Official VIN Review – Accurate Vehicle History Reports?

Official VIN ( is a web-based platform which performs vehicle history reports.

The site was registered on January 2nd, 2018 by OfficialVIN Service.

Official VIN Overview

Official VIN’s operation is based around the principle of creating a more secure vehicle acquisition experience in terms of being able to perform history reports on any vehicle within a few short minutes.

While Official VIN fails to provide information regarding their origins, according to their domain, they are actively operating in a partnership with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System along with undisclosed government agencies and industry partners.

These various partnerships enable Official VIN to obtain a designated vehicles history report and provides them to the consumer for a rate of $18.95 a piece.

How does Official VIN Work?

According to research, Official VIN appears to function as an intermediary service platform for their partnered organizations.

As stated at their domain, the majority of vehicle history reports acquired are obtained through affiliation with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

Those looking to research the history of a particular vehicle are able to enter the vehicles VIN number along with the designated zip code.

Within a few short minutes, Official VIN obtains the report from NMVTIS and renders the obtained history report in an order form which prompts the user to order their vehicle history report for $18.95.

Among the criteria covered in a vehicles history report would be title problem checks, prior damage checks, odometer checks, salvage/theft/lien checks along with historical events such as impound, export, recall and online sale records.

Due to operating in affiliation with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, Official VIN infers and supports that each obtained vehicle history report is backed with 100% transparency.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Official VIN is only compatible with US citizens which likely infers that their operation is based out of the United States. Official VIN is allegedly owned by OfficialVIN Service, although we were unsuccessful in finding any records at the Better Business Bureau to support their claim.

While the footer of their site incorporates a cumulative total vehicles checks widget of over 13.8 million, it raises speculation in regards the accuracy of this claim due to the fact that according to a WHOIS report, was a privately registered site that has a creation date of January 2nd, 2018.

Whether the alleged total vehicles checked is through Official VIN or through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, we are uncertain, but it seems highly unlikely it would pertain to Official VIN’s operation.

Among of the most pressing concerns regarding Official VIN that should be answered would be what is their corporate number and why the site doesn’t incorporate identifiable features regarding their operation.

In order to find anything of value regarding identity we had to scrounge their Privacy Policy which only disclosed OfficialVIN Service along with as identifying features.

Community Feedback

When we first published this review, Official VIN was only a couple of months old and had yet failed to acquire much community feedback.

A couple months after composing the original publication though, we have received many reports of unethical business practices in regards to Official VIN.

Shared below this review are some of the disturbing reports and the professional courtesy one could promptly expect from Official VIN.

Phone Numbers Reported

  • 767-907-8606
  • 573-539-4979
  • 573-401-9686
  • 573-389-0593
  • 740-901-6526
  • 215-560-0989
  • 708-779-1747
  • 805-678-1756
  • 484-983-6473
  • 484-983-6431
  • 607-354-5504
  • 760-249-0712
  • 267-794-1455
  • 470-615-8516
  • 573-562-0431
  • 573-574-9389
  • 762-524-8923
  • 470-274-9630
  • 708-640-8439
  • 740-330-1602
  • 909-686-3058

Email Addresses Reported


Complaints regarding the disclosed telephone numbers and email addresses have been filed against Official VIN.

Popularity has reflected an unnatural and unprecedented surge in growth according to SimiliarWeb.

Reflecting a global rank of 423,066 with a US rank of 91,591, Official VIN went from supporting 9,000 monthly visitors in January 2018 to over 150,000 as of February 2018.

During the time of writing this review (March 2018), Official VIN receives approximately 44.48% of their traffic from referral based sources while 17.90% is composed from e-mail based sources.

During the time of updating this review (May 1st, 2018), has significantly loss traffic circulation and went from reflecting a global rank of 423,066 to 1,505,472. Previously, Official VIN was reflecting signs of utilizing inorganic traffic acquisition practices to acquire additional traffic but according to recent research and community feedback their site has declined in popularity and trustability.

Should Official VIN be Trusted?

Official VIN functions as an independent and nearly anonymous operation which are normally indications one should avoid when considering using any incentivized platform.

At first, we found Official VIN trustable due to their affiliation with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System although troubling consumer feedback has made us reconsider our position. Therefore, we are no longer suggesting that Official VIN is trustworthy.

Official VIN Review – The Ruling

When it comes to utilizing or fulfilling a purchase through a newly created domain such as, we always encourage to exercise caution and check for insightful community feedback before committing.

Combining the updated community consensus in accordance with the research we disclosed in the review above, we are not recommending Official VIN.

Have you been scammed? File a complaint with us today!

Please disclose any information or experience you may have regarding Official VIN by sharing a comment below.


  1. Lawrence Roche

    Scammer texted me off of my Craigslist add:
    Scammer phone number 610-686-2264
    Hey there! I’m hoping your Cadillac is still available…
    I’m in Reading…
    Also, I want to make sure that everything checks up with the car. Do you mind getting a car report from…
    I just want to see if your car is clean and if there were any previous accidents/title issues…
    and forward the document to my email
    I texted them and asked if the website was legit? Didn’t get a response.
    Anyway, the website looked suspicious so I went to KBB to get a VIN history report and sent them that – still thinking that the person was legit. The email was rejected. Then I saw the email on this blog. I am glad I didn’t put my info into the trackingtires website – lesson learned.

  2. Thea W

    I listed a motorcycle on Craigslist and had a call from 717-619-4107. I normally don’t answer, but did and a male voice said, “Can you hear me?” I said yes and then there was a disconnect. Shortly after the same number texted me. Here is a copy of our text conversation-
    THEM-“Hey there! Im hoping your 2017 Harley hasn’t sold yet.”
    ME-“Did you just call me? Because someone from this number called me and asked if I was there when I said yes, hung up”.
    THEM-“If not maybe I can come check it out in the next few days? Im in Elk Mound”
    ME-“When would you want to look at it? Did you try calling me?”
    THEM-I can’t talk right now do you mind just texting for the time being please, I am at a church function but want to buy that 2017 Harley”
    ME-Buy it without looking at it first? Why did you try calling if you can’t talk right now?
    THEM-Also, some family members want me to make sure that everything checks up with your bike. Do you mind getting a motorcycle report from “ I just want to see that your bike is clean and if there were any previous accidents/title issues”
    ME-I have never heard of that site. I don’t want to put any information in there without knowing that is it safe and without meeting you in person first, since there are a lot of scam artists out there. You can talk to my husband as it is his bike.”

