Money Calendar Pro Review – Ripoff or Legit?

Money Calendar Pro ( provides investment services through an editorial platform that was created on January 17th, 2017 and is overseen by Money Map Press, LLC.

What is Money Calendar Pro?

Money Calendar Pro is a membership based investment service that is overseen by an entity known as Tom Gentile. Providing enrolled members with investment suggestions, Money Calendar Pro provides educational training videos, email bulletins along with access to a secondary service that is responsible with delivering investment signals.

Similar to Freedom Checks, Money Calendar Pro provides an editorial service that is centered around rendering investment services. Offering numerous subscription options just like Freedom Checks, Money Calendar Pro provides a broad selection of what appears to be investment advice through a variety of channels such as tutorial videos, email, trading signals along with market research.

While Tom Gentile is referred to as the main operator behind Money Calendar Pro, according to the site, their services function under the supervision of Money Map Press, LLC.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Money Map Press LLC was incorporated over a decade ago on December 11th, 2007. As seen on their BBB profile, Money Map Press LLC reflects a disclosed physical address of 16 W. Madison St., Baltimore, Maryland 21201. Mr. Keith Fitz-Gerald is the only disclosed operator who is positioned as an Investment Representative.

Other contact information we found relevant to Money Calendar Pro would be or the telephone number 888-384-8339.

Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile, the main entity associated with Money Calendar Pro, is allegedly one of the world’s foremost authorities on stocks, futures and option trading. According to the site, Tom Gentile focuses on delivering powerful trading systems and approaches that are engineered to propel everyday investors past the 99% and into the 1% of highly successful investors.

While research will confirm that Tom Gentile appears to be an existing entity, his credentials in regards to his licensing fail to be disclosed. Due to the lack of Tom Gentile’s regulatory approval, we are uncertain whether or not he is legally within right to provide investment advice without a possible governing license.

How does Money Calendar Pro Work?

Money Calendar Pro is an editorial service that provides investment advice such as market research, recommendations and trading signals via email. Tom Gentile is directly associated with the Money Calendar Pro publications and appears to be the sole author affiliated with that particular publication series.

Those wishing to commit with Money Calendar Pro must subscribe to the publication through the homepage. A subscription with Money Calendar Pro comes with an annual recurring subscription of $4,995. Refunds through this editorial are only valid for those who fulfill the terms of their performance guarantee which does appear to be disclosed prior to purchase.

The heavily asserted claim behind Money Calendar Pro would be that subscribers are able to turn $12,000 into $165,000 within only a year. Regrettably, no transparent evidence is included on the site to support this claim while their funnel page is used to mislead prospective subscribers into enrolling.

Unverifiable graphs are used to reflect an alleged trading portfolio of Tom Gentile’s investments while a subscription through Money Calendar Pro will also automatically enroll new members with a free subscription of Power Profit Trades, which appears to be an educational training course and recommended signal delivery subscription.

What Others Are Saying

Money Calendar Pro has experienced some turbulent feedback from a wide demographic of investors. As indicated at the Better Business Bureau, Money Calendar Pro’s overseeing entity, Money Map Press LLC, has experienced a 89% negative feedback ratio and has amassed 187 customer complaints within the past 3 years.

More negative and insightful feedback regarding Money Calendar Pro can be evaluated at Pissed Consumer and HighYa. Out of 76 reviews shared at Pissed Consumer, the cumulative ranking of Money Calendar Pro equates to 2.7 out of 5 stars while the average reported loss equates to a value of nearly $4,000. Alleged cumulative losses to date is $230,000 while the most common complaints would be horrible customer service, solicitations to buy a high valued program along with bad investment advice.

Connecting The Dots

Money Calendar Pro is one of a handful of publications that is currently overseen by Money Map Press LLC. Other editorial publications featured at would be Power Profit Trades, Fast Fortune Club, Money Calendar Alert, Weekly Money Call and Cryptocurrency Windfalls. Each of these publications come with varying incentives, such as exclusive market research, high caliber trading recommendations along with strategic approaches to employ.

Power Profit Trades

Power Profit Trades is a subscription overseen by Tom Gentile which is why it is paired with the Money Calendar Pro subscription. The marketed advantages of Power Profit Trades would be the potential to double your money with America’s #1 pattern trader. In addition, it is alleged that Tom Gentile has accrued a profit of $999,125 over the past 24 months by using Power Profit Trades but no transparent evidence is disclosed to support such a bold claim.

