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No Problem Cash ( is an online payday loan matching network. Focusing their operation upon establishing connections, this loan matching platform connects prospective loan applicants with ample quantities of online lenders. Individuals seeking to obtain payday loans between $100 to $5,000 are encouraged to complete the brief application process in order to become eligible for the ability to receive loan offers. To learn more about the origins and the legitimacy of No Problem Cash, feel free to continue reading our honest review.

About NoProblemCash

No Problem Cash does an excellent job of providing consumers with just enough information regarding what their operation is about but nothing in regards to their authoritative figures. Clearly operating as a loan matching service provider, No Problem Cash doesn’t provide any ownership information anywhere on their site besides in their Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. According to the Terms of Use page, Nesmetaju LLC owns and operates the No Problem Cash site.

For those of you who are frequent readers of ours, the corporate entity Nesmetaju LLC may ring a bell. This corporate entity is also responsible for the creation of White Rock Loans and is allegedly headquartered from Springates Building, Lower Government Road, Charlestown, Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis, yet Google Maps does not recognize this location as a valid address. Furthermore, we are unable to find any records of “Nesmetaju, LLC” amongst Saint Kitts and Nevis business registries.

How does No Problem Cash Work?

Consumers inquiring about obtaining a quick online loan are able to complete the application process within a 5 minute time frame. Loan applicants complete the brief loan process by providing their full name, required loan amount, email and home address, phone number, social security number, driver’s license number, proof of employment, monthly post tax income and other sensitive financial information. The only eligibility requirement that must be met would be that applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Once you submit your loan request, No Problem Cash processes your application and provides your information to their approved network of lenders. Who these lenders are we are uncertain since No Problem Cash fails to provide information regarding their lenders, alleged APRs, circumstantial conditions, and other imperative information. After a couple of minutes, applicants will receive an answer as to whether their loan request has been approved and if so be connected with various online lenders who submitted their loan offers in return.

While NoProblemCash fails to illuminate investors of the risks associated with payday loans, we must advice potential applicants only to pursue payday loans for emergency expenditures. Due to the short-live nature of payday loans, the sooner you pay them off the less taxing and burdensome they will be on you later down the road. Oftentimes coming with APRs that reach the 4 digit mark, payday loans are not to be trifled with unless you are absolutely certain you can pay them off quickly.

NoProblemCash Spec Report

  • Registered on March 26th, 2012
  • Owned and operated by Nesmetaju, LLC
  • Loan requests eligible for $100 to $5,000
  • Some loan cases are provided by tribal lenders
  • Not demographic restricted, available in most locations
  • Loan applicants are able to cancel loan process obligation free
  • Renders a loan matching service between applicants and lenders

To determine your credit worthiness, lenders associated with No Problem Cash may pull your credit history from major credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, Trans Union, Teletrack or DP Bureau. This may or may not negatively affect your credit score.

Discrepancies and Red Flags

No Problem Cash is compatible with many undependable loan matching platforms in the essence that they are not overseen by a legal authority and go through various measures to hide their identity from loan applicants. Typically engorging investors with the same spiel of being a loan connection service while leaving out the essential operational need-to-knows is a text book characteristic amongst unverified loan matching platforms. Furthermore, No Problem Cash is part of a loan matching network that was also founded by the creators behind White Rock Loans.

Can No Problem Cash be Trusted?’s policies and practices allegedly conform with the applicable provisions of fair lending laws such as the Truth in Lending Act. While no regulatory or government based investigation is pending against No Problem Cash and due to the fact that we can’t find any relevant negative consumer feedback it appears that NoProblemCash is safe from our blacklist today.

Popularity is not a popular loan matching platform according to a SimilarWeb report that revealed their global rank to be 550,482. Well over half (63.22%) of the sites traffic is generated from referral based sources while visitors who reside within the United States account for over 94% of the sites visitor traffic. Review Conclusion

All appears to be in order in regards to No Problem Cash although we must express our concerns with prospective loan applicants to utilize caution when considering their platform. Loan matching services that are a part of a network of other loan connection platforms should only be used as a last resort. Until more consumer feedback surfaces regarding this operation we don’t advice to enroll with and recommend that loan seekers try more verified and transparent alternatives.

For a high caliber alternative, we recommend 24/7 Dollar Loan.


  1. 1937MessedUp

    Nesmetaju LLC, White Rock Loans etc… they are linked with a scammer criminal who pumps out dozens of scammer emails every day. They use Amazon AWS (yes, a large part of the popular brand Amazon, the Amazon we know as a retail and entertainment business). I’ve been a victim of their never ending harassment for far too long. I have started publicly recording the ongoing abuse and happy to share how to shame them in the hope they cease their crap. You can see more at my Twitter account: @1937up

    (1937 was the year Spam was created – Spam the canned meat of course)

    • Laurie Taylor

      Your Twitter account has no tweets.

  2. S. D. Snopkoski

    This site BITES..!! I keep getting texts referencing a name “Sundaram”, to my phone number that I’ve had for the last 9 YEARS..!

    J DON’T KNOW anyone by this name (my name is Steve) and even though I’ve replied to these messages and emailed the companies involved (where possible) it made NO difference..!

    I AM NOT DONE with putting this site in its proper place, as I have a brother who works for the SEC. Though this may not be the proper division to deal with such matters, they will steer me to the right organization..!

    I am SO looking forward to the end to this harassment.., as well as implementing the punishment they DESERVE..! I WILL SEE THE DAY..!!! I am NOT DONE with “them” by ANY stretch..!

  3. Not for you to know

    I keep getting emails and text from this loser site

  4. Vickie Johnson

    I received a text from them and something isn’t right because now someone else I guess is opting for them to stop texting and it’s coming to me!!??? I have seven stop texts immediately following their text! Interesting! Why my number???

    • Lisa

      Steve, I have the same problem. They text Raheel all the time and my name is Lisa. I found some info out. I am on a mission too to get these jerks.
      I text them to stop and it goes to someone else’s number. I may be booking a flight!

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