Niche Profit Full Control Review

Niche Profit Full Control ( is an online affiliate training program that was created by an entity known as Adam Short that reflects a creation date of November 9th, 2014.

Niche Profit Full Control Overview

Chances are if you have been researching ways to earn money online from home that at some point or another you may have come across what is known as affiliate marketing, also referred to as online marketing.

While affiliate marketing is an effective way to supplement one’s income from home, it is a route oftentimes not trotted due to the extensive work load needed to generate effective campaigns in various niches.

In relation to affiliate marketing, the Niche Profit Full Control program was supposedly created as a way to combat the extensive testing and learning phase that serves as a prerequisite for most successful online marketers.

The purpose of their affiliate marketing training program is to provide the consumer, in this case possibly you, with a hands-on guide on how to tackle the world of online marketing by providing niche oriented marketing strategies.

Created by Adam Short on November 9th, 2014 according to a WHOIS domain search, Niche Profit Full Control is an interesting offer to say the least.

Unverifiable community feedback fails to deliver a clear-cut verdict regarding this training programs legitimacy, which lead us to conduct this factual and unbiased review regarding whether or not Niche Profit Full Control is a scam or not.

To learn more about this intriguing money making opportunity we encourage you to continue reading.

Niche Profit Full Control Tactics

If you are actively operating on a tight budget, then let us save you some time and inform you that Niche Profit Full Control probably isn’t for you.

Accompanied by a one-time payment price tag of $1,497 or a 3 payment installment of $597 each, the price of entry is not affordable to most marketing newbies, and worse of all doesn’t include all the alternative costs required such as web hosting, social media ad budgets along with their monthly fees.

As with most promotional videos, Niche Profit Full Control incorporates deceptive promotional tactics to lure in potential new members. Such as equating that the value of their affiliate training program is equivalent to a value of over $26,000 or how they have 25,000 people currently on their waiting list.

Other deceptive measures would be how they promote the ideology of how they only accept a limited number of new members, which in this case is the first 20, when within a few short minutes only 6 spots are left. As it has been pointed out on several other sites, these 6 remaining spots will remain open for quite a long time and is evident that the sole function of these claims would be to induce pressure upon the viewer so that they are more likely to sign up quicker.

As with most dubious money making opportunities the longer you stick around the site the more hairy things tend to get. Such as how Adam Short claims that within 60 to 90 days that you will be earning no less than 5 figures.

This claim alone is likely a considerable driving factor into why many new members enroll with their program because they are under the impression that they are guaranteed to make no less than $10,000 within a 60 to 90 day period when in reality nothing is guaranteed at all with this operation.

What’s Included

Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) does provide a respectable quantity of training and performance marketing tools that are of value. Upon enrollment of their program users will unlock four videos over the course of 72 hours which covers narrowing down a niche, creating your sales machine, how to obtain traffic along with how to expand your business.

8 Module Training Program

  • Product and Sales
  • Mastering Content
  • Selecting Your Niche
  • How to Boost Traffic
  • Maximizing Profit Potential
  • Campaign and Sales Funnels
  • Consolidating Long-Term Success
  • Automatic Selling Machine Set Up & Deployment

While some of the modules covered with Niche Profit Full Control are helpful, we have a bone to pick in regards to their traffic boosting methods, which mostly relies upon obtaining traffic through YouTube and Facebook ads. Not much emphasis is placed upon the importance of SEO or how to create and maintain domains while employing the Niche Profit Full Control training program.

Marketing Tools

  • Market Leads
  • Market Analysis
  • Traffic Advantage
  • Competing Profiles
  • Social Media Leads
  • Niche Oriented Profit Press

The marketing tools featured with the Niche Profit Full Control we must admit are nifty and yield an advantage although there are other alternative resources available on the web for free that perform the same functionality.

Take for instance Niche Profit Full Control’s Traffic Advantage tool, which can identify trending subjects on social media and websites in relation to your niche, well BuzzSumo is capable of performing those same functions and doesn’t come with an indirect price tag of $1,500.

Community Feedback

One of the issues we encountered when investigating Niche Profit Full Control would be in regards to their community feedback. Due to NPFC operating as an online marketing program, it becomes quite clear that many marketers who utilize this program have exercised some of their acquired skills and have created a substantial sum of biased reviews.

As one user has reported at RipOffReport, Niche Profit Full Control enforces a strict no slander or defamation clause into their Terms and Conditions which makes their current users unable to publicly announce their oftentimes negative experience with the program.

