MT4 Forex Dashboard by Tipu Review

This is a tough one to define, because – while some elements of the sales efforts are downright scammy (and we’ll take a closer look at them shortly) – in essence, the operation does not look like a scam, and it does not dangle a well-defined too-good-to-be-true promise. is not about auto trading, nor is it a forex or binary option brokerage. It is a service pushed by a guy known in online trading circles as Tipu, who seems to be legit indeed. What Tipu proposes here is nothing more than a sort of streamlined approach to technical analysis, which he claims is more likely to result in long-term success than more “traditional” ways of approaching the problem.

What exactly is is the website through which Tipu is selling his technical indicator-based trading dashboard. What’s interesting about this site is that – despite the ample sales copy – it tells us very little about the innards of the actual product it is selling.

What we’re looking at here is a piece of software which combines Fibonacci Levels, Pivot Levels, Support and Resistance levels and Moving Averages, to generate trading signals across no fewer than 5 time frames. The shorter time frames are suited for scalping (1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minute) while the longer ones (1 hour and 4 hours) are obviously for swing trading.

What’s obvious from all this is that there is no “black magic” going on here. All of this makes perfect sense. Since everything is strictly technical-analysis focused though, it is also obvious that this system has its limitations. Yes. It is conceivable that you will make money with the dashboard. It is also possible that you will lose money with it.

The way the product is “served up” at the site though and the way the sales pitch goes overboard here and there, leaves a sour, scammy taste in the reader. What exactly are we talking about?

The homepage text falls into many of the sins of classic sales copy. It insists too much on how this new solution will bring clarity to your trading and eliminate confusion, and it insists too much on how the creator was able to become a professional trader thanks to its benefits. It shares almost no technical details, and it is ridden with grammatical mistakes and typos. To make a long story short: it seems wholly insincere.

There’s a rather corny-looking testimonials section, which may in fact feature actual user feedback, but it just comes off as scammy, given how all the scam sites feature similar sections with fake reviews.

The actual software may in fact work (or not – that is always open to debate) and there certainly is an actual product being sold here, but they way it is all served up leaves a lot to be desired.

The pictures of Tipu in his fancy vehicle are also wholly unnecessary and do not lend any extra credibility to the whole deal.

The web domain itself comes with another set of credibility problems, raising all sorts of red flags in this regard. The site does not see a lot of traffic, and it is only about 225 days old. Its statistically expected lifespan of 364 days is also too short, and potentially indicative of a scam. What’s still worse though is that the owner of the domain has chosen not to reveal his/her identity, employing WhoisGuard to keep this information hidden. While the domain itself is hosted in the US, the origin of the registration is Panama, a jurisdiction often preferred by scammers.

To make a long story short: this just does not look good for

Who is Tipu? Is He Legit?

It turns out that the person selling this MT4 trading dashboard is in fact a legitimate trader and programmer. Apparently, his real name is Kaleem Haider, and he has been active in this vertical for quite some time. Through, he has been selling various indicators and dashboards for quite some time. His creations have garnered quite a bit of positive feedback and he seems to be on top of the issue in the sense that he answers questions and feedback delivered through the platform. This guy is indeed a MQL5 programmer and he seems to be quite successful too.

The indicators/dashboards he has featured at MQL5, are rented out for around $30 a year (the cheapest one costs $10 while the most expensive is $59). What’s more, on his MQL5 seller’s page, he offers some tools for free. Compared to those prices, his mt4forexdashboard promotional price of £497 is a bit expensive. Granted, for that money, those purchasing the software acquire lifetime ownership.

Still, there are a few things that just don’t add up here…

While we know who Tipu is and that he is indeed legit, fails to mention his experience and his work in any shape or form…In fact, he never reveals his name through the site…This is peculiar, especially considering the fact that this would indeed provide the sales effort with much-needed credibility.

MT4 Forex Dashboard Review Conclusion

So does MT4ForexDashboard work or not? The answer to that is that if its creator is indeed the Tipu the community knows, it works but it is likely not the silver bullet it is made out to be at Most of Tipu’s feedback is positive and people seem to like his tools. No one has called him a scammer yet, as people view his creations for what they really are: trading tools. In this respect, they do indeed work and they deliver the signals they promise to.

Has anyone ever gotten rich using these tools? Right now, that’s impossible to tell. The mechanics behind the whole thing are legit though, as is the creator.

If it were sold through, like the rest of Tipu’s indicators, we’d be 100% certain about its legitimacy. is just suspicious though, and there is just no way around that…

MT4ForexDashboard Reviews

Having purchased Tipu’s MT4ForexDashboard (after being inundated with emails about his “fantastic” results, and how I’m supposedly missing out), I completely agree with this review and Jefferson’s comments in particular: STAY AWAY! DO NOT BUY THIS DASHBOARD!

Despite the blurb, there is no support (all emails to date have gone unanswered), and the “manual” is completely useless as it doesn’t actually teach you HOW to use the system or what signals to look out for.

I did ask for help from the author a number of times, and in the end asked for a refund, but, alas, no reply on either score!

Download the manual from the website BEFORE you buy the system. The manual on the website is the same one that you get with the indicators. Read it, and only buy the system if you can understand how it actually works, because that manual is the only help you’re going to get.

I will agree with this review. It is a bad product and company. Once you have bought this you will not understand how to use it. I suppose if you watch the system long enough you might learn how to use it. Good luck though, without understanding it it’s useless. I bought mine in Feb 2017 and still can’t figure it out. After 7 emails asking for help I gave up. Not once did I ever get a response. But hey if you think we are talking crap go ahead buy it.

To all of you who purchased this crap, I feel your pain. I purchased mine in Feb 2017 and was very disappointed when I realized nowhere do they teach you how to use this, and yes it is almost impossible to understand on your own.

I think Tipu has just copied this system from another company and that is why they can’t give support as they don’t know how to trade it either. Go and look at FxST. The software is identical. Yip, and they know how to use it. They do webinar training and get back to you. The new system is FxST 2.0 and the only difference is they now use color in the fib. Lines.

For those of you that think we are talking crap, go ahead, buy it. But don’t come complain when you realize you got caught.

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  1. Michel Rochez

    i am looking after after dasboard on Momentum. I already use you MACD dashboard with succes.
    Tanks to let me know where i can found them. M.Rochez

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