    They did not respond after this, and I thought it was fishy that they did not answer any of my questions, so I assumed it was some sort of robotext. I tried calling and got an answering machine with a male voice that said,”This is me, leave a message after the beep”. I tried to leave a message but it gave me about 10 seconds to finish. I am all worried that when they asked if I was there when I answered and I said yes, that they copied that so they can steal something from me or use it to say I agreed to something as I Googled it and some people are doing that. :-/

  3. Peter

    Same deal for me, got a text from (814) 334-0784 with similar message. Asked for the report to be emailed to Googled and found this site. Now stringing this fool along with texts to waste their time and try to inspire to get an honest job.

  4. AllAheadFull


    Pittsburgh area code calling on car in Boston. Stupid first question “Is car still available” – uh, just listed today. Then tried to warm me up with “what day this week would work best for me to come check it out?” – uh, it’s a Thursday evening lazy scammer. Then “Can you please generate a report from…”

    • Tim

      +1878 400 2800

      Can you please generate a report from so I can see that the vehicle checks out, before I come out to check it out? this shows your cars history… accidents/title etc.

  5. Paul LePine

    Glad I checked and found this site.
    Getting the same boilerplate texts from 570-248-4591, in response to my CL listing.

  6. Frank

    same here. the phone number they used is 717-946-2123 and the email they used is
    I figured i’d check online first because it seemed scammy.

  7. Abun Abao

    Number that texted me is 5703064315.
    The request:Can you please generate a report from so I can see that the vehicle checks out, before I come out to check it out? this shows your cars history… accidents/title etc.
    Email used: and please lmk if you can do that and
    And I was scammed.

  8. Keith

    Got a phone call first and “can you hear me” then hung up.
    Then came this text thread
    What day this week or weekend is best to check out your car?

    I am available on Wed or Thursday night after 6:30pm
    Will you pull me a report from to show me everything is OK with the vehicle, before I come out to check it out?
    CL seller

    Let me look into it. I think I have a carfax report.
    CL seller

    this shows your cars history… accidents/title etc. please lmk if you can do that and forward document to my email that would be great!

    Sorry to bug you, are you still here though?

    I am working now. I will have to get back with you about the carfax or doctorbeepreport info later today or tonight.
    CL seller

    Once I see its good maybe we can schedule a time to meet? ive been looking at the 2006 ford for a long time. 🙂
    Then I got home and researched and found this. Glad I did as I wont be emailing LeeJacobgF Sorry buddy.

    • RJ

      I received this today October 24, 2018
      B:What day this week or weekend is best to check out your car?
      S: After 6pm Thursday and Friday. Anytime on Saturday and Sunday
      B: Will you pull me a report from to show me everything is OK with the vehicle, before I come out to check it out?
      S: I pulled a carfax last night and its on the seat of the car.
      B: This shows your cars history… accidents/title etc. Please lmk if you can do that and forward document to my email that would be great!
      S: The carfax has everything in the history of the car and its sitting in the window of the car.
      B: Once I see its good maybe we can schedule a time to meet? I’ve been looking at the 2004 Volkswagen for a long time. 🙂
      S: The car is clean title both carfax and DMV and I will bring the report for you to see.
      Crickets, nothing, nada, no more correspondence.

      • RJ

        The phone number of the scam
        (724) 303-5451

  9. Eric

    1-570-986-7195 saw my craigslist listing and asked me for a VIN history report from and email the report back to Lame.

  10. Greg Albright

    Same scam. Just got a text offering to pay cash IF I run the report. Creative marketing, but totally misleading and unethical.

  11. Pam

    Same thing happened to me. Posted 5 hours on Craigs List. Call and hang up followed by a series of texts asking me to go to clean and email it to I refused and they pushed for me to do it, ready to come “pay cash”. Told them I was turning in their info.

  12. Rico Pan

    (610) 749-3357 today. Is your 1999 subaru still available?
    wanted me to go to, which redirects to
    Then said go to
    which is actually http. When I queried where they lived etc, said just moved to area, 30 miles out, they would come to me. Then I said was involved in online scams, and
    radio silence.

  13. iHateScammers

    SCAM! Phone: 540-991-0765 Asked me to visit both and DO NOT GO TO THESE WEBSITES. Wanted me to email to

  14. Jamie Lee

    I listed my truck today and a few hours later I got a call from 570-566-5262. After I answered, the caller hung up, then text saying it must’ve been a bad reception. They asked me to go to to obtain a report and email to Thanks to all of your comments we didnt do it! I immediately thought it was suspicious because I looked the number up on whitepages and it said it is a Non-Fixed VoIP. Those kinds of numbers are normally used by scammers.

  15. wenyukela

    Same thing as everyone else. Called then hung up immediately, followed by texts. Phone number is (302) 732-5856. They directed me to The email address they used is

  16. Anon in CO

    Selling vehicle on Craigslist, got a scam text today from (724)673-4396 asking for report from and to send it to

  17. Matthew Hegge

    Just had the same thing on 9-16-18. Call from 412-314-7394. Meeksport, MA. Seemed very interested and then request I send a report from and send to

  18. tony Claudio

    Similar stories. I got a text to request report from then redirects to I had a question on what city they live. Same response twice…Like a chatbot. What a scam
    Phone: 814-414-4304

  19. Sherri H is a SCAM. I fell for it the first time back in April but not again. The number this time was 814-399-2558 and email address was listed above. I told them I’d pay for the VIN check after they came to look at car of which they had inquired when we would be available. No more text messages after I told them I was onto this scam.

