Publishers Clearing House Review

Publishers Clearing House ( is a popular online lottery and discount retailer that was established in 1953 by Publishers Clearing House LLC.

PCH Overview

Publishers Clearing House, most commonly referred to as PCH, operates as a multi-channel marketer of everyday consumer goods and magazines. Incorporating a clever marketing approach, PCH markets paid sponsor’s goods as a way to accrue income and offer sweepstakes prizes free of charge to their users as a way to capitalize on their sponsors and trademarks advertisements and consumer products.

Available only to those who reside within the United States or their governing territories, PCH is used by millions of online users and is one of the most popular online lottery and sweepstake domains.

As found at the Better Business Bureau, is overseen by Publishers Clearing House LLC which was started on February 14th, 1953. According to the report, Publishers Clearing House LLC became incorporated on October 22nd, 2002 in New York and is headquartered from 300 Jericho Quadrangle, Dept. 300, Jericho, NY 11753-2712.

Having been in existence for a period greater than 65 years, Publishers Clearing House LLC shocked us slightly be reflecting a BBB accreditation date of March 2nd, 2015. Showcasing an A+ BBB rating while reflecting a composite score of 4.57 out of 5 stars from over 600 customer reviews, it appears that PCH is quite reputable.

PCH Game Play

Publishers Clearing House has grown into one of the most widely used online lottery sites. Offering free online sweepstakes, instant win games, virtual scratch off tickets along with gambling games such as blackjack, PCH renders all these promotional games free of charge.

Users who register with the site and become eligible to participate in their online games are able to play a wide variety of virtual games while entering numerous lucrative sweepstake offers.

Tokens are rewarded to those who participate on their platform which can then be utilized to enter additional sweepstakes not traditionally covered among their platform. The more tokens that a user accumulates, the more incentives and rewards that they will earn by utilizing the PCH site.

In addition to online gambling games, lotteries and promotions, PCH offers an online marketplace oftentimes reflecting discounted consumer goods. While many users will be prompted to browse their virtual catalogs when playing their online games, it should be known that according to PCH, no purchase is necessary in order to participate with their offers nor will purchases make it more likely for users to win.

Hundreds of weekly winners are announced on a daily basis through PCH while their most widely participated sweepstakes would be their Win $5,000 a week FOR LIFE sweepstakes which are conducted numerous times throughout a calendar year.

Community Feedback

Some negative complaints have been found at SiteJabber and ConsumerAffairs regarding the legitimacy of Publishers Clearing House. While research will show that most of the submitted reviews are controversial and weakly supported at best, these negative complaints should still be taken under consideration by any potential US resident looking to participate with PCH.

While it’s true that the majority of complaints appear to be submitted by those who appear to be poor losers and receive too many emails, all-in-all most of these allegations against PCH are quite feeble and don’t actually strip any credibility away from their promotional online site.

Domain History and Reputability

According to WHOIS, was registered on January 18th, 1994 by Publishers Clearing House. Since their inception, their site has grown exponentially which according to SimilarWeb reflects a global rank of 323 with a US rank of 55 as of March 2018. Ranked as the 2nd most popular gambling site online, PCH supports over an estimated 81 million visitors per month while 99.33% of their traffic is US based.

Should PCH be Trusted?

Given the information disclosed above combined with the fact that PCH is a verified and confirmed legitimate operation, we believe that their site is trustworthy. Used by millions of US citizens on a monthly basis, PCH renders free online promotions, sweepstakes and lotteries that could pay out quite substantially to those fortunate enough to win.

PCH Review Conclusion – The Ruling

Since 1967 PCH has awarded over $228 million in prizes and awards to their users. Supporting millions of US based participants on a monthly basis while being ranked as one of the most popular sites, according to SimiliarWeb, it goes without question that PCH is a genuine and rewarding operation. While the odds of winning prizes and rewards are slim, this can be expected for a platform that renders all their game play opportunities free of charge.

After weighing the information disclosed in our factual review above, we believe Publishers Clearing House to be a legitimate operation that will only continue to grow in time due to their unique offer and effective business model. To participate with Publishers Clearing House, we encourage you register with their site and begin entering their online sweepstake games!

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  1. Dave rade

    The 2023 pch1.25million dream home giveaway contest doesn’t work it if you register for it it will ask you for more info and click continue button and it takes you to blank white page with an error code.

  2. Brad Gibbs

    If PCH would provide proof that people have won money, then I’d enter that contest.
    There is an adage that goes like this:
    No proof. No case. Therefore. I will stick with the contest that I trust the most. The state sponsored lottery.

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