Launched in 2003, Nine9 once reflected a positive track record but as the years as rolled onward those once positive reviews have turned into bold accusations by many.

To learn more regarding the legitimacy of Nine9 and WHY others believe Nine9 to be a scam, we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is Nine9?

Nine9 is a talent-seeking agency that provides opportunities ranging from television and film to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional castings, gigs, and more.

Based out of Michigan, Nine9 has groomed their talent agency over the past 15 years and states that they will continue to operate in major markets nationwide including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Detroit (Corporate) along with Los Angeles and New York.

It should be noted that Nine9 is not a casting company, but a talent agency.

Meaning that casting companies are hired by production companies to cast talent for films, commercials, music videos, runway show or print ad.

By auditing or booking a talent, a casting company finds the best suited talent for a specific role.

Whereas an agency (such as Nine9) acts as a representative on behalf of the model, personality or actor.

Who is Behind Nine9?

Nine9 is the corporate entity behind

According to the Better Business Bureau, Nine9 reflected a D BBB rating while amassing 86 complaints over the past 3 years.

Headquarters Location

30850 Telegraph Rd Ste 200
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4551

Telephone: (248) 220-6527

At, Nine9 offers a contact submission form, the telephone number (800) 989-1490 for talent services along with the email address as their available contact methods.

Nine9 Reviews

The feedback surrounding Nine9 as a whole is not well.

In the past, Nine9 tend to receive pretty good user reviews.

However, over the past couple of years the tonality and overall consensus of user reviews have changed drastically.

Take for instance some of troubling experiences shared at the Better Business Bureau:

“I got scammed by Nine9 agency…Looking online, I discovered a lot of videos and comments on the company and how they were scamming people into making them believe they would send them to casting and have them auditioned for movie roles and modelling jobs when they actually don’t to anything.”

“I have requested that this company stop contacting me over and over again. Yet, I continue to get both texts and phone calls from them. Sometimes, the last few digits of the number are changed, but the message is the same.”

“This company tricks people into spending $499 on professional headshots and then takes a few “temporary” DSLR photos and never actually schedules the real photoshoot. This is a complete scam and they won’t give my money back when all they did was take a few photos of me and charge me $39 to use their “website services” which just list dead-end modeling and acting gigs.”

Two main complaints pop-up in regards to Nine9.

The first being that consumers were scammed out of hundreds of dollars while the second being that the agency won’t stop trying to contact users.

Nine9 Complaints

Complaints against Nine9 is a list that has been growing feverishly over the past couple of years.

According to GlassDoor, Nine9 reflected a 3.3 out of 5 star rating while some past employees go as far as claiming that ‘Nine9 is a scam.’


“You basically work lots of free hours. Its hourly vs commission. My check has been $350 for 2 full weeks before and I worked 80 hours.”

“I have been working at Nine9 part-time.. Place is a scam”

More complaints regarding Nine9 can be found at Yelp.

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On average the site supports over well over 100,000 monthly site visits while nearly 20% of their traffic is referral based.

Is Nine9 Trustworthy?

In the past it seemed that Nine9 was a reputable talent agency but given the excessive volume of negative reviews and complaints regarding Nine9 over the past couple of years, we don’t believe them to be the most trustworthy talent agency available.

Nine9 Review Conclusion

Nine9 is a talent agency that may be able to find you find a casting opportunity for a variety of talent-inspired projects.

However, given the negative remarks pending against Nine9 The Unagency, we believe that there are better alternatives available for the time being.

Outcome: Nine9 should be pursued at OWN Risk!

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Anonymous

    The misrepresentation that I felt was how they were gathering potential clients. There was a Facebook post on a local film site looking to fill auditions for a short film. It listed the roles and descriptions, along with an email, if interested. It wasn’t for an audition. It ended up being a zoom presentation where you expressed interest in areas and they’ll help you get going with your career. No mention of that film role. I felt a tad misled.
    I’m sure they do what they say if you put in the work. I just didn’t care for the method of attracting potential talent.

  2. Kenneth Pollan

    They promised assistance in a portfolio, interviews, opportunities to be in productions. They did nothing of the kind.
    They took 538 dollars, 100 for a portfolio and 39.99 dollars a month that did not happen.
    They keep requesting a meeting, open call’ that I have been to 6 times. They get more money from more people but no opportunities at all. I have requested that they either assist or desist but they don’t answer. Called Mary and Jason today, they were rude and refused to give a refund .
    This place is a scam, don’t give them anything .

  3. Marcus

    Sign up fee was $150…Im in the Chicago area….but I got charged a SECOND time for $199 from Nine9 Troy in Detroit…I never been to Detroit or asked for any services from them. They got me

  4. Dennis Kien

    Certainly never misrepresented anything to me. They did not promise anything they didn’t do. They can’t give you a distinctive look or attractive look. That can’t change your attitude.
    They can’t make you talented. They don’t give you skills.
    YOU have to do all the work in this endeavor. They only HELP you.
    Help you get started. Help you with you pictures that you must have. Help you navigate the internet in searching for auditions and gigs.
    The industry is full of want to be types with no talent and no real desire to do the WORK.
    The industry is full of clueless people who don’t read instructions or follow directions.
    Even more hopeful types with too many other things going on in their life, not realizing you need to be available. ….that is TIME and MONEY as well.
    Like it or not, right or wrong, it is a fact,of life.
    I have found this company and it’s employees to be a very great asset to my aspirations of acting.
    They don’t tall everyone you are beautiful and talented we can make you a star.
    Sure their advertising includes some famous or well known television shows or movie directors, because it is true. They are connected in that way, it is up to YOU to make this happen.
    Thier classes and meet and greet sessions are worth the 40.00 per month alone, not to mention the website photos, resume, and search features.
    The photo shoot is a bargain as they provide hair, makeup and wardrobe help. Try to get that enthusiasm from a photographer studio……and if you can… much?
    I have little to no doubt the majority of these complaints are not legitimate.
    Buyers remorse, quitters, not 100 percent committed.

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