  20. Josh bmw vin

    The best site to get BMW GROUP VIN Info and History Reports is

    also here you can check and validate bmw vin using decoder “Free BMW VIN Decoder”

    • Sean

      Is this a scam like all the others? Id rather just use Carfax. Thanks

  21. Ruben

    Just got scammed by telephone number 1(412)717-4683. Missed a call and they texted me if we can text instead. I did purchase it, since it was only $20. Now I have to cancel my credit card, frustrating… The email they used is

  22. nachobear

    all this from some craigslist loser, from 570-774-9706

    saying: now isn’t the best time for me to talk on the phone, ok if we text?

    Sorry at mall and lost connection!

    I have some ?s about your car if it is still for sale?

    how many miles are on it?
    Sorry to bug you, are you still here though?

    anyways the email address for the request for the vehicle history is

    anyways the person told me to go to which goes to the site

    anyways I knew there was something up cause I posted the miles in a picture already and suggested to the person that I can give the VIN code and have them look at the report for themselves there was a link on here to check the title status for free even before I went on this BBB page

  23. Howard W

    Just happened to me. Listed my car on Craigslist four hours ago:.
    Got a call from .724.306.3472 … Immediate hangup:
    And then this text message exchange:
    THEM: Currently driving and cant get a signal to talk
    Very interested in your listing for 2015 prius

    ME: Glad you’re interested. call at your convenience.
    THEM: How many miles are on it?
    I would feel more comfortable coming out to see it if will get a history check on your car from
    this shows the vehicle accident history and makes sure there are no major accidents or title issues
    If you can do that and email me the report to I will keep an eye out for it then schedule a time to come meet you
    ME: 35,500 I’ll get a report.
    THEM: I look forward to potentially buying the 2015 prius after I see its 100% clean from that report.
    I’ve had my eye on this make/model for a while now.

    ME:Sorry, I will not be able to provide you with that report until we meet in person.
    This vehicle is only available to local parties

  24. C

    Listed my car on Craig’s List this morning. Got a text a few hours later…”Currently driving and cant get a signal to talk. Very interested in your make and year car.” I called the number 2 hours later and it went to voicemail. I immediately got a text “now isn’t the best time for me to talk on the phone, ok if we text?” I replied ‘Sure if you’re interested, have questions, or want to take it for a test drive.” They replied “How many miles are on it?” I replied with the number Then they hit me with the website and an email address to send the report to. They goy a Big surprise when I screen shoted the finding that there “Was no history eport for my vin#” They went silent for like an hour so I just texted back. “Since there was no report, guess you’re just a scam artist.
    Add phone number(302) 929-1172 with email
    Seems like they’re all yahoo accounts. Yahoo should check this out.

    • Tom Nelson

      It’s a nice scam, they check Craigslist and other sales sites and do the robot fake call text thing, it’s really amusing when you realize you aren’t talking to a person right away say bizarre things back and the script keeps playing out like you are answering their questions

  25. steve

    same exact thing just happened to me. from tn# 570-712-1827. called and asked if car was still available then hung up and texted me. same crap as below. unfortunately i texted him my vin and told him he could look it up himself. then i went online and found this info.

    • Tom Nelson

      They can’t do anything with the vin, I did the same thing, told the robot that I wasn’t going to pay 5% of the selling price for a vin report, you know the site so well have fun looking it up yourself. They target Craigslist ads

  26. Jenny A.

    Add the phone number 717-966-4711 and the email address Received a phone call asking if my car was still for sale then hung up. I tried calling back but there was weird noises on the other end. Then the guy first said that it was a good place or time for him to talk and asked if it was okay to text. Then the next text said sorry for the dropped call, lost reception in the mall. My spicy sense went up. He asked for a history check on the car from It all seemed shady then I found this page and it was confirmed.

  27. Ryan

    They are baiting you to say “YES” and record it so they then later can use the Credit Card you entered. They call in a charge for your card and impersonate you with your recorded YES.

  28. Steve

    A text message from (484) 604-4698 that felt off to me:
    Would be nice if i could get a history check on your car from this shows the vehicle accident history and makes sure there are no major accidents or title issues, If you can do that and email me the report to I will keep an eye out for it then schedule a time to come meet you

  29. NoScams ForMeThanks

    Same pattern as reported below. Got a phone call, somebody asked (probably a recording) if my car was still available and hung up when I said yes. A minute later I got a text from the same number, and after a bit of back and forth was requested to get a report from, which redirects you to Official VIN.

    (724) 985-5026

  30. Laura

    Glad I found this page! Got a late night call that cut off, then a text. I replied to initial questions but the responses seemed automated. At first I agreed to the VIN check and went to the site, as soon as I saw that payment was required, I googled the company name. The format of the email address he used perfectly matches the rest of them posted here! Not going to get hoaxed today. Hope these losers get shut down.
    Phone was (717)402-5279

  31. Karen

    Same thing, called hung up before I answered and said had bad reception but text asking me to check out sight which took me to officialVIN His number was 610-510-5759 and email was

  32. Katelyn

    Total scam. Same story. Called first, one sentence then hung up and switched to text. Said they were interested in make/model and wanted to talk about the car after they saw the report. Happened 1 day after I posted my car on craigslist.

  33. paul

    One more here: +1 717 895 2369
    It seemed that it was totally automated. I answered the phone call, I hear 1 sentence, then
    switch to text. I offered the carfax report, but he didn’t want to. Then I realized that something goes wrong. All the messages I received were pre-written. I was texting stuff like “asdf” and I was receiving legit responses.

  34. Dac

    This look famliar?

    Hey im sorry but i have awful reception rn. Anywho, the reason I was calling is that I’m interested in your vehicle.

    now isnt the best time for me to talk on phone, ok if we text?

    The vehicle looks great in the ad but I just wanted to clear a few things before I decide on buying and setting up a test drive.

    Can you provide me with a history check on your car from

    If you can do that and email me the report to I will keep an eye out for it then schedule a time to come meet you

    Phone number associated with text: 5703754619

    They must be paying people to drive vin history sales to the site. How awful these losers lie to sellers to drive sales to this site. They went quite when I told them they would need to purchase the report.