As research suggests, nearly all the negative user complaints posted in the Niche Profit Full Control forums become deleted which is not only suspicious but more importantly leaves many issues unsolved.

One interesting discovery we found would be a YouTube video that was allegedly created by several users who endured a rather unsatisfactory experience regarding the Niche Profit Full Control.

While the video may seem trustworthy, just like all the biased reviews regarding this operation, the legitimacy and transparency of feedback is unverifiable and uncertain.

Popularity possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,322,364 with a US rank of 1,000,013 as of March 2018. As indicated in their rankings, NPFC does not appear to be a popular destination and does not receive many monthly visitors. Which leads us to question their alleged statement of supporting a customer waiting list of over 25,000 people.

Evaluating Trustability

Niche Profit Full Control does not appear to be a flat out scam which is good for them since we won’t blacklist their operation, but overall we believe that the effectiveness of their program could use some improvement.

However, duly noted would be that it goes without question that their affiliate training program is not geared towards everyone and that a number of marketing factors make it nearly impossible to accurately dictate a users potential success since so many variables play a contributing role.

With this in mind, we do believe Niche Profit Full Control to be a trustworthy operation until more verifiable user feedback is submitted in regards to this operation.

Niche Profit Full Control Review – The Ruling

Given the evidence and various factors disclosed in our review above, we do feel that Niche Profit Full Control is a legitimate operation although we must also point out that we do believe that their are better, more affordable opportunities available.

While their program does yield information of value, it fails to provide crucial information, such as search engine optimization, site creation and maintenance along with a thorough support staff.

The majority of the user feedback and reviews regarding Niche Profit Full Control are not only mixed but unverifiable which disables us from utilizing community consensus are a legitimacy factor.

After weighing the information above, we only advise utilizing Niche Profit Full Control at your own risk and after you have considered trying more transparent and affordable options beforehand.

If you possess any experience or knowledge pertaining to Niche Profit Full Control, please feel free to share your feedback in a comment below!


  1. Rolito

    Scamming people. Take a look at member’s experience. Beware before you invest. Somebody else’s luck may not be yours.

  2. shadab

    I bought this course 3 years back. have earn the basics of affiliate marketing from them, but the software to build optin and funnels is really very limited. it was really hard to make any major changes on the website or the optin pages. i am using all since the past 1 year and its awesome with all the tools you require to do affiliate marketing or to take your business online successfully. There’s tons of free training once you sign up and no need to take special training worth thousands of dollars. I am also Earning a good income promoting this as it sells like hot cake. you can try and check your earnings as per your hard work on

  3. Owen Smith

    This business is a total scam. Adam made money, but it’s from the gullible customers who buy his programs, not from the automated businesses he peddles. For example, the writing course he pushes with “writer” Maggie Linders. They claim to teach you how to write and self-publish with advice from this successful “writer”. Turns out this “writer” is Adam’s sister and a dancer in Las Vegas and the wife of Adam’s partner. Not a writer at all. It’s a complete lie and scam. For proof, check out this photo and then look at Maggie Linder’s photo: . Adam does this type of deception with all his products. He preys upon people’s insecurities with promises of wealth and independence with no real-world plan how to achieve such success (without becoming a scammer and manipulator yourself)

  4. Howard

    Seems to be nice enough, I have once tried affiliate niche on a website which re design my website and provide all the UK base affiliate data and deals to monetize my website. For affiliate cms designcheck revglue[.]com/bespoke Those are uncommon special cases. There’s undeniably “item audit site” proprietors griping they can scarcely profit from their site. You can see a lot of posts in each web based promoting Facebook amass about it. As here’s the deal…Affiliate advertising isn’t and never was a get-rich-snappy plan. It’s a genuine business that requires time, persistence, quality, and, most importantly, knowing your clients. Fruitful member destinations don’t depend on periodic wage hops. They produce reliable income consistently. It’s not just about composing item audits based around “purchaser watchwords” and wanting to skim some movement from Google and make simple offshoot commissions. That was something that functioned admirably in the year 2005 when web clients were less astute, however doesn’t work almost so well at this point. Also, truly, would you like to assemble such a low quality webpage, to the point that conveys no an incentive to the web or your guests?

  5. Val

    I bought it, unfortunately. Don’t waste your money. He’s making millions off of selling people a pipe dream.

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