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There can be no denying, NikeKW is a rip-off attempt targeting consumers through social media platforms such as Facebook.

Official Site:

Incepted exactly 3 weeks ago, NikeKW is part of a volley of fake discount retailers that are currently plaguing the online marketplace with illicit shopping opportunities and retail offers that prey upon budget-conscience shoppers looking to acquire a good deal on some name brand goods. is the 8th fake Nike based ‘discount’ retailer that we’ve come across by this scam network, with this in mind Do Not Shop at!

To learn more regarding the NikeKW scam and the measures you can take if you’ve been scammed by this entity we invite you to read our thorough review.

What is NikeKW? pretends to be a discount retailer offering ‘rare discounts’ on Adidas footwear.

Supporting 20 different pairs of Adidas shoes, items once retailing for €79.99 and €120.00 can be found ‘discounted’ from €25.99 to €31.00.

Now here’s a weird fact for you, many of the scam iterations previously campaigned by the scam network behind these retail scams have decided that 20 is their ‘magic’ number.

Nearly every iteration has incorporated 20 fake products into their site, usually no more or no less than 20.

Among the style of Adidas shoes featured at NikeKW would be casual wear, no sneakers or any other footwear variations can be found at NikeKW.

Just like previous campaigned scams, there is no About Us page or information regarding to how their ‘retail’ site came to be.

When visiting their Shipping & Returns page, we are confronted yet again with the same template used in over a dozen and a half of their scams to date.

Which would be that they are a UK based company with warehouses nested within the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain while they allegedly ship to over 220 countries worldwide.

Now that information may be helpful if they actually shared which ‘company’ that they were referring too and if we knew that the template wasn’t copy-and-pasted from multiple fake retail sites of theirs.


Support@JDOnline.Info is the only way to contact the operators behind

There is no ownership or identifying information shared at

This means there are no telephone numbers, physical addresses or reference to a corporate entity anywhere.

The only means that consumers have for contacting the operators would be through the email address shared above but let it be known that according to multiple consumer reports that the operators don’t find it worth their time to reply to any emails, regardless of how many you may send.

Like every scam launch incepted by this malicious network, NikePW operates with completely anonymity and without credibility.

Rip-Off Retail Scams

Nike is just one out of over 30 fake discount retailers that we have encountered to date by this network.

Let that soak in for a second…

Over 30 FAKE ‘discount’ retail sites.

Absolutely ridiculous to be honest.

The sad reality of these scams too would be how they can get away with solely soliciting consumers through Facebook while being able to fleece them out of their money in the process.

Shared below are the FAKE discount ‘retailers’ that we know of to date (06/25/2019):

Generic Discount ‘Retailers’

  • BTMD.Online
  • HexPress.Shop
  • ZZPlus.Shop
  • GoodTop.Shop
  • WaShoes.Club

Name Brand ‘Retailers’

  • EletronicsStoreT.Me

Among the targeted name brands to date include Nike, Vans, Ralph Lauren, Keen, Garmin, HP, Converse, Birkenstock, Adidas, RayBan, Salomon and The North Face.

If this doesn’t put you on alert we aren’t entirely sure what would.

Domain Insight was privately registered on June 4th, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

When conducting a market intelligence report on NikeKW through SimilarWeb, NikeKW fails to reflect any web rankings while reflecting Chinese characters within the report, likely indicating that they are based overseas in China (like their other scam launches).

Given NikeKW’s lack of web rankings it is obvious that their site doesn’t receive much organic traffic.

As with other scams launched by this network, the operators rely almost entirely upon Facebook and other social media outlets to funnel unsuspecting consumers into their scam site.

Is a Scam? is with utmost certainty a scam!

NikeKW Review Conclusion

NikeKW is a FAKE Adidas site pretending to offer generous deals on casual Adidas footwear.

These discounts range up to 90% off while the operators behind these illicit retail sites funnel the vast majority of their traffic by conducting misleading advertisements through social networks.

Don’t believe the hype surrounding any of these fake discount sites and if you run across an advertisement promoting unbelievably high discounts on social platforms do not only yourself but others a favor by reporting it, more likely than not is a scam.

The Better Business Bureau, along with ourselves, have warned the public about the increase volume of illicit retail offers – it appears our predictions came into fruition.

Be on your guard and ‘trust your gut’ when shopping.

If you’ve been scammed, don’t worry you may still be able to get your money back.

First you need to contact your financial institution, ask for a chargeback while explaining the situation to them then request a new credit or debit card (to help prevent the possibility of unauthorized charges).

If you used PayPal it is important to File a Complaint while then escalating the case to a Claim ASAP, the quicker you can get a handle on the situation the more likely you’ll be able to recoup your stolen funds.

If you have been scammed by NikeKW, or entities with similar characteristics, we invite you to share your feedback with us and thousands of others below!

Verdict: NikeKW is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Feel free to share any insight or experiences you have below!

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  1. E. Da Silva

    Please add to your list.
    North Face “outlet”.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. pickledpork

    as of now they change their name to appears very similar with the former store with only three major shoes being offered Adidas, Nike and NB.

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