    • Rob

      Got the same- phone number 484 265 3110.

      same script as shown in other posts.

  35. Hal Byer

    Same scam for me….. name was Brian Rampling., phone # was 570-463-7045…. I fell for it!!! Have any of you seen fraudulent charges on your cards after the $18.95?

    • Valerie

      Do a chargeback and tell your credit card company that this is a scam.

    • Tom Nelson

      Seriously do these people think we are mentally handicapped? If I get a message from Pennsylvania that they really want my 21yo parts car and will come right over if I just send a vin report, when I live 2500 miles away, big flashing red flag

  36. Eric

    Same story as everyone here: They called, hung up, texted about car and wouldn’t provide a name when asked. Used the ‘My brother the auto mechanic recommends this site’ ‘I’ve had my eye on the year/model for a while’ etc lines too.

    • Jeff

      I am a LEO selling my vehicle. I got a call, that dropped due to bad service from number 717-631-2694. Replied by text telling me to run the VIN thru He was very interested in my car and had been looking for my specific year for a while. He told me to send the detailed report to scam alert.

  37. Nick MuZ

    same exact story, phone call and quick hang up, followed by texts asking for VINcheck report via vinncheckpremium, redirects to….”my brother is a car dealer who recommends this site, blah blah blah…Craigslist Scammer – add this to the list!
    (724) 805-9888
    Burn in hell, scammer!

  38. PB

    Another scam. Asking me for vin report on first and then (that redirects to Please add following to your list.
    Number: 717-970-1179

  39. Candace Williams

    I got a call but I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t answer. They said they had bad reception, but they wanted me to run my vin from this website that was recommended by her brother that worked at a dealership. She said to email it to and her number was 814-614-1254.

    She asked a few questions about the condition of the car 1st. When I asked was the site free and told her she could search the vin number herself she stopped responding. Be careful with craigslist guys.

  40. Melissa Rosales

    Scam… I got a call with one ring and they hung up. They said they had bad reception, but they wanted me to run my vin from this website that was recommended by her brother that worked at a dealership. She said to email it to and her number was (302)585-7423. Be careful…

  41. JBOD

    Same thing. 1 ring call then hang up from (570)860-9633 followed by a series of texts saying they’re sorry that they have bad reception. Directed me to get a report from and then send the report to their email Glad I check here first…..scammers, go play somewhere else!!

  42. Glen

    Definitely a scam, I had someone call and then hang up. They started to text me and ask for information that was on the post. Then stated they would want to have me get the vehicle report and maintenance.

    Scam Artist was:

  43. Joe W

    Same scam, did not get his name. 1-717-966-33279
    It all sounded like a scam and it took less than a minute to confirm it.
    Thanks folks. Great job

  44. Jared Jeffries

    Same as y’all… I’m selling a truck… Got a text with apologies for a bad phone connection.
    Sent me to which forwarded me to website… All a scam. was the email address they used.

  45. David Phillips

    scam call from 570-652-5318: “bad connection” followed by texts resulting in a request for me to email a report “recommended by his brother who in a car dealer, ” then email the report to Then we can schedule a time to for a test drive… I am glad that I found this site before I got scammed..

    • Dee

      EXACTLY THE SAME…EXACTLY!! MY BROTHER works at a car dealership BS I have a bad phone connection blah blah

      • Jennifer Hale

        Such a scam number they were calling from was 540-991-1883 they called at 9:30 pm and then text sorry his phone was dropping calls but he is very interested in my Jeep advertised in autotrader and he said his brother works at a dealership and recommends the official vin website I told him no I can use car fax as it’s been around forever and he emailed back he would be awaiting my vehicle check from that website thru his email. What a complete dumb ass does he not get the fact I am not going to order and it smelt way to fishy. Go scam some other pool soul out of money. I hate this !!! It’s sad that u cannot even advertise a car without this crap going on. Thanks so much for the helpful info

  46. Julia Claussen

    Just got this one from 484-738-1186 and the email associated with it was asking for a VIN check at
    So thankful I found all of these comments first. As soon as the page asked for payment I was very suspicious.

  47. Jen

    Same story as all the rest of you. I received the phony call/texts from 484-852-2960 and the email My car was listed on Craigslist.

  48. Megan

    Just had the hang up/bad connection scam happen to me as well. Thank goodness this site was up and I was able to find these reviews before going to the site they referred.
    The info they used:
    (717) 403-5628

  49. Alford

    Another number : ‭+1 (717) 403-3139‬
    And email

  50. jack archer

    Forgot to add, .vin the domain name for this site, was intended for sites having to do with wine – thus, .vin – scam from beginning to end…

  51. jack archer

    Please add, 540-866-1274. I am in VA and I assume they know this from my phone number on, so they called from a VA exchange (540) to appear local. Be careful.

  52. Uni Auto seller

    Same scam call from 717-366-3296: “bad connection” followed by texts resulting in a request for me to email a report “recommended by his brother” to

  53. Fred R

    Ditto – same pattern from Craigslist posting – “bad connection” – asked me to go to which redirects to call went straight to her VM 570-920-1690

  54. Austin Lerner

    You can add 540-883-4369 to the list, just happened to my roommate! Same exact wording

  55. Car Seller

    Just got the same – phone call, bad connection and then a series of texts which led to “do you mind sending me a history report”. Asked me to go to and email the report to The phone number was from (724) 937-3896. Thankfully I came across this site before falling for this scam.

    • another vehicle seller

      Got a phone call from (610) 735-5640 today.. I heard some voices/noise on the line before the hung up. A google the number and it’s a Scam/Spam number so I started to block it in my phone, but since I’m selling my vehicle, I decided against it. A few moments later, I get a text message from the same number, it’s an inquiry–when is the best time to see it? A couple of text messages later, they request that I got to pull a report from so they can check the background on my vehicle… I tell them I have a car fax that I will forward to them and that’s enough. Anything else is on them. They say, Nope. Gotta have that. And I should send it to

      He really wants to see my vehicle. Has been looking at them for a long time. I’m like good for you. Now move along.