Fast Fortune Club

Fast Fortune Club provides insight regarding Tom Gentile’s trading systems and applied investment approaches. While not much other information is included on their page besides the claims of being able to accrue thousands of dollars within a matter of minutes, Fast Fortune Club provides no verifiable proof that the subjects covered throughout their editorial publications are profitable.

Money Calendar Alert

The Money Calendar Alert subscription provides enrolled members with access to Tom Gentile’s proprietary system that delivers an alleged 90% to 100% investment consistency. Claiming to evaluate over 10 years of market research to find the most probable investment signals, it is asserted that investors can expect to earn a 100% to 200% daily return.

Weekly Money Call

Weekly Money Call is a subscription service that provides members with access to another of Tom’s proprietary systems. Allegedly after 5 years of development this trading system is able to “crunch million of  data points on 200 of the most liquid stocks in the market, and predicts – with pinpoint accuracy – which stocks are about to jump… and highlights ways to trade these jumps for  triple-digit gains (or more) in just four days or less.”

Cryptocurrency Windfalls

Cryptocurrency Windfalls is a subscription service that comes with proprietary tools that allegedly can assist investors with generating 5,000%, 10,000% to 35,000% profit gains. Coming with a $5,000 price tag with a strict no refund policy, Cryptocurrency Windfalls does not appear to be a credible subscription due to the blatant lack of transparent evidence to support such unrealistic income claims.

Money Calendar Pro – Is It A Scam?

Money Calendar Pro is overseen by a registered corporation but when you evaluate the lack of transparent evidence to support their investment claims in consideration with the overall community consensus, it nudges us towards the likelihood that Money Calendar Pro is a scam.

Money Calendar Pro, and more importantly Money Map Press LLC, are unwilling to issue refunds without certain conditions being met, while accepting zero liability for their editorial services, given these two truths alone we do not feel their publication services are trustworthy.

Money Calendar Pro Review Conclusion

Money Calendar Pro provides investment based editorial subscriptions that are allegedly geared towards providing investors with more trading insight and the ability to amass unbelievably high returns. Each of the publication services offered through Money Map Press LLC and found at fails to accept liability and promote preposterous income claims without verifiable evidence.

Over $200,000 worth of loss funds has been reported by over 70 victims of Money Calendar Pro while their subscription service comes with a hefty price tag of $4,995. Perhaps if Tom Gentile was more willing to provide transparent evidence opposed to unverifiable spreadsheets and portfolio graphs, we would consider reevaluating our current stance in regards to their legitimacy.

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  1. Karolina Jeffers

    Fast Fortune Club -I have just done the statistics on the trades I was able to take due to the time difference between Australia and USA. Some trades took off and I was unable to enter. My Trading Diary starts on 03/15/2019 – 11/22/2019. During that period I took 9 trades and made a whopping loss of 38.25% loss. I followed all recommendation for entry and exit. That is not what I subscribed to when I was promised 200%+ profits! And Money Calendar Pro came at 1.11 % profit. Pretty disappointing to say the least. Big promises and very little to show for! As for the Customer Service I would say it is non-existent, when I write to them their standard response is to ring them – why? Why should I be paying massive phone charges just because they are lazy to respond by email. Shame on the Un-customer disservice. Tom stop promising miracles when you can’t deliver them! My experience – a rip off.

  2. Keith Boericke

    I would be super-cautious with Tom Gentile’s offerings. For one, you need to have experience in trading weekly stock options. I fell for his super-sales pitch, get rich quick and just follow me, “I will make you rich!” Sound familiar? I paid $39.00 and received a Fast Fortune Club binder with some basic information on opening an options account in a brokerage if you do not have one and a one month calendar showing two stocks per week that can be traded using options. This was supposed to give you a chance to try out the Calendar Pro system. I received the calendar recommendations near the end of the month of my order so only one week could be used. To pay for further months costs plenty. Depending when you ask, the price can range from $2000 – $5000. If you fall for Tom’s super-salesmanship, each pick is super-charged and almost guaranteed to double in price. I have traded stock options for years. I lost money on the one stock option recommended that was supposed to be supercharged for a gain that month. Instead, the market for that particular stock crashed. Those of us who trade weekly options know markets are fickle and can change direction in a minute. Tom is charging a lot of money for a system that promises a lot but shows no record of how each of his recommendations worked out, even for just one month! His guarantee is limited to showing your trading results before refund. I would be super-cautious. I don’t trust his super-charged salesmanship, and I don’t think you should either.

