Review | ‘North Face’ Scam Site Exposed

NotDC is yet another scam iteration of the Support@JDOnline.Info retail campaign.

Official Site:

Pretending to offer “Rare Discounts on The North Face Up To 80% OFF SALE,” while soliciting consumers through social networks is how the operators behind these scams draw unsuspecting victims into their fake retail site.

Don’t believe the hype portrayed in their misleading advertisements, there is nothing for sale at NotDC apart from elaborate falsehoods and deceptive lies.

To learn WHY you should avoid the scam we invite you to read our honest review.

What is NotDC?

Simply put, is a fake discount retailer pretending to offer The North Face brand outerwear.

During the time of composing this review (June 24th, 2019), NotDC currently retailed 20 different North Face apparel goods that ranged from:

  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Parkas
  • Vests
  • Flannels
  • Snow Jackets
  • Rain Jackets

Items once reflecting price tags of €343.00 and €232.00 can be found marked down to €42.13 to €37.50.

Every product featured at NotDC reflect unrealistic online savings that are solely meant to allure consumers into purchasing through their site.

There is no About Us page shared at NotDC while the site itself is presented with a non-invasive format that is meant to result in a quick buyer to seller exchange.

In other words, consumers aren’t meant to spend a lot of time of these sites.

Which is unfortunate for them because the more time that you spend on NotDC the more obvious it becomes that their retail site is NOT legit!

Who is Behind

When visiting the Contact Us page of NotDC, we are only presented with a contact submission form.

We were unable to find any reference to a telephone number, physical address or any ownership information.

The only method that we have of contacting the operators behind NotDC would be through the email address Support@JDOnline.Info.

Which, according to consumers, the operators associated with that email address never bother to send a reply no matter how many emails are sent.

As with every scam launched by this malicious scam network, NotDC operates with total anonymity and a complete disregard to ethical business practices.

Shipping & Returns

“We Are A Uk Company With Regional Warehouses In London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany And Barcelona, Spain. With 24 Localized Websites Delivering To Over 220 Countries, Our 2,50 Employees Work Together Every Day To Meet Your Needs.”

We are hit once again with this copy and pasted textual element on the Shipping & Return page of

Like over a dozen of their previously exposed scam sites, NotDC reflects the SAME Shipping & Return, FAQ, Payment and Privacy Policies.

Despite this site being incepted only 10 days ago, it appears the some of the operators behind this site still fancy the copy-and-paste scam technique.

We suppose they utilize shortcuts to enable them to mass produce as many of these fake discount scams as possible, not a big surprise to us really considering we’ve exposed many of these fake retailers to date.

Fake Retail Sites

Every site shared below are fake discount retailers apparently launched by this network:

  1. HexPress.Shop
  2. ZZPlus.Shop
  3. GoodTop.Shop
  5. BTMD.Online

If you encounter other scam sites with the email address
make sure NOT to purchase from that site, it is likely a fake retail scam site.

Domain Insight was privately registered on June 13th, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

As of June 23rd, 2019, failed to reflect any web rankings across market intelligence websites such as SimilarWeb.

This reveals to us that NotDC does not receive much organic site traffic and like all its predecessors likely relies upon Facebook and other social media outlets to funnel unsuspecting consumers into their fake discount ‘retailer.’

Is a Scam? is a bona-fide scam operation! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

NotDC Review Conclusion is a phony retail site pretending to offer rare discounts of The North Face brand.

Targeting consumers through Facebook and other social outlets while enticing them with unrealistic discounts and ‘online savings’ is how the operators behind these fake retail scams have deceived hundreds of consumers to date.

If you have been scammed by NotDC, make sure to contact your financial institution, explain the situation while requesting a chargeback then make sure to get a new payment card to eliminate any potential unauthorized charges in the future.

Multiple reports can be found across the web by consumers who report multiple unauthorized charges being made to their payment method – a real slap in the back after already being scammed out of their money.

If you know of any scams that aren’t shared on our growing list of Support@JDOnline.Info retail scams we invite you to share your wisdom with us below!

Verdict: NotDC is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Feel free to share any insight or feedback you may possess below!

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