  56. Scott

    I am hook line and sinker. I filled out a complaint with BBB and cancelled my credit card. Is there anything else that I can do?

  57. Adam

    Definitely a scam, I had someone call and then hang up. They started to text me and ask for information that was on the post. Then stated they would want to have me get the vehicle report and maintenance. They also stated, the 2006 Mitsubishi was what they were looking for, which is extremely rare.
    The guy’s phone number is 717-895-2018 and his email address is
    He was wanting me to go to which is not secure, but it’s a redirect.
    Then he stated, “Once I see a clean report from we can setup a time for a test drive.”

    • Scott

      Definitely a scam. The exact same thing happened to me. Phone call, bad connection, followed up by a text, website, and then disinterested after I paid $18.95 which made me google it. The number used was 724-750-3922.

      • Carol

        Same story here. The phone number is 570-920-1541.

    • Becky

      OMG this just happened to me. Luckily enough I dont trust anyone and was already suspicious once they hung up. Same exact thing happened with 717-212-3380 and After they wouldnt tell me if they lived in FL, I didnt even move with it since they are using a PA number and I am in FL. Kept texting other info instead of answering me. Instead of saying yes or NO, they said Great LOok forward to seeing the report and have been thinking about getting an 07 Vehicle. Yea because someone just wants a 11 yr old car. SMH

  58. Colleen

    Same as what has been previously reported. My husband went ahead with the check but after doing so felt something was fishy. After doing a little research we have now disputed the charge and locked his card. Add (717)863-4671 and to the list.

  59. Ken

    You can add 717-536-6508 and email He was asking me to go to and then switched to It felt like a total scam and then I checked those sites out and it directed me to official vin.

  60. Sarah

    Same thing happened here! Add 717-864-1399 to the list.
    They call you and when you try to call back it’s impossible, instead they want to text you. Our car supposedly “looks perfect online” (it’s pretty worn down and has some problems that we described on Craigslist). Asking for the price again although it’s clearly stated in the ad. The most suspicious part was the last message “ive been thinking about getting a 2005 pontiac for a little while now”. Nobody would want that. 😉

  61. Steven car seller

    Tried selling car off craigslist. received a computer call with a guys voice asking if the car was still available. As soon as i said yes, i was hung up on. Shortly after i received a couple texts saying he had bad reception at the moment. And was asking about the price, which i didn’t give because it sounded fishy. Then they asked me to do a vehicle history report at which redirected me to and asked me to email the results to

  62. Jesse

    I received a call/text from (302) 488-2885 asking to send a history report from, then send the info to please add this number and email to the list of scammers.

  63. Nashville, TN seller

    Same M.O. as others have reported in response to a CL ad. Dropped call, then text with the exact same language others said they received . My call was from an unknown number in Pennsylvania, was told to get the report from and send it to I replied that I Googled the site and it doesn’t look legit … crickets. SCAM!!!!!!!!

  64. Michael Gilbertson

    Lets add another number and name to that list:

    Called me about my car and almost immediately hung up before we could actually talk.
    I’m actually pretty sure it was an automated message systems because he never actually responded to anything I said but kept talking. Called him out saying “This just got very sketchy, Im not going to that website” and he replied “Hmu when you send the report”
    So yes. Scam.

  65. kemu

    Same scammer contacted me. Call and text from 951-381-3856 saying he is interested and asked me to provide a vehicle report from and send to him at
    So glad I found this site before I went forward with this scammer. He’s in CA but told me he would come to AZ for a test drive – RED FLAG! These pieces of garbage appear to be everywhere in our society today.

  66. DB

    (407) 604-9973

    “One more thing, do you mind sending me a history report of the car to show the title is clean and no major accidents?
    The best place to get one from is: send it to me at if you can!”

    Wont disclose name or any information, and not aking the right question about the car.

  67. Noel Rivera

    Had a similar experience via text for the car that I am selling. Here is a copy of the text message:
    Copy of message from: 929-429-1427
    One more thing, do you mind if i see a copy of your cars history report? You can get it from -if so, send it to me at if you can!

  68. Sean

    Want to confirm I got a text from +1 (760) 257-0826 asking a few questions then the suggestion to get the VIN report I never heard of.

    After they made the suggestion they would view and test drive the car after they see the report, it really sounded fishy.

    Told them that this was a terrible way to market a firm and it will damage their reputation. The. I found this site confirming the suspicion. Flake outfit . Beware

  69. Bert Law

    Same story. Add to the list:,, (661) 338-5017 . They keep changing the website name so you won’t be able to find the scam blog. Interesting thing is that they keep using yahoo email. Did they buy them from the hack couple years ago

  70. Brian Webb

    Just received a text asking me to get a report from The email address to send the results to is Phone number 469-731-9850.

    My first clue that something is fishy is an out of state phone number. It happens that someone just moved or they didn’t change their cell phone number, but when it’s followed by an unknown web site to type personal information into you know it has to be a scam.

  71. Dave

    Just got a text from 717 area code, east coast, and I’m on the west coast. Guy says he moved a lot hence the need for a car. Asked that I get a report from for the car I’m selling.As soon as I texted that I would get a car history report but from another site, the conversation ended.

  72. Chris Fagan

    Same story…starts off with is car listed on CL still available. Then “everything looks good” and “have a couple questions for you” and the next question is “whats your price for your 2004 XXX?”. I responded it’s in the ad and they came back with “Can you also get a copy of your cars history report?”, put the link in for this bogus site and asked to email it to I went quiet and they asked “hey, don’t mean to bother you but are you still here”, I replied not interested. They came back with “lmk after you’ve pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up”. Sure this is a bot that’s just combing for sale sites.