    • Tommy

      I just watched his video and I’m not sure l understand. He gave stock names and dates. I look them up an so far l can’t disqualify any. Checking back 5 to 10 years they drop or go up most years like the video said. However the video seems to be old because it only goes to 2017. I checked 2018 and 2019 when I could. I haven’t checked them all yet but I will tomorrow. Another thing you say 2000 to 5000 what’s that about according to the video 39 is supposed to cover a whole year or at least that’s what 39 divided by. 11 comes to. Please help me understand. Tysigned TFG

  3. Keith Boericke

    In my opinion, Money Market Press offerings are super-expensive and you have no track record of past results. If Tom Gentile’s system is as good as he claims it is, he would offer it for free for two weeks to try it out. If you could double your $100. option and make $200 by the end of the week, and you did this two weeks in a row, you have found a gem of a system. I might consider a premium price for this service but would want a year’s iron clad 100% guarantee refund. Many offerings offer this,why not Tom Gentile? I have traded options for years. Trading Weekly options can offer great results and super loses too, if you do not know what you are doing. I wont’ call Money Map Press a scam, but it is super-salesmanship. Mostly, it is too good to be true. Since a free trial is not offered, I would avoid it. I will make this suggestion. By the book Option Trading in your Spare Time by Wendy Kirkland and Virginia McCullough. You will learn how to read chart patterns when stock trading. With this information, you might be able to work with Tom’s recommendations positively and be willing to take profits early, perhaps 25%. Tom’s get rich quick advice is only catering to greed and novice traders. It relies on moving your emotions to make huge gains. Sound familiar? I did purchase the $39.00 offering, but went no further with it. I did receive a Fast Fortune Club binder with some basic information and a one month Calendar Pro with two stock options per week, on average, good for one month only. After that, $4000. per year. I think it was cleverly designed that I would receive this calendar near the end of month so I could only try it out for a week. The option I tried, I lost money on. But that was my fault. I should have know better. In order to find out whether this will work for you, you have to pay a super price. I would be super cautious unless you have extra money to spend. This service is definitely not for those who are struggling to make ends meet. The risk far exceeds the potential rewards.

  4. JD

    Tom’s picks are not perfect but you can make money if you educate yourself..
    For example – Do NOT be greedy and wait till 100% gains – sell @ 10%, 25%,30% gains
    Tom is here to help – YOU place the trades – take ownership of your own trades..
    I have been using Tom’s subscriptions since Jan 2019 and have made 30% gain
    I had a few bad trades and loss money but I take responsibility because it’s MY money and I chose to use Tom’s advise

  5. Travis

    I have made over 35 trades between 2018-2019. I followed Tom’s directions exactly as specified. ALL HAVE BEEN COMPLETE LOSERS! I have lost over $200.000 trading his Money Calendar Pro system. Nothing is as stated, if you get in under his “pay no more than amount” he will record a number well under that as his basis (not possible to get) and project his numbers based on false data. He will no respond to feedback or questions about his numbers. Beware using this system. You could lose everything.

  6. Sally

    Tom Gentile’s calendar pro has changed our lives. Very intelligent man. I totally admire him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and help without which we would be stuck in financial difficulties.

  7. Rick

    This guy sucks! He’s a SCAM!!! He lies and super exagerrates about his winnings. He states 100% returns, no way. I have yet to make my investment back of $2000 and another $2000 in losses. It’s no wonder why it doesn’t give you a refund. You are stuck and fuck. Even his youtube channel you can’t leave comments. I wonder why? Too many negative cooments that why. In fact stay away from Tom Gentile n Moneypress. You’ll be richer for it.

  8. Will

    As another person commented above, I’m glad to have read this prior to investing.

  9. Rob Owen

    I subscribed to Tom Gentile’s Fast Fortune Club in January 2019, by paying one month’s subscription (approx £16) for the Money Calendar to receive February 2019’s trading selections. When I looked at my card statement another £375 had been taken for some other service but luckily I saw it in time for my bank to stop the transaction. I have received no correspondence or explanation for this and after reading the comments on this website, I can only assume this is normal practice for this business.

    After 6 weeks I received a training manual and a plain note book in the post and 3 or 4 emails everyday selling similar related services, but no Money Calendar trading suggestions. If they have been sent through the post they will only be useful as historical records in a few days time, as February is nearly over! Perhaps that is why I have not received them – they were all losing trades!

    They seem to spend a lot of money on their presentation videos and sales literature which makes me wonder whether their services are scams or not. One thing Mr Gentile says during his video is, making money is the process of buying something at a price which enables you to sell it at a higher price. Of course, he is absolutely right but he expects people to buy his services not only before they know if they can make any money using them, but also before they even know what they are buying, and in my case, before they even know they will ever receive them!

    This sort of business practice does tend to make me wonder about the quality and accuracy of the trading selections given by The Money Calendar, if they exist. Maybe it is his calendar used to record the amount of money he receives for it?

  10. Gamal Darwish

    the scammers are salesmen who are selling the dream, he is selling nothing but a dream. most salesmen have to lie about their products by adding what consumers looking for.
    if you say I need freedom he will say my product give you that. it will give 1000 dollars per day if he sees you greedy and lazy and stupid, the bottom line never trust anyone selling anything and you must check what you are buying and take your time to think and research for all due diligence that you can find. I have bought very expensive stuff because somehow I trusted and I like what I heard from the salesperson ( was too stupid but never again) ,

  11. george eura

    They have started out a new system claiming double and tripple digit winner weekly ending in a year as a millionaire. It is called Alfa X1 trade guaranteed money back after one year subs. Someone please help me to make my life time decision a good one. Someone call it a scam and another says you may take a chance. It is money back guaranteed anyway.
    My mother is a dementia and my wife has been ill and I needed a big help to get a help. Thanks.

    • Phil

      If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    • Gregory

      Please see my post, GSantana777 at for my in depth response.

    • Gregory

      Do understand, stock & option trading only produces quick money when you sell a position, thus you get paid up front. The weekly and/or monthly income comes from selling a put, thus money is deposited into your account instantly. What these income gurus don’t tell you is 2 things; when you sell a put, you need capital to buy the obligation. Consider a sell put of $5 for one contract, that is $500 in your account. The dark side, you need the capital in your brokerage account to buy the 100 shares of the one contract in the event the selling put strike price is touch. The second, the sell money in your account is not available. It is in like an escrow till the sold put expiration is completed, then the sold money money is yours. If this sounds already confusing to how, jargon and your capital available, you are right. It took many a year to truly understand all the forms of options and how to make money at it. George, if you are very new to trading, especially options, you need to hook up with a seasoned trader to cut your learning curve. Look up Meetup in your area, go and seek out a mentor willing to guide you. Tom’s system works but if you are limited in funds, seek out traders’ groups and save the tuition for your trading.

    • Feb One

      Rule Number One: Never invest more than you are wanting or WILLING to lose.
      Rule Number Two: Read Rule Number One.

    • Sandi

      I’ve been with Money Calendar since Jan 2019. I have found more success than not with his system and have been very pleased. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to understand and it takes some time. You still need to know what you are doing. For instance, you have to make sure that you pay no more than what he is telling you to pay. The default on an option is to pay at Market price and so you have to be aware that you need to change your perimeters so that you are doing exactly what he tells you to do. But it is great to have someone giving you the picks and giving you the strikes. I’ve come to learn options over time and still wouldn’t feel comfortable picking my own options. A couple of facts: You need money to play options. Best to start with $10k. I know that you need that just to get approved for the account. You need to learn how to follow his exact instruction. His instructions are not always clear and he uses some of his own terms. So I find myself contacting his customer service all the time to get clarification. They have a been a great help! If you don’t ask you WILL make costly mistakes. Start slow and work your way up and know that you will have some losers. Helps to have a thick skin as the fluctuation of numbers can mess with your head. Lastly, don’t play with money that you can’t lose. You should only be playing a percentage of your savings. Good luck!

  12. Terriann McGowan

    the video goes on for hours and they want you to charge $1,795.00 to you credit card with automatic renewals.

  13. ford

    thanks guys
    can anybody share toms master class course files -i like to see if any truth in it
    in return i give you some simple trading systems which work and you can make money.

    • Jan

      hi ford,
      can you share simple trading systems which work and make money
      and what is your comment about tom’s video presentation.