  73. Auto Trader Car Seller

    Same story. I received a text from (909)662-8751 that said, “Hi! Is your car thats listed on CL still available?” [my car was listed on AutoTrader, not Craigslist]
    After a few texts, they asked me to go to then another text directing me to
    after correcting the spelling of the first link, I found both links forwarded to
    They ask for your VIN then the next screen asks for name, email, phone. the next button apparently goes to payment information. I didn’t enter my name, email, or phone, so I didn’t get that far. I then googled “ scam” and found this site. Thanks!

  74. Mike

    Outside of credit card scams do they do any kind of VIN scamming if you enter in your VIN # + name/address? Are they only interested in the CC #?

  75. Tom P

    You will get a robotic type call, then they will text asking you to go and get a vehicle report at which forwards to
    First text read as
    “Hi, is your car that’s listed on CL still available?

    The text was from 740-849-1609 and they wanted me to send report to

  76. steve

    same story here, now I see I was scammed by a machine scammer. Is there any way that these people can be reported and brought down? this is fraud

  77. Car Seller 2

    And another one, call from 727-605-9859 asked about CL (Car was listed on Autotrader) then texted and asked me to buy a report from The misspelling of VIN with 2x N’s made me think twice. Email address was given as and is definitely a scam.

  78. Denise Smith

    Another Craigs list scam 240-817-5952 see my previous posts.

  79. Bryan

    Definitely a scam. Same pattern, fake phone call, hang up, texting. Craigslist reply. “Can you also get a copy of your cars history report? You can get it from -please send that to me at: if you can! ” redirects to the very shady officialVIN website. “hey, dont mean to bother but are you still here?” Very well crafted and convincing, but no way to verify the company, or any official BBB logo or anything like that anywhere.

  80. Kandi

    I just received a phonew call and text asking me to go to a vin checking site that redirected me to where my phone was bombarded with popups..thank god for popup blockers. The number that he called and text from was 636-385-9618 and email was

  81. Car for Sale by Owner

    One scammer tried to get me with which redirects to
    This persons number is 909-735-8166 and told me to send the report to
    Sending text message you can see there is a computer robot behind the given phone number.

  82. Jimmy

    Scam operation.
    They wanted (via text to me) the same thing, VIN, price, etc. Although it was already listed in the ad!
    Referenced and showed senders phone as (856) 677-2897.
    And wanted it sent to AnitaHillxx at yahoo dot com. Seriously??

  83. Selling my car

    Same thing – got a text from 708-761-1372 “Hey I saw your car listed on CL and have a few questions for ya”. Texting back immediately led to the request to order the report from “” a link which opened the Official Vin site. I bailed and messaged the texter that I would not be using the site. The email address for sending the report to:

      • kate g

        Same email address from different phone # text me about a vehicle listing. “Will you please get me a report from so I can see that your automobile has clean history, before I come out to check it out? this shows your cars history…accidents/title etc.” Didnt click the link because I’m unsure of where it leads. Asks to forward the report to email These texts came from phone # 570-927-9203. Likely a scam so I stopped communicating.

  84. Mack

    I had a person contact me with the same song and dance from 469-526-9576.
    I had my phone# listed on but the text I received said they saw my listing on Craigslist. The person asked me to complete a vin report on but it directed me to the person gave me an email to sent the report to:

    I was also asked: “hey, don’t mean to bother you but are you still here?”

    this is word for work the same thing in the above comment. A total scam

  85. Spencer

    Just got pinged by one of these guys. Seemed phishy. They called and hung up, then texted like others. Address that forwarded was AND
    Phone number ‭1 (740) 426-2888‬
    I’m guessing he slipped up and texted two different websites.
    The forwarding address
    Same as shown above

  86. Brad

    Another scam attempt from
    Called the number back after they called me. They didn’t answer, but then txt me saying that they couldn’t talk at the moment, even though they just called me a minute earlier.

  87. Izzy

    Scam. Number was 774-539-1615. Called and asked if I was selling a bmw then hung up and texted instead. Sent me a link and asked me to email a report to Good think I did research and found this before falling for it. These scammers are getting good

  88. Mac

    Phone: 4706158769

    Same exact scam after listing car on CL last night. Figured this was shady. Immediately blocked after he sent links and said that we can meet for test drive after I provide report. They even copy/paste the same obvious messages.

    • ollie

      thank god for all the replys here i just got a text from a wanting my car it had the exact same wording as “go lewis” on may 15. i thought it was a little off to use strange site for vin info and not even seeing the car.

  89. JP

    After advertising on CL I got a similar call from 706-971-6689 which cut straight off, then got text messages asking me to provide a report from in one message and then in another message. Both redirect to I believe that number was used because it’s a GA number and my number is a GA number except I’ve not lived there for years. The email I was supposed to send the report to was The messages kept coming asking when I’d sent the report saying they were ready to buy until I pointed out that I work in security and had done some checks and verified that this was a scam. The messages stopped after that. Don’t use, it’s definitely a scam.

  90. Paul

    805-728-7757 It’s definitely a scam

  91. Fred

    Ok. Looks like I stopped at the right place. Hated that I even entered my phone number and email.


    “” redirects to “”
    “Imk after you’ve pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up”

    Never tried to negotiate with price.

    Using “” to get domain information: looks like a really new site

    Domain Name:
    Registry Domain ID: 3d6faa502cf94fffa83540bbbe63dc42-DONUTS
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2018-04-08T02:01:16Z
    Creation Date: 2018-04-03T02:00:29Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2019-04-03T02:00:29Z

    I guess i will not respond to that guy. Just curious how much they can get from the scam that they can hire actual people to chat with you.

  92. Curt V

    Got a call from 616-350-9201, then text, wanted me to send report from and email Sounded fishy so i googled and found this page. Thanks for the info.

    • Sean

      I posted my car for sale in Orange County CA and I just got the same call and text but different phone number- 570-405-0820 from PA. Wanted me to get a car check from and email it to I knew it was a scam he was too eager

  93. Rob

    Car listed on Craigslist,NY. Guy calls from (914) 216-0237 and hangs up. 2 seconds later he texts that he can’t talk but only text. Texts me a link to Asks me to pull the report and email it to

    • JT

      I just got the same thing, same name but a different number.