      • ford

        First system is Truth about volatility by Jimberg
        Second system is Mrk dannenberg AD-STOCHASTICS ALLIGATOR combination system
        third is Murray matha lines- you use many levels buy above or sell if fall below type thing
        fourth is tripplay indicators by marketgauge
        fifth is TTM SQUEEZE-detect quietmarkets and wait for trending markets to initiate trades
        sixth is opening range breakout-

  14. Ken

    I’ve been trading for twenty years, of course I won’t be buying anything on offer but his options concept is sound as long as you know how to trade reversals of trends which are very easy to see in order to write options as he is suggesting but don’t use his money calendar, it’s just not needed. For newbies I will give solid advice and that is to study how to trade double tops and bottoms in markets and learn about buying puts and calls first and while doing so slowly teach yourself about writing options as opposed to buying them in order to collect the cash premium up front like he is saying. Also learn everything you can about the options trading business, options buying kept me alive while I was in the valley of despair in my daytrading.
    To those suffering financially do not be put off by scammers, trading the markets teaches huge lessons about everything in life and you will reap what you sow in the end. The best way to make a small fortune in the markets is start with a big fortune, it happened to me in the beginning, start out extremely small and learn but do it with real money, not demo accounts or you will never find out that trading is actually 95% psychology and the that trading indications are childs play.
    All the best.

    • Chin-To Lin

      Hi! Ken, I read through every words of your comment above, which suits me well about the reality of life. If possible, I would like to have an opportunity to chat with you for more details about you. My email is and # is 734-999-7952. I look forward to hearing from you please. To assure who I am, welcome to Best to your health and wealth.

    • Panikos

      Hi, thanks for sharing your story, is it possible to ask you a few questions on options, if you like, my email is


    Can’t effin believe I sat there and watched the entire video! Those 2 assholes get you all excited and pumped up! I almost did it! GLAD I TOOK A SECOND AND LOOKED IN TO IT!!!

    • Gregory

      Please see my post, GSantana777 at for my in depth response.

    • Geoff

      What I don’t get is that he sold a company for 20 mill and want to charge $39 for his programme!

      • LA Nichols

        Geoff, I get it…the $39.00 price point is just the beginning of a very deep sales funnel designed to feather Mr. Gentile’s, et al nest.

  16. Dwight Kaufman

    Sounds like to me, when you put the trade in, they can see it, and based on the info that they give, they can move, position, buy your trade. Which is basically just taking your deposits. The so called investor has no way of knowing if the info is legit. All of these people on the internet are just stealing from people. If theses systems were generating profits like the are clamming, they would waste their time trying to sell it to someone else. They be at the bank or on a plane going somewhere.

    • Solomou

      My friend if you are trading from a broker it’s impossible to change the outcome of a trade

  17. John

    I subscribed months ago and have made a number of trades using “TOM” exact information and have lost on each and every one except one that was a push. My total loss is over $3800.00 plus brokerage fees and these were all advertised as double or triple gain winners with at least a 90% accuracy! Needless to say I do not follow “TOM’s” advice any longer.

    • Chin-To Lin

      John, I do appreciate your honest confessions.

  18. susan

    at this time they are only asking $39 would that make you try it?

    • John Conrad

      its not the $39. it is what you stand to lose when you follow their “advice”. if you dont know much about options then dont do it. I have been doing options for 20 years and I know that you need to thoroughly learn about options before you start trading and start first with Demo trading before you do the real thing. Then start very small.. Just one contract.

  19. Bob Eubanks

    I joined Tom with a start-up amount of $3000. After following his advice for 3 months, I am now down to $1200. I receive solicitations almost daily. I am not really knowledgeable about investing, but I have even found blatent errors in the brochures I received. They are crooks!!!


    On this kind of claim all over, people don`t ask a simple question before going ahead to press the “Yes button with their hard earned money. How on earth could one know a secret to make such a huge amount every second and want to sell out the secret to the public?”
    Has Coca Cola company ever revealed the composition of their “concentrate” to the public? Guess not and never, if they do, they are out of business and crumble. Open your eyes widely.

  21. alex

    alex hi guys i have been with tom gentile for four years when i started i was a fresh newby to anything to do with investing or the stock market today i am still with tom and life has never been all things in life theres a price to pay and what you put in you recieve in first year of results are 10 virtual trades 1 loss $ 250.00 and 9 wins @$500 total $4500 minus the loss live trades ive made since 2014 to date 22/10/2018 116 live trades 5 losses total $2500 all up to date winners 111@ $500 per trade total winnings all my trades i only go for doubles thats 50k minus my brokers fees not bad for part time and someone who new nothing.sometimes the worst advice is that of some one you know who only has advice to give. there are good people in the world just like tom and i am grateful to have him on my side . do your own due dilligence never let any one derail you believe there is better for you should you want.avail for chat send me an email journey safe

    • susan

      please contact me so i can ask you some questions. i want to sign up but so much bad rap that i’m quetioning my decision

      • Thomas Anderson

        Susan, Did Alex ever respond to your request for info on Tom Gentile’s Money Calendar? I am more than interested in the program but after all the negative reviews I’m concerned.

        Thanks Thomas

        • Sandi

          I’ve been with Fast Fortune since 6/2018 and Money Calendar Pro since 1/2019. I’m on the positive. His system is a great system and his customer service is excellent.

    • Makepeace

      Please how can I contact you via email.

    • Gregory Mitchell

      Can you tell me how you came out ahead when so many are bad mouthing this procedure.

      I am new to this process and would like to know this .
      Thank you Greg

    • Sheldon

      hi Alex, read your email above.Glad u are having success trading with tom. I have be been having health issues ever since i signed up with Tom’s service. some how i got behind from the start, but am having hard time following recomendations. I have not purchased any thing to date.I thought i knew basics about option trading but have lost my confidence to place any trades.they always say anybody can trade options. perhaps u can give me some clarity. call if u can help me !! 313 5302271

    • Jim cha

      Alex, can i ask you few questions via email ? I had some reservations about this program as well. Please send me an email

    • Jim

      Alex, can i ask you few questions via email ? I had some reservations about this program as well. Please send me an email

    • Steve

      Buying puts or calls has a 30% statistical probability of success. Over the long term it is unsustainable. Using Tom’s service, he hit’s about 30%. BTW, 9 out of 10 occurrences is far too few data points for predictions. You need thousands of occurrences. I lost money following Tom. Stopped taking advice w 6 months to go on 2nd year. Email is inundated with sales emails for new services. Consider THEO trade for training. Far more value for a fraction of cost. Tons of video courses, live trading, weekly trading class, trade ideas, daily coaching and more. Great support. I can reach out to any trader with a question. Site is well organized. I can search and find any class. Some losses as I learn, but I am learning a ton. Far more than any other service I subscribed to.

  22. Kevin Baum

    I am so grateful that there are reviews sites. I was ready to try it myself and at the last moment decided to check if there was anything on Tom Gentile and his trading calendar. Thank you all for your input. Just an FYI- if you are looking into learning day trading, stay away from The Delta Trading Group. That’s another site that gives you false promises. I got snake bit on that one.

    • Sahand Shirzadi

      Yes exactly me too, I was going to invest thanks god I checked it up and Thanks to all guys that shared their bad experience hopefully all will make it again

  23. mark walker

    I think they take everyones money to buy fliers to send in the mail. Its insane. I guess a sucker is born every second.

  24. Anthony Harris

    Yes it is all a scam Tom gentles focuses on volume how many clients he can get at a 2000 plus wap! I’ve invested my retirement and every trade he made recommendations of I lost money big time. It’s a waste of the consumers time and it only loads his pockets with more volume so he can continue drinking beer with this crew nice like a big shot!

  25. Dale West

    Without the kind of services you provide we would all be in big trouble. Do you notice money map press’s cheaper services raise no red flags. I just signed up for one of them myself. The problem comes with the bait and switch, which often comes next. Beware the second and third offer after the first one! I’ll try and let you know how the first one pans out. Thanks again for your sensible warnings!

  26. Mrs. Diane Hawke

    And who are YOU, ScamFinance? I don’t see any link on this site to ‘Contact US’, ‘About Us’, or ‘Find Out more About’, etc. How do I know your review above is legit, and the ‘Comments’ above are legit? I know nothing more about you and your website than I do above- reviewed company.

    • MoneyMapNope

      Hi there Money Map Press….or,….uh Mrs. Diane Hawke or whatever your name is – you’re clearly an employee of MMP or an interested party or at some point you got reported to and are crying about it. No one thinks your comment is legit. Please.

  27. Igfritz

    There one of many , wife and I just received a flyer stating you can have $2,353 in seconds . We’re bloody ass homeless… Yep, over 60 and done in by sphincters like them . We need help not some dink bragging about what he has and bitchen there life is ..
    Piss off …

  28. Lo

    If it is too good to be true what u r telling us is a fraud? $4,995???? Are you serious????? Their is a sucker born every minute goes the saying Need a free trial, and if it is what u r telling us, I will get in, but to trust you, NO??? U trust me first, than I will gladly get in.