  94. Doug

    Scam !!! Called 1st but i cannot return call. is the email I was sent.
    Phone # 951-420-0627 which is not a working #. Wanted me to use to get a VIN report and send it to him . Sounded suspicious to me. Did some research and found that it was a scam.
    AVOID !!!

  95. James Clarke

    I listed my truck on and got a text from someone from 331-422-1533 which was a scam and was trying to send me to Never share your CC info with these fools, if they want to see proof use car proof like everyone else.

  96. go lewis

    just lmk after you’ve pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up
    thanks look forward to seeing the report 😉 ive had my eye on the[car] i think im ready to buy it.
    hey dont mean to bother but are you still here?

  97. Steve Harmon

    I got scammed using the text methods others described and I paid using my CC. I received what looked like a valid report, and even contained some accurate information. But the requester never responded again, and another one with the same message happened the next day. So I contacted my credit card company, and they have opened an investigation into “”. So far (2 days ago) no problems with my card and abuse. But still I may cancel the credit card to avoid future problems.
    Here’s my issue: I couldn’t care less about the $19, but I am really concerned if the card will be abused in the future.

  98. Not Today Scammers!

    Add 872-244-9259 and 312-313-5089 to list. More interested in me getting the history report from then anything else. Stopped calling/texting after I supplied a different report from a reputable company.

  99. Jonas

    Got the same as everyone else. Got a truck for sale on Craigslist. Call and then texts from 740-849-1613 asking me to run a report on . It forwards to According to Whois vinchecksupreme was just registered on May 13, 2018. That’s the same day he first texted me. Clearly scammers!!

  100. Lori Arter

    Mine was Same text as everyone else. Phone number 636-944-9574. I texted back that I googled it and said it was a scam and heard nothing else from her or him or it or scum bag!

  101. A Clubman

    Posted a car on craiglist. Got a text from (856)440-8452 today indicating they’re interested if I could provide a VIN history report from, sending it to Would not take a carfax report that I had, wanted the Looked up the domain name with ICANN Whois and the domain was just created today, with the same info as Obviously a scam.

  102. Mike

    I got the call that dropped immediately. Phone number 781 923 9088 then the texting started. I’m supposed to email audrey

  103. Shawn

    selling my car on Got a call, then text today from (631)479-0812 referring me to pull a history report from (redirects to Official and email them I asked if I could instead pull a Carfax report and all I got back was “Just LMK when you pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up.” Safe to say I will not be doing either of those things thanks to this article and these other comments.

    • Norman

      Exactly the same thing here – I listed on and got a call and then a text asking me to pull a report from and email to
      call and texts from 857-520-1664.

      • Sol Spec

        Same here, just reported them to the FTC : reference number: 95595047

  104. FG Car Seller

    Same story here. Received a call asking if I still had the car. I said yes, and he hung up and sent me a text from 774 593 0692. Said go to this site, run the report, and send the report to him at To each of my text responses, it did not appear that they were even read. It just seemed to be auto responses that did not match up to my text responses.

  105. Humberto Ginesta

    I’m in Burleson and I got a call from a guy about my jeep and he hangup and text later with all the same pattern that everyone is complaining about. he text me later and ask to run a vin check on vin elite check. his email is phone number (817) 839-1726

  106. 1j

    scam, 951-527-8784 reqeusting report from which redirects to, which seemed suspicious and thus prompted my search and findings here.

  107. Allen K

    Same for me as above posts. Phone # was 1-727-318-4831 .
    Wanted me to get a vin search at said he wanted to buy car but I must 1st get a vin check by this company.

  108. Sid

    The site is probably a scam. I got a text from 706-503-8893 stating they are interested in my vehicle. They referred me to this site and told me to email and let them know after I pulled the report. Very suspicious.

  109. Alex

    Referred by CraigsList scammer. I got a call from (774) 541-5591 that cut off after the caller said hello. I then received a text that seems to echo messages other users here got, saying “lmk after you’ve pulled up the report and we can make a time to meet up”. He wanted the email sent to So lame people do this.

  110. Michel Seignette de Kerobert

    I was just contacted today by a guy using 573-342-8530 and he hung up on me after I told him I still had the car for sale. Then he texted me and pressured me to order the report on and e-mail it to him at I completed the order and it locked on me I was not able to put the year and the CVV number…I am going to monitor my account online to see if they try to scam my credit card.

  111. John

    Same here. I got a call then a text from 978-796-8588 asking for Price on car I am selling. I called back but they didn’t talk. Then I got a a text a few seconds later. They said can’t talk now can we text. They said the price wasn’t in the ad how much do you want etc….. Then they ask you to pull a history report from which takes you to The email address is so luckily I checked the site reviews. Stay away.

  112. craiglist seller

    Craigslist Scam from 914-449-3438, asked to pull a history report from – and email him at Calls, asks if the car is still being sold and then hangs up when you respond and sends a text afterwards.

    • Pato

      Same mail address, different number now 9154381769… Just texts, no calls, the initial text reads Sorry my phone has terrible reception right now– was interested in your automobile. When I called the number it is always a busy signal. Be aware.

  113. Mickey

    9096559671 called me and texted me. Was obviously a bot replying using the email

    Sent two websites that redirected to, and

    All fake, do not use.

  114. C Singh

    ‭+1 (443) 649-8973‬ This is the scam number I received

  115. Matt Danielson

    My call came from 410-401-6298 and Same details as outlined above in this string, even a word-for-word text message with the same typos. I reported them to the web hosting company listed on their “whois” search and to the FBI.

  116. John

    Just got a text from 909-671-0848. He disconnected very quickly then sent me a text asking for official vin report with the link. I didn’t pay for anything and looked it up and got this site along with a couple of others regarding this site. Hopefully just clicking on the link didn’t download any malware on the site.

  117. Mister

    Another number they have is
    (941) 213-2471
    Basicaly they called and texted asking to obtain car report from their website and give email to send it to, which doesn’t really matter, because they get your info on the
    official.Vin website, they also give youother links that redirect you to their original website, like this one that I was sent.