  29. Rob

    Seems to me if this was real and you can make 15k in 11 seconds, why just offer your services to be paid within 30 seconds to use the service then pay for it. That sounds more like a guarantee to me. If I can make 15k in 11 seconds why do you have to pay first. Seems to be scam, sounds like binary options. But buy all means, if it’s legit, let me create an account and make the 5 grand payment after I clear the profit.

  30. Jewel Cobb

    I am a disabled RN who worked hard my entire life. I am soon to become a great grandmother after having raised 2 generations. I have devoted all I have to God’s work, my family and friends. Now my financial situation looks bleak for my future. I have read some, but not a lot, on trading options. Before, I never had the time to devote to acquiring the knowledge. Now, I don’t have the financial means. You have kept me from losing money I need. Bless you!

  31. John Schroeder

    I listened to Tom’s presentation. It was sponsored by Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics. I subsribed to a year of their services and find them to be helpful. After listening to Tom, I clicked on the place he specified and got a page that was not available. I then called the 888 number and got the message:”you dialed a number that is not available to the area you are calling from”. Classic scammers – not traceable!!

  32. David From New York

    Well from what I am reading this Money Map Press
    is a whole big scam. I was going to join today August 162,108 but there is way to much negative feedback showing this is one big scam. I don’t have energies for scams. What they should do is allow you to join open your account and as you make money you pay them their fee . If they were smart the company should do that so its not label as scam . I am sick from Sept 11,2001 and i dont have energy to chase a company down that will charge me money for their program and will not make money !!!

  33. D f Takpimivbiomo

    My advice to any true investor buying these programs is to get a no fee trial period where they
    Make actual money before they commit to any cash transfer/subscription service.

    • Mikep

      D f, do you know of any program that actually provides a no fee trial period? I am unaware of any. Thanks for your time.

  34. Ranjan Bogati

    If they can make such amount of Money then why they are asking for the sign up fee?? Keep away from such kinds of Scam.

  35. Irena Nagisetty

    Thank you for detailed review. You saved retiree.
    I will stay alert and sleep well.

  36. Evelyn

    Anything that sounds too good to be true, inevitably IS too good to be true. Always stay away!

  37. JJM

    Too Good to be True. “A few seconds to earn $1000 and you don’t have to buy any stocks.” And the examples show you have deposited $100,000 in your account. So assuming that a deposit of $1,000 would earn $10 on the option trade.
    Fine IF your payday action tip doesn’t break the 10 year average and you lose everything in the option trade.
    So tell me how you protect my deposit in an overpriced market poised for corrections?
    No thanks – too long of a fast talk sales pitch in a presentation claimed to be just a few minutes.

  38. Brian G.

    I don’t know where the $4,995 figure came from, but I just finished watching the presentation & it would cost under $200 to sign up. Considering that info, would your advice change any?

  39. Kathryn St Pure

    Another lesson to ALWAYS research reviews of anything asking for my sympathy, time or money. There is a special place in eternity for those who pray on us who believe in the supernatural! Especially Yahoo Financials for allowing their video in such a prominent position as if they were the sponsor. Fool me almost cept for the call of sanity! Thanks scamfinance! Good work!

  40. Doris Thomas

    This Tom Gentile’s program sound so very good. My question is why is he allowed to hood-wink people in this way. Shouldn’t the SEC be notified and a stop be put on this way of doing business. Many retired people on fixed incomes are victims. What can the public do about this, short of reading your report because many do not know about your information.

    • David New York

      It is not a SEC ( Security Exchange Commission Issue) . Its Attorney General of your state that your in.
      The SEC only deals with Stock and companies committing fraud against the public !!! Also you can hurt him by filing a BBB complaint , in hopes that people will see that as well.

  41. Adegboyega Adedirin

    Why is it that NOT one of all the people advertised has ever lost? Please, no system is 100% efficient.

    • MoneyMapNope

      Sorry Adegboy…….you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about!!! I’ve traded per Money Call’s recommendations consistently (to a “T”) for the past 6 weeks and they are: FIT 21% LOSS; DIA 79% LOSS; GE 35% LOSS; JD 100% GAIN; LEN 59% LOSS ; QQQ 82% LOSS; ORCL 71% LOSS; XOM 63% LOSS; XLP 41% LOSS.
      These are ALL VERIFIABLE LOSSES – they can be proven. HOW DO YOU SAY THEY’VE NEVER LOST?????? This SYSTEM is 100% B.S.!!!!!

        • MoneyMapNope

          It’s spelled LIAR – and that’s what they are. You? Well, your comments are just really ignorant. It’s unfortunate.

      • Chin-Ti Lin

        John, I do appreciate your honest confessions.

  42. Dliao

    Thanks a lot for the info, so glad to have read this before getting involved.



  44. Bob MORAZES

    I bought into Toms BS and am much poorer for the experience.
    I had to back out of several positions because “the market was not moving in the direction it was supposed to”
    His weekly progress report is getting some information that my portfolio is not. This week, 7/4/18,
    he has most of his picks in the green by ~ 10%, mine however are all in the red by 30%.
    He brags about all the money his winning picks have made, but forgets about all the losers.
    So how can we get this crook out of business?

  45. JK

    They need your money badly to get rich. You can’t say for sure which way the market will move.
    Thanks for the info. Be safe

  46. A James

    Thank You for your total review, as I was very near to subscribing.

  47. Joseph McEwen

    Glad i checked,should have known it was too good to be true…

  48. Ruben Padilla

    Typical if it sounds to good to be true, backoff.

  49. Frank l Celentano

    thank you for taking the time to tell us about this risky business…..I will go back to doing my trading the old fashion way

  50. Alberto

    I join this program on April 30 2018 I end up in the hospital for 30 days I never had a chance to really understand how this works I ask for a refund on June 25 2018 I call them because they requested 99. Dollars from my bank for some kind of intruduction I didn’t know what thy were talking about that’s when I realized its was time to get out


      On this kind of claim all over, people don`t ask a simple question before going ahead to press the “Yes button with their hard earned money. How on earth could one know a secret to make such a huge amount every second and want to sell out the secret to the public?”
      Has Coca Cola company ever revealed the composition of their “concentrate” to the public? Guess not and never, if they do, they are out of business and crumble. Open your eyes widely.

    • Sandrine

      I am sorry to read you had a health issue following your membership to the Money Calendar Trade. Hopefully you managed to get your health back on track.

  51. Jeckson

    I too was about to seriously look into the service by Tom Gentile. I have been trading for 20 years and know that patterns do repeat in this business. So, it was not a long stretch to be interested by what Tom was saying. Unfortunately for Tom, he is short on transparency and verification. Whether Tom is less than transparent or not, he loses me because I need to have 100% confidence to spend any money…. Good luck…

  52. Donavan Lazarus

    Glad I checked this out, great service

  53. sam israel

    thanks for the review much easier to make my final decision. i aint jumping !!!!

  54. J. Matt

    Thanks for this cogent and common sense input. Makes total sense.
    Appreciatively, JM

  55. Gene T.

    So glad I Checked ScamFinance before I subscribed to this Calendar Scam. Thanks for being there.

  56. Felix Monteagudo

    How come they are able to advertised after so many people have been screwed? Why doesn’t anyone report them to the SEC?

    • george eura

      Because they use legal loophole and cost a fortune to the claimer to hire a lawyer.

  57. Steve Weschler

    Since the market will do whatever it wants to do, there is no way to predict where a particular security will be price-wise next week, much less between two dates three months from now as The Money Calendar states it can do. No one knows, but the “gurus” all say they have invented a magic program that will lead you to a fortune for a significant price. I find any investor can do much better at controlling his own fate with due diligence and a business-like approach to investing. Study first. There are many legit mentors to be found on line. Experiment with their techniques by paper trading. Why let someone else lose your hard-earned money for you?

  58. Steve Ford

    I was… juuuuuuusst.. about to sign up – even had my credit card out, and had a second thought of checking the Money Calendar for legitimacy. Thank you for your perception, as I will now apply your caution to my actions as well. Your the greatest….!!!

  59. Brich C.

    Very good advise unfortunately not everyone takes the time to invest-tigate

  60. Brian Smith

    Glad to have read this prior to investing

  61. chlory

    Me, too. I totally appreciate the input and will stay far away from these programs. Futures is risky business without having to pay huge fees to a salesperson. Thanks.

  62. Steve Hoyt

    Thanks for being here !! appreciate the input !!!

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