  118. Matt Brady

    If you have been contacted by these people please do the following:
    1. Do not give them any credit card or personal information – they are scammers!
    2. Send an email to (This is the company that hosts these websites and they can shut them down)
    3. Feel free to tell the scammers you have reported them to their hosting provider and try to scare the hell out of them. Mentioning the FBI might do the trick.

  119. Justin p

    Justin p

    I got one today he gave me 2 diff website that redirects me to official vin. His number way 757-330-9982
    And his email was

  120. Steve

    I got one today 2 May 2018 on a car I have listed on craigslist. It’s from, phone (817) 839-1227 he wanted me to go to the site redirected me to which I checked out first. Scam, glad I checked first. BTW, he wasn’t interested in Carfax either.

  121. P Vissc

    I posted a car for sale on Craigslist. in my case they want a vin report from which redirects to
    Address is
    Phone is 767 907 8606.

  122. Brooke Ferrell

    Got a phone call today from a male from Versailles,MO phone number 573-539-539-4979. Wanted me to send him a report on my VIN number to

    Luckily I figured out what was happening and didnt give ANY credit card information.

  123. Brooke Ferrell

    Just figured out that I nearly got scammed from this website- It was a male called from Versailles, MO phone number 573-539-4979. He quickly hung up as soon as I answered and said he could only text- said he was ready to buy my car and said I needed to have the VIN report sent to him through this website.
    I was supposed to email the report to

    Luckily I did not give ANY credit card information. I didnt even to watch for a scam while selling my car- but will be more careful in the future.

  124. Gil

    Thank you for the people that wrote a comment for this post! I almost got into this scam! So sad that people can still scam others! =(

    573-401-0686 contacted me and asked to pull my car report from and send it to I did not want to pay for the report and said I could get for free from the DHMV, but it just replied saying “After I get a copu of the report from I can schedule a time to meet and potentially buy it”.
    I got suspicious when I read this informal message that followed: “Just lmk after you’ve pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up”. Very informal! The same as someone wrote here.

    • Gil

      Just a correction… the phone number is 573-401-9686

  125. MikeC

    Same, same, same….
    how did you fight them? Please post this information! I called the bank, Chase, and once I mentioned about my last transaction, that customer service representative I was talking to already knew it was a scam. Yet, they don’t block their account.
    Post how to fight them

  126. Buck

    Yup, same scam. Call with a poorly recorded voice. Then a text requesting I go to the site (which is and email the report. Who the hell puts caps in their email address? Is that supposed to make it look official.

  127. Car Seller

    Craigslist Scam from 215-560-0989 – which redirects to “You just enter your vin then get a report”

  128. Tyrone Dye

    708-779-1747 redirects to requested I buy a report from them before we meet because she is ready to buy. Send report to
    When I said I have a report from KBB I will send you the Bot response was “Just lmk after you’ve pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up”

    Complete sales marketing scam for this bogus website.

    • Norman

      Same same same…bots…stopped after I used the word scam and fraud in my replies. I don’t know how one would fight this with credit card company, but you should try. Because the merchant account they use will get more difficult with them if/when they get a lot of reversals.

  129. Javon Duong

    I just got someone wanting to buy my car with the number of 805-678-1756 telling me to send it to They called then hung up then texted me saying “You just enter your vin then get a report – Please email that to me.” thankfully i came here

    • Chris White

      Same exact story for me. Thanks guys!

  130. Kim Leslie


    I was contacted by number 484-983-6431. and asked to send a vin report for the car I was selling. A link to was texted to me.

    I offered a carfax report, but was told they didn’t trust carfax, and wanted Official Vin.

    Stupidly (grrrr), I followed the link and filled out all info requested on the site, including the vin, credit card info, name, address, email address, etc.

    After 5 minutes of receiving nothing from the company, I began to research and realized I had been scammed. I immediately cancelled my cards, and alerted my bank.

    I called back the above original number several times and no reply. No reply to my follow up texts, either.


  131. Jeff

    I received a request to pay for the report and send it via text from ad I have on Autotrader.

  132. Henry Lince

    It’s a total scam. I have a car for sale on autotrader. Received a text asking about me car then she asked me to get the report and email it. I did that then no reply back on the car. I email OfficialVIN, bounced back. Then i called them and told the operator that i wanted my money back because it was a scam. Ask him why they have people texting asking for the service. He said they didn’t do that. I reply then why is the number of the woman that texted me not aworking number. He quickly reply that they would refund my money. I did call my credit card company and reporte
    d it. Getting rich $18.95 at a time. Scam!

  133. Kent

    Yup another scam texter wanted me to send a to her email.
    That address is
    They just want you to buy the report.
    Her email bounced back.

  134. Blake CBD

    Official VIN appears to pull valid vehicle information but I am very suspect of their site and motives. It seems that part of their sales strategy is to pose as buyers to get car sellers to run a report on their site. While they appear to at least have some information on the vehicle, the original intent of the call focuses on getting the seller to run the report (and pay) and I highly doubt it will turn into anything. When I offered to send over a CarFax report instead, the sense of urgency to set up an appointment to see the vehicle immediately waned and the caller mentioned that he would “check his email” later. Further evidence of this can be seen in the weakness of their TLS certificate and how they have obscured the domain owner information, not to mention the similar patterns in the random email addresses. I posted on AutoTrader and was contacted by (760) 249-0712

  135. Gregg D.

    If you get a potential buyer calling from 1-573-574-9389, it is a scam. They want you to use the service and your CC number to charge $18.95. I suspected fraud right away and looked at the info on the report (did not hit send) – it was not accurate. The third red flag was following up with a Google search.

  136. Sebastian

    Another just text me 1-762-524-8923 email

    • Car Seller

      Same here. I got a call/text from 909-686-3058 asking for VIN # on car I am selling. The email address is so luckily I didn’t give them any of my credit card or personal info

  137. Joe Auto-seller

    Referred to this site by potential craigslist scammer..

  138. Jeffry Howard

    Site is a scam. Do not put your credit